Saturday, October 14, 2017

A quiet weekend, focusing on our home....

Autumn brings chilly days 
and it's time to do some work inside the Humble Bungalow.
The garden will have to wait!

Mr. HB and I are "deep cleaning" the storage area and workshop downstairs where the furnace is located in our home...
it is an area that tends to be a catch all and because it is behind "closed doors" 
we do not look at it often...
 extra stuff gathers
  it mounts up 
one can be happy ignoring 
the bits of debris and recycling and cardboard only for so long!

Exhausting work but certainly satisfying...

I needed to take a break late in the day and have a cafe creme 
 now writing this blog post before starting dinner.
My tummy is grumbling!

Sharon Santoni's new book...
she lives in such a pretty home and her garden is beautiful
and how wonderful that she has shared some of her favourite recipes!

Speaking of recipes...

I took this book out of the local library and I love the recipes so much that I have placed an order with the booksellers in Oak Bay.
I have read most of Jane Green's novels and find them very entertaining.

Tonight I am making Jane Green's Maple Glazed Pork Chops 
served with my whipped potato bake
shown here ready to go into the oven...

I recently shared the recipe...
this time I had no cottage cheese so I substituted some cream cheese.

Must get on with the rest of the dinner prep so I will close.
How is your weekend going?

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~


  1. Vacuumed and dusted the whole house to counteract the effects of the Wine Country fires and the bad air we've had! I am just glad to have a house, so many people across the bay have lost theirs.

    1. We are very fortunate to have houses that are intact and cleaning is very therapeutic at times like these.

  2. Your Autumn tone flowers are gorgeous, so fitting for the season and the delicious warm dinner too. Well done on the decluttering. I've been thinking of doing some of that today too. We had a beautiful Saturday night meal at an Art Gallery. Perfect!

    1. We have a load of things to have hauled away now and a new project for MrHB giving the storage area a makeover!

  3. Sometimes great discoveries come out of desperate substitutions. Did this one work well for you?
    Those flowers are sumptuous.

    1. The new Coach bag is really great! I don’t have many bags but the ones I do use need to be functional and not too big.

  4. Pork loin and roasted root vegetables for me! Autumn seems the season for cleaning. I've been doing drawers and cleaning out the parking lot gardens. I went with Daughter to see Victoria and Abdul. We enjoyed it and Judi Dench was great. This week is Writers' Festival so I'm out and about rather a lot. Enjoy!

    1. The Jane Green cookbook has a stuffed pork loin recipe that sounds amazing! Am trying one of her chicken recipes tonight. I love Judi Dench’s acting and saw the trailer for that film and am tempted to go see it.
      Enjoy your writers week!

  5. You were very busy-brava!
    Nothing better than have a cup of tea or coffee in a tidy home,after decluttering
    We were celebrating their 35th anniversary at my friends
    I've read Mr.Maybe and Jemima J. by Jane Green long time ago.I remembered it like nice chick-lit. Though,the cook book looks promising

    1. Her books are definitely chick lit but also great to read in times where one needs a pleasant distraction. The cook book is a no nonsense one which has a good variety of tested recipes. Pictures for each one too which I like and an interesting commentary by Jane.

  6. Wondering how the potato bake came out with the cream cheese substitution?

    1. Maybe I like it better than the usual cottage cheese! Love when one stumbles upon an improvement by accident!

  7. Hi Hostess,
    I tried your whipped potato bake this weekend - so wicked awesome! Definitely a keeper. I am looking at the new House Beautiful Style Secrets: What Every Room Needs. I have a couple of other HB book and feel they are timeless. Enjoy the week ahead!

    1. Oh I am so glad that you tried it and liked it!!
      Must see about getting my hands on that new book too...

  8. Oh, you make me feel so slovenly. You're always tidying up in the most charming way. Love your dinner also.

    1. Please do NOT feel slovenly...I read a LOT since I have retired and sit in my chair!
      You have a much more exciting life than I could ever imagine leading...our busy weekend cleaning does not equate with life in the spotlight on TV or living large in LA....ours is a much more pedestrian existence...but it suits us.

    The ITALIAN is AWAY!!!!!!!
    READING and READING and watching a little TV that I ENJOY!
    I love SHARON's Butternut Squash Soup she shared on her Blog years ago!The first time EVER I used Celery ROOT!
    I have yet to see her new book...............I cooked for a full day and set a beautiful table only to have her NOT SHOW UP!