Friday, October 20, 2017

"The Cool Factor" a serendipitous find.

I was perusing the shelves of our small local library
trying to find a book before my doctor's appointment...

Don't you love it when a great book pops up on the radar?

Written by Andrea Linett
well known for her Lucky publications 
The Lucky Shopping Manual and The Lucky Guide to Mastering Any Style.

She also wrote a book I Want to Be Her which is a style memoir and hosts a website by the same name.

It is always busy at my doctor's office and I have to wait longer than my scheduled appointment time 
so I am prepared to wait happily with a book 
today's choice was perfect.

Grey cashmere waterfall sweater
(it was my mom's)
black knit Aritzia Tee top
black Calvin Klein leggings
Clarks Chelsea Boots
Grey and Black linen scarf

The information in the book is well written and organized...
It is beautifully illustrated using photographs of several dozen "real women" 
(not professional models) 
all from various walks of life
wearing chic and stylish outfits that they love
 with added comments on why they wear what they do 
answering some basic questions posed by the author 
which helps the reader understand their authentic style.

As I read through the chapters
I knew that this was a style book that I needed to read.

When I got home I posted a picture of my OOTD and the book on Instagram.
The author, Andrea Linett, left a comment on the post 
she kindly has offered to send me a copy of her book I Want To Be Her!
I look forward to reading her style memoir.

Who of us does not want to look stylishly effortless in our clothes?
I love the "secrets" that the women share in the book.

At the end of the book are two features that sum it all up for me...
 20 "COOL" pieces that one should have in their closet...
then the 10 "Rules to Live By."

I would urge you to read The Cool Factor if you are at all interested in style
and adding some oomph to your outfits!

My wardrobe revolves around black, greys and the shades of denim...

 I love the glorious colours that Mother Nature offers us at this time of year.

Hope that you have a wonderful weekend.
Thank you for stopping by The Humble Bungalow Blog.

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~


  1. You provoked a wistful smile--I also pilfered many items from my mother's closet when she died--a way to keep her close to me.
    Having observed people for many years of living in Europe, mostly in France, but also visits to other countries, what I see goes beyond clothes. It doesn't matter what you wear if you wear it with confidence. On a trip to Rome with some co-workers, we sat at a terrace café and looked for people who were physically ugly but who had great style. Over and over they came. Short, fat, old, not even wearing anything special, you name it. And they looked like a million bucks. Because they had sprezzatura. They had great posture (despite everything else), great confidence, and they projected an appetite for life. The French also excel at this, to the point that they see no need to even give it a name, it is just the way they live. Need I add that this is free and available to anybody?

    1. Sprezzatura INDEED!
      That sounds like quite an interesting idea...people watching with a focus on style and fashion. I did a bit of that in Paris while sitting at a sidewalk cafe sipping a cafe creme. I was very impressed by the use of colour and accessories and the elderly women that really put an effort into dressing well with their vintage bags and was quite an eye opener for me.
      Posture, confidence and a zest for life 3 things that we can all put our efforts into!
      Thank you

  2. Hi Leslie, I already have I Want To Be Her, and The Cool Factor is on my list ... I am very behind with my book reading. I have lots of style books (Style Forever, Forever Chic, etc. etc.), I love them! Love that scarf, too!

    1. I hope you enjoy it...Andrea has a great eye for design and what works to make a great outfit...I plan to inject more COOL in my wardrobe!
      The scarf is made in India and was sold at my favourite pharmacy in Oak Bay. I love shopping there because they have so many fabulous gift ideas, a well stocked cosmetic and skincare section and they also have beautiful jewelry and scarves.

  3. Love you look today. The scarf is spectacular!

    1. That scarf was a great find...and its linen, very soft and goes with so many things that I already have in my wardrobe. I was thrilled to find it when shopping for some over the counter pain medication!

  4. I really love the scarf. I had a grey waterfall cardigan a few years ago but it felt unmanageable (too big). I would love to find another that hangs better. Funny, I'm off to the school library to work a couple of days a week and my wardrobe is so different now from when I retired. I expect leggings or grey jeans and a tunic will work. Did you get your Clark boots at the Bay? I was at Granville Island an in Point Grey yesterday and the leaves are spectacular. You might enjoy The Seagull, the new Ann Cleeves book. She talked about her writing and how she came to live on Fair Isle as a young woman. Have a good weekend!

    1. The scarf was found at Pharmasave in Oak's cardigan is by Jones of NY and is not too long or too voluminous. Its getting a lot of wear and I am on the hunt for a similar one in a brighter shade for winter.
      The Clarks boots were from a store here in Victoria called Walk in Comfort.
      I just finished serving dinner to the family and grandchildren...homemade mac n cheese and chicken...comfort food for a really wet evening..
      You will have an excuse to find some new things to wear to your new job which could be such fun!
      Take care

  5. It sounds interesting!
    You always have some nice recommendations
    To be in a bookstore and find something new -precious!

    1. I am trying to use the library more often...I just finished reading Glass Houses and it was such a great took me a couple of days as I could hardly put it down!
      Hope you like the Cool Factor

  6. I am always happy to get a book recommendation!
    You OOTD sounds perfect - and the photo of the top portion makes me want to break out my greys on this blustery morning.

    1. Its been a really wet week...with no signs of stopping!
      My raincoat and brolly have been dripping every day...thankfully I can hang them from the shower in the bathtub to dry.
      What are you reading right now? Any suggestions for me?

    2. I have just finished London Calling and am in the middle of Linden MacIntyre's The Only Cafe. I am really enjoying it.

  7. I have her other book, which was great. This one has been on my list for awhile so I'll head to my library. I love your OOTD!

    1. Oh and I hope you will enjoy this one too...
      I've been wearing my "Canadian Tuxedo" quite a bit since buying a denim shirt and another one in Tencel !!!!

  8. Thank you for bringing these books to my attention. Will have to search them out. Your outfit looks perfect for a blustery day and to wear that cardigan must feel so good. As you say, the trees look magnificent in all their fall glory.

    1. Its been raining pretty steady for the past few days here...great for sitting in my chair and reading in between chores and errands!
      The fall colours help to offset the rainy weather...the leaves floating in puddles look like works of art.

  9. I enjoy your book recommendations, and have downloaded The Cool Factor on my kindle. It sounds so useful and interesting. I love your scarf, linen would be soft and lovely and I have never had linen in a scarf. Oh those gorgeous Autumn leaves, absolutely glorious.