Friday, September 15, 2017

September is a great time to curate one's closet.

September is a time of change...

the summer season is slipping away
fall is in the air
fresh starts, new beginnings
and a burst of colour in the foliage of the trees.

A great time to start some projects,
take a class,
shop for accessories,
clean out the closet
declutter the pantry
get rid of expired medications
polish boots, shoes and handbags.

Take stock of what is hanging in the closet...
what clothes get worn, what clothes do not feel right when worn.
Time to "observe trends" that may be in the magazines, on blogs, in the shops.
Can you rework what you have in your closet?
How about pairing separates in a fresh new way?

Perhaps it is time for re-evaluating one's personal style
how our current lifestyle might affect the clothes that we keep
those that we may donate, consign or hand down...

What new things could thrill or inject energy to what we have and love?
Vintage pieces?
What "speaks" to your inner muse?

Can you kick it up a notch?
Is it a genuine representation of your personal style?
Does it feel real or do you feel like you are wearing a "costume."

Shop at the charity and consignment shops for a splash of colour,
find something a bit unusual...a scarf, a belt, a bag are great pieces that don't have to break the budget and are ways to add a punch of colour or texture or style.
Have fun!

The least expensive accessory that I purchased so far this season is a lipstick.

L'Oreal trio...

The new kid on the block is #315 True Red
It is the first red that I have purchased since I was in Paris.

It will be fun wearing this shade with my crisp white shirt and jeans.
I have a lot of black and grey garments and this pop of colour will brighten up my pale complexion.

I've received numerous compliments on the Rose 31 scent by Le Labo.

Layering products makes a fragrance last longer so I phoned Nordstrom and ordered the Rose 31 lotion yesterday.

Wearing a new scent and a red lipstick is giving me a psychological boost.

Have you found anything new and exciting for the new season?

Une Femme has some new lipstick shades 
coincidentally I was working on this post when I read her blog post!

Great minds think alike!

The WW regime is really paying off...
almost 10 pounds down.
I am not hungry and have been pleased with how my clothes are fitting.
More energy and better sleep patterns have been wonderful side effects.
My skin has started to glow...
I think it must be all the water that I am drinking 
plus the variety of colourful vegetables and fruits on the menu...
less red meat 
a bit of fish, lean free range chicken and organic eggs.

What are you reading right now?

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~


  1. You have created a great reminder to do list. Thanks. Although I am constantly decluttering Your list is a little more oraganized.

    1. I love making lists! It helps motivate me to get things done.

  2. I'm digging out autumn clothes and have done a bit of throwing out.also I have bought 2 lipsticks and 2 scarves. Scarves are another good change up.

    1. Scarves are a great way to add colour and texture...
      and lipstick is not too expensive and can give one a boost.

  3. I had started to switch over my wardrobe as the temperature was definitely Fall-like - but then summer arrived and it's over 30C!
    I've already put aside certain items to keep for when I return to part-time work and I'll keep those in one section of my closet. My day to day wear is much more casual now, blue & grey jeans, black or grey pants - lots of white shirts or t-shirts and then my sweaters. But I'm not bringing out my whole sweater collection this year. I'm going to pick out 2 or 3 colours as accents and then stick to that. I have a few scarves that I haven't even worn as yet so they will add some pops of colour as well.
    New purchases have been basics, a new Fall jacket, gloves and socks. I have a great red lipstick but I'd like to find one in a more deep purple/maroon colour - but not too garish.
    I have gained weight again so got read the riot act by my cardiologist this week - it's OK, I needed it. So back on the low carb program - it really does work for me and I feel so much better once the weight is down so you are an inspiration.

    1. I have very few sweaters after that moth infestation a few years ago...they munched all my cashmere cardigans!
      You may be surprised but I do not own that many scarves...a couple of wool ones, two linen for spring and summer and 4 or 5 Hermes colourful patterned ones.

      Good luck with your low carb program...knowing that it works is very encouraging.
      That's how I feel about the WW regime.

  4. Great list, thank you. I took your recommendation on the Peony Pink and really like it. I will take your recommendation again on the True Red! I've also ordered a sample of your rose fragrance choice. You are just full of great ideas! Congratulations on the weight loss.

    1. Let me know if you like the True Red...and the fragrance!
      It's fun to share and even better knowing that you are trying some new things.

  5. Great ideas! I will try your new 💄... I tried an earlier one and love it.
    Congrats on your 10 lbs.. your meals look so colorful
    and healthy!!

  6. Congratulations on the weight loss!
    We have a lot of rain recently and around 15-20°C-it's quite a abrupt change,so I have all kind of clothes ready in my closet
    I usually wear red lipstick (Chanel Arthur,Coco stylo in Histoire or Roman ,for the autumn),but my last purchase was Armani Ecstasy Shine in Smile-it's a nude colour and it doesn't last very long
    I've finished Kent Haruf's-your recommendation-Our Souls at Night (there's movie with Jane Fonda and Robert Redford) and am reading Ann Cleeves first Vera mystery -The Crow Trap

    1. I am starting Kent Haruf's Evensong the second in the series...I had no idea that his book was made into a film...I must read it too.
      Ann Cleaves has a huge following...I must read another one of her books soon...I have a large stack of assorted books and a few coming from the library. Its wonderful having so many novels waiting!

  7. I am experimenting with red lips this fall for the first time in many years! It's certainly fun!

    1. I saw your post Jennifer...and I think that shade looks great on you with your colouring. Especially great with your new grey cashmere!

  8. I am reading a BOOK ON GREAT DIXTER.........One of his first that has been updated.A birthday gift from a friend in AUSTRALIA...........the name leaves me a t the moment!

    1. Fabulous...I have been watching Monty Don on BBC Gardener's World on You Tube...we love how his golden retrievers feature prominently in the show!
      He also has a great program "around the world in 80 gardens" would love it!

  9. No red lips for me. It just doesn't flatter, but I am experimenting with a deeper brownish red and a merlot color. Think they look better with my coloring. And I am occasionally leaving my chin length bob natural. That's a big change, but I am having fun with it. I love fall and adore fall clothing. So even on warmer days, I rely on darker colored tees with my capris. I was on a ballerina flat kick for awhile and now I would like some booties. Looking for the ideal pair. Happy Saturday.

    1. We all need to be mindful of what suits us...I like the new Clark Chelsea Boots that I found...and my Ferragamo shoes with their short heels give me a bit of added height without making me walk in an awkward fashion!
      Hope you had a fun weekend.

  10. I love J. Courtney Sullivan and recently finished her most recent book "Saints for All Occasions" - I love her writing. Congratulations on the weight loss!

    1. I have Courtney's book Commencement on the table ready to read after I finish Kent Haruf's book Evensong.
      Thank you again for taking time to share your comments Kathy.

  11. I'm "plummy" lipped this fall with grey/navy as my wardrobe neutrals and blue/burgundy as my accents. What would I do without Janice Riggs? My wardrobe is getting smaller and I am travelling much lighter. I still have to work through some cupboards. I'm reading a mystery by Jo Nesbo "The Snowman". I'm not really enjoying it because it's very dark. I'm in New York and I read a little in the evening. Congrats on the weight loss!

    1. Plum sounds more flattering for your colouring...Janice has oodles of great ideas that continue to inspire her readers.
      Jo Nesbo would be much too dark for me...I saw a bit of her work on Netflix and found it far too intense.
      Hope that you are loving NY...

  12. Congratulations on the weight loss! That is wonderful. My closet desperately needs curating. I've been hoping to shed a few pounds first. I feel most comfortable with a pinky nude lip. A little boring, but I always go back to it.

    1. You would suit a pink lipstick with your fair complexion....if it works for you it is not boring! Why mess with perfection?
      Good luck Deborah.

  13. Somehow, I find little to no motivation to curate the closet. I got so well organized with closet and storage design there is no clutter. That said, I'm sure I could do an elimination exercise. When the mood strikes, it will happen. No date and time...yet! Congrats on the weight loss. Health and wellness is so important. Susan

    1. Susan it sounds like you have a workable efficient closet and are content with the way it works. I am kicking my wardrobe up a notch with a few more fun and energetic items this season. Not sure why I feel the need to add that fun factor but it's happening!

  14. Yes to the red! and Yes to Le Labo! Great choices to brighten up your face and life. Cleaning my closet and all those housekeeping things you do. Not so much. But I have great admiration that you do the things I do not do. So keep it up! Started the better eating today.

    1. Congratulations on becoming a brand ambassador for Artful Home! You'll be a wonderful model and spokeswoman for their line.
      There are dust bunnies rolling around on the floor since the forced air furnace has started up again!! Its good that my readers cannot see them right now!

  15. I have been given a lovely patterned scarf for my recent birthday and that will be added to my wardrobe to brighten my mainly navy/white, black/black, black/white colours. I have also changed from summer floral fragrances and treated myself to Guerlain's Mitsouko and L'Heure Bleue eaux des parfums (is that the correct plural?) Before I only had eau de toilette and the difference is quite remarkable, much deeper fragrance in both perfumes, these are my two current favourites. I might treatmyself to those L'Oréal lipsticks as (a) I've never had L'Oréal lipstick before but I like their Age Perfect face creams and (b) they will look good also with my grey highlighted hair and mainly black, navy, white 'uniform'! Thank you for showing them - I've been searching for new lipsticks for a while now.
    Margaret P

    1. Mitsouko was my go to fragrance for several years...I like to think of it as a Fall and Winter perfume.
      The L'Oreal lipsticks are creamy and moisturize the lips...they stay on quite a long time too. Hope that if you try them that you will like the formulation.