Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Grandchildren ~ Play time and memories...

There's nothing quite as special as time with the grandchildren...
their seemingly endless energy, unbridled enthusiasm and love of spontaneity is part of what I love so much when we are together.

These precious hours never fail to put a smile on my face and time passes so quickly that I always snap a few photos to preserve these special moments.

Gyro Park Octopus
children can climb inside the head and slide down the arms of the octopus.

A glorious September afternoon for a some playtime at the park.
Henry loved the zip line!
(you can see it on the right of the image)

The mythical sea creature that has been seen over the years
swimming in Cadboro Bay.
(like the Loch Ness Monster)

Peek a boo!


Our darling Mira loves to play like the big kids.
She climbs up the steep steps of the slide and then delights in sliding down.

Henry sitting on the fin of a blue whale.

Dallas Road Beach
the waterfront staircase and turret painted by Victoria's artist in residence.

A driftwood hut
a great spot for the grandchildren to explore and use their imagination.
Buried Treasure?

Isla had fun playing inside the structure and after playing inside we hunkered down and got serious about digging for beach glass!

Our September weather has been mild and sunny which makes it easy to get out and have fun in the afternoons and on the weekends when Isla is not at school.

I remember start of the school years as a young student...
new pencils and fresh pink erasers
clean scribblers
pots of glue
new shoes
white socks
 new skirts and blouses
gym strip
a lunch kit

all the things that I needed to make a great start to the school year.

So many years ago...
but the memories are still fresh.

And now it's Isla's turn to experience 
the newness of her books
the fresh pencils
clean pink erasers
a new pencil box
a backpack

Time to forge memories of her own which she'll keep for years to come.

My goodness but time passes quickly...

At the age of 62
looking back...

I have countless memories and experiences
enough to fill up many many books!

Feeling so grateful that I am able to share such lovely days with my family.
September is fresh with newness and I am starting a few new projects of my own.

How about you?
Have you got something new on your radar?

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~


  1. I also love the start of the school year. Our Finley just started grade 3 at James Bay. I think of you often when I pass the office. :)

    1. So many memories from is hard to believe but I was there for 17 years!

  2. My mum used to get the supplies at $1.49 Day at Woodward's. Back to School was an exciting time. September has been lovely and always a time to start new projects.

    1. I remember $1.49 days very well...such a fun shopping event and so busy!!
      I miss the Woodward store.

  3. You have reminded us with your post that those of us who are still involved with schools have two "New Year" events-September and January! Your little ones are adorable and clearly love spending time with you.
    I am back to school myself. August was filled with trips to a discount store to buy supplies for my students and classrooms. I also had a new room in one of my schools to set up. Nearly recovered from a total knee replacement last spring, I am amazed at the difference being almost pain-free has made on my attitude, my energy and my stamina. Some of the initiatives being incorporated in the schools still cause some eye-rolling on my part. For the first time in my 39 year career I am supposed to submit my lesson plans weekly...but my students for the most part have been happy to see me back and are receptive to the new units I have been introducing. New-that is the word of the month for September even though our maples are beginning to turn and their leaves are starting to drift to the ground. Carol in VT

    1. Changes in the way that education was provided and how it was monitored were implemented here too...a source of frustration for many.
      Good news about your knee! You must feel so much better...I play bridge with a woman who has had both her hips replaced and she feels like a new woman!
      Fall is coming here too...but today it is sunny and warm even though the furnace has come on several times.
      Enjoy your fresh start to the school year.

  4. Wonderful pictures! Grands are so day is happy when I get to spend it with them:) I love Henry's hair!!! Coco

    1. Henry loves his long hair too! It's a beautiful shade of blond...his father had hair that colour when he was the same age and his mom has blond hair so it runs in the family.

  5. Lovely photos of your grandchildren! You have such interesting playgrounds
    I've always loved the beginning of the new school year

    1. This particular playground is much more exciting than many in our area...our small local park has a "pirate Ship" and Henry loves going there too...he calls it the Pirate Park!

  6. Your grandchildren are beautiful. Those times with them fill one's heart with joy, don't they? And there's nothing like a beach and a playground for letting the imagination fly. Wonderful days.

    1. Time spent with them makes my heart soar...precious time together making memories.

  7. Happy times Leslie! Such beautiful pictures of your grandchildren.So special to have these opportunities to make such happy memories for you all.
    My daughter and "son in love" ... a description I first heard Frances use, but so true! came for a meal last night and we had such a wonderful evening re living their wedding and hearing about their honeymoon. I feel so happy and blessed.
    Have a good weekend.

  8. Thank you for this, Leslie. Love your Victoria posts. The Gyro park figures were new when I was Henry's age. I loved the octopus, but the ship was my absolute favourite. I had totally forgotten the Saturday afternoons spent there. You've made me six years old again!