Monday, September 25, 2017

Thrift shopping...OOTD

The Thrift Shops have been so good to me lately...

This freshly purchased vintage leather bag is coming home.

I have posted about how I have been lusting after the Mulberry Amberley bag.
 The Oxblood leather is sumptuous
the details are simple 
classic and stylish.

I have been slow...
hesitating to make a move 
for several reasons...

there is no store here in Victoria or Vancouver 
where I can see and try on it on
the price point is higher than what I usually spend
so I have been re-evaluating
so when I saw this vintage bag 
which is made with embossed leather
about the same size
with a flap and similar interior compartments
I decided to give it a try.

The new Ralph Lauren denim shirt 
with my skinny NYDJ jeans
Clark flats

Casual dressing making the rounds at the thrift shops 
paired with a silk scarf tied at the neck.

This shirt will get plenty of outings...

I am considering wearing it with:

 a boiled wool grey skirt and pearls
black skinny Calvin Klein knit pants
white denim NYDJ jeans
Ralph Lauren pull on denim pants
black leggings and a black Barbour quilted vest

Not sure why I have not had a denim or chambray shirt in my wardrobe for so many years...
I feel like I have been missing out on a major workhorse in ones repertoire!

I also found a lighter blue Tencel shirt with similar features...
am wearing it today with black leggings.

Feeling such gratitude for so many reasons...
friends, family, grandchildren, a roof over our head, our cozy home, the cats, flowers in our garden, the veggies that Mr. HB so lovingly cultivates and grows,
I vow NEVER EVER to take life for granted.

It's a beautiful rainy morning
one of the first Fall days.

Hope you have a fabulous week!

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~


  1. The bag is gorgeous and you can never go wrong with a denim shirt IMO. I wear mine throughout the year in different ways.

    1. I think that these denim shirts are very versatile...I understand how you can wear yours all year long!
      They work as jackets over a tee or just a simple shirt with a variety of jeans, pants and skirts....very excited about this new piece...and now I have 2! Another one in a pale blue Tencel fabric that I found at a thrift shop.

  2. What a nice looking bag! I'll bet it's lighter than the Mulberry too. (Haven't seen the Amberley in person, but have found many recent styles of Mulberry to be on the heavy side.)

    1. That is a good point that you make about the weight factor Sue...
      I once bought a Marc Jacobs bag that was way too heavy once I got my stuff inside it...very disappointing.

  3. You have a true capacity for gratitude. xoxox.

    1. In these troubled times I find that the attitude of gratitude can help me stay calm and focused.

  4. I'm a fan of real leather handbags. An excellent find. As for a chambray shirt, a very versatile piece. I discovered it just 3 years ago myself.

    1. I am a fan of real leather bags too! The PVC bags don't excite me at all and they wear out and look nasty which I see by the glut of them in Thrift shops..

  5. You look very sharp in your denim outfit of the day!

  6. You have a healthy attitude toward life. I think that is why people love your blog (and you). Love the bag...yikes, I would have had a hard time parting with cold cash for the other one. Your denim shirt is will be a workhorse in your wardrobe. xoxo

    1. The Mulberry bag is at a price point that does make me pause...
      already the denim shirt is a star performer! I found a second one in a pale blue in a soft Tencel fabric and I am over the moon about it too! Thrifted too so it was reasonably priced.
      Gotta love recycling...

  7. Lovely. The handbag is quite nice. You are so lucky at consignment shops.

    1. The bag is working out quite well so far...when I find something in pristine condition at the thrift shop I wonder why someone donated it...I am happy that they did!

  8. Love the new handbag, and the thrift shops do sound good in your area. Denim shirt is looking good with your scarf and jeans, and I like your list of wearable combinations. Have a lovely week.

    1. The thrift shops here are hit and miss...many times I browse and leave empty handed...its times when I do find a treasure that I am encouraged to keep on looking.
      The denim shirt has quickly become a favourite!

  9. Your gratitude is infectious and thank you for that. Denim shirt looks great and you should try it open over a tee shirt as well - such a versatile piece.

    1. I will try the shirt over top a tee...thats a great suggestion!
      The attitude of gratitude plays an important role in maintaining my healthy outlook on life...I cannot imagine a life where I would not count my blessings.

    IF you decide it's NOT for YOU I will BUY IT FROM YOU and PAY ALL SHIPPING!!!!!!

    1. Oh thank you Contessa but this bag is a keeper!
      I will keep my eyes open for another vintage gem...its such fun looking!

  11. I love chambray shirts. I must look for one like yours. I dropped out of WW because of some medical issued. But as usual you inspire me again.