Monday, May 15, 2017

Skincare and make up Hostess Style ~ in response to a reader

One of the many things that I enjoy about blogging
is receiving private emails from readers.

Once in awhile, a question is posed or a specific request slips into the mail.
Often that prompts or inspires me to write a blog post.

This past weekend I was asked my opinion and recommendations on "green" skincare products. This is an area that I cannot address without a significant amount of time and I will leave that to those who are much more qualified.

I bow to the experts at The Environmental Working Group.

This site is user friendly and one can look up many of the products currently on the market and read about the pros and cons of the ingredients.

If you are interested in what I have discovered that works for me
I am happy to share...keep reading.

My skin is mature, sensitive and I have rosacea.

I have discovered that skin is a reflection of genetics and general health.
Our skin says much about our lifestyle and what we eat.

Cosmetics can augment and enhance beautiful skin,
or they can cover up a problematic complexion.

I indulged in a professional Hydra Facial at the Spa and it was amazing...
a specialized machine was used to cleanse my skin,
a gentle peel was applied that unclogged pores,
emollient serums followed and when the facial was finished
my skin felt soft, supple and it glowed.
I plan to go back for another facial in a few months...
perhaps after the summer season.

Hostess Skin care Tips...

Start by choosing fresh fruits and vegetables,
drinking lots of water and eating small portions of protein.
Exercise (for me that means walking and also practising Yoga),
Aim for 8 hours of sleep
Reduce stress as much as possible
Wear sunscreen and or avoid the sun altogether.
Embrace joy and beauty everyday
Adopt the attitude of gratitude and give thanks...

For things that you can buy pop into your local pharmacy
or the beauty counter in your department store.

I opt for a mix of high and low priced potions.

For those that do no "stay on the skin" I use a less expensive but a quality line...
there are many good ones out there you just need to experiment to see which ones work for your skin type.

My skin is prone to rosacea so I need to treat it kindly...
Gentle Avene products work for me.
Anti redness cleansing milk and mask are two in my skincare arsenal.
I avoid hot water.

The more expensive Spa line by Methode Physiodermie...
for the products that stay on and those that need to perform. 

I love the Bio-Gommage 
which exfoliates efficiently with a minimum of irritation.
I use it once a week.
My skin gets slightly pink but it doesn't stay that way for long.

The anti redness emulsion I use sparingly each morning
 followed by the Emulsion for Sensitive Skin.

Then I wait a few minutes before applying my make up.

Make up is light and takes 5 minutes.

5 products for daytime = 5 minutes

Mineral make up
Eye brow tint
eye shadow


SPF 20 mineral make up
use with a light hand or for more coverage it can be built up
used with a big brush it is easy to apply.

Amethyst eye shadow by La Bella Donna
an everyday colour for my hazel coloured eyes.

For evening
I simply add blush and eye liner for a bit more of a dramatic effect
and apply a darker shade of lipstick.

I have posted before about skincare and make up...
to read previous posts please scroll down on the right hand side bar to the "labels section"
click on the titles "skincare" and "make up"

I love the following quote...

The beauty of a woman is not in a facial mode but the true beauty in a woman is reflected in her soul. It is the caring that she lovingly gives the passion that she shows. The beauty of a woman grows with the passing years. 

~ Audrey Hepburn ~

Hope that your week is off to a great start.



  1. May I ask where you purchase the Avene products? I don't remember seeing this brand.

    1. I buy the Avene products from our local Pharmasave and have seen them at Rexall and London drugs. I hope that helps you Margie.

    2. Avene is a very popular brand in France.

    3. Thank you - I'll be near a Rexall on Thursday and will check then.

    4. I also use the Avene brand and have purchased it online through Amazon. Thanks for sharing your skincare tips, Leslie!

    5. I always forget that amazon has so many products other than books!
      Thank you for your comment Kathy.

  2. I like Nuxe as a skin care regime. No parabens which is good. Like you I prefer to keep my makeup simple. Great photos as usual.

    1. I have the Nuxe honey lip balm and an oil...I have not tried them yet.

  3. I use Avene too. I get mine at Shoppers' Drug Mart. They often have promotional offers.
    I saw it in Mexico in the farmacía in Oaxaca. It seems to be used throughout the world. I haven't used a mineral makeup before. Do you prefer it to a CC creme? Lovely flowers! I do like the blue/purple flowers of May.

    1. I should have mentioned Shoppers Drug Mart...thank you.
      Avene do go on sale regularly...I try to buy when they have a promotion.
      It is a good line so there must be a demand worldwide...nice to know that it is readily available.

  4. I also use mineral makeup, especially in summer. My skin can be somewhat oily and the mineral makeup acts as an oil blotter for me. The well-known brand Bare Minerals also has a Mineral Veil which is rather like a transparent loose powder which I love. It dusts down the shine, isn't heavy and lets my skin breath.

    1. Bare Minerals is popular here too...
      "Mineral Veil "is a lovely name and a perfect description for a light powder.

  5. Thanks for your tips and an update on what you are using right now. I too am a fan of Avene products. They are gentle on the skin but do a great job.

    1. I seems like a lot of women like Avene. The gals at the pharmacy love it too!

  6. I don't use skin care products at all. Your comment about good food, veggies and fruit is excellent and, of course, water. I have taken to buying thick plain Greek yogourt and taking a spoonful and putting it over my face and neck and letting it sit for 15 minutes. Then I wash the dry white off. I am laughing because Aveeno is now selling a yogourt skincare line. I WOULD NOT recommend doing the yogourt trick for someone with rosacea as I think it might slightly irritate it. I decided not to wear any makeup years ago when I realized that none of it is approved by the FDA yet it is absorbed into our bodies. I also was allergic to so many types of makeup. The yogourt really cuts down on wrinkles. Long term use of yogourt in this way has not been studied. So I only do it occasionally. Even eating yogourt makes the skin soft.

    Years ago I was told by my (male) boss that the (male) president of the company had been approached by the only 2 other young (women) professionals in the company and had insisted to the president that I had to wear makeup. So, to oblige my poor boss who had to relay this news, I went to a professional make up artist (who did makeup for actresses etc.) and explained I wanted a lesson and to buy products where the end result was that no-one could tell whether I was or wasn't wearing it. He said I was blessed with a beautiful complexion (that was genetics) and he would do his part. And so, I returned to work to the stares of the two bitchy young women professionals who finally compIained to the president that they couldn't tell. My poor boss laughingly relayed this to me and said "Are you?" so I said yes but that my complexion was so lovely (according to the maeup artist) that there was hardly any point. Imagine what he relayed to the president and I greatly enjoyed the mirthful smirks of my boss and his boss the president any time they encountered me. Every once in a while, I'd say "do you think more lipstick?" Ah my revenge. (better than a complaint to the Human Rights Commission which would happen these days). I enjoyed your post! Today I found 3 camass that I planted 3 years ago in my garden so I particularly love your photos of blue camass.

    1. Oh my goodness I cannot imagine co workers complaining about you not wearing make up...that just seems so petty.
      Your skin must love the yogurt!

  7. A lovely post, Leslie. I have a very easy skin care regime as I have fairly decent skin at my age, except panda eyes and slight bags under the eyes, but so what, I'm getting on and I don't tend to worry about such things. Indeed, I've recently been complimented on my skin and the few wrinkles. I remembered my manners and said "thank you" rather than "I think you need to go to Specsavers!" I wash with soap and water and then use a cleansing wipe to ensure all makeup is removed. I don't wear night cream as I like my face to be free of anything greasy at night. My morning routine is to shower and wash my hair and when I make up I first apply serum by Vichy, then a good day cream by L'Oréal, then my trusty Boots No 7 Lift and Luminate foundation, all topped by a very slight setting of power, a cheap one which is absolutely great, by Rimmel (my Charlotte Tinbury compact remains my bag just for show!) I have to say I can't detect any difference in the quality of the powder between that and my inexpensive rimmel at under five pounds (UK). Then some eye makeup, either pale shades of brown/taupe, or shades of grey, mascara and brow pencil (Ash blonde by Yves Rocher which is a good colour but the pencil is a little hard and a bit difficult to apply - but like all eye pencils, difficult to sharpen without it breaking over and over again. Finally, a Boots lip lining pencil in a deep reddish pink, and then my choice of lipstick for the day, reds if I'm in my French mood and wearing Breton top and indigo jeans, a brownish pink for most other clothes. A very simple routine, I've never been had one facial massage in my life and really, apart from it being pleasant, there was no discernible difference.
    I have recently bought Avene sunblock Factor 50+ but since then it's rained, ha ha!
    Margaret P

    1. Shoppers Drug Mart here carry some Boots products...I have never tried them and I have seen Rimmel in several pharmacies. Choosing products that deliver on their promise is important and it sounds like you have your regime and it works for you.
      Love the sound of your French outfit! a classic!

    2. Margaret I really want to follow your blog and get alerts when you publish a new post but I see no link on your blog...can you help me with this?

    3. I found your blog on following you now!

    4. I really wish I knew how to do all these things with the blog, Leslie! I have asked for assistance from my computer guru, but he's just about to go on holiday but I think he will be able to help when he returns. Readers want to know how to subscribe and also I want a sidebar of the blogs I read, such as yours. I try and post fairly regularly, I was going to post tonight but the photos I took aren't really up to snuff, so will re-consider my post and do something tomorrow.
      Margaret P

  8. PS Once a week I exfoliate using a Neal's Yard rose exfoliator, it's more gentle than the St Ives apricot scrub that I used to use.
    Margaret P

    1. The rose exfoliator must smell divine!
      That apricot scrub would break many capillaries on my face so I could never use anything that abrasive.

  9. Nice to catch up with your latest blog post Leslie and timely...I just purchased the Avene Thermal Spring Water (at the recco of Vicki Archer) to help set make-up and give an extra boost as Sydney cools down for winter. I tried the Avene Soothing Moisture Mask (at the recco of Tish Jett) and love the feeling when I use it. Both are for sensitive skin. I will check out your recommendations as well. For cleaning and moisturising, I use the Cle de Peau range. I highly recommend it! Thanks for all the tips! xx

    1. Hi Jeanne,
      Nice to hear from you!
      I've been following your blog as well as Tish, Vicki and Sharon's since about 2008. You feel like long time "friends"
      I saw the Cle de Peau products in Paris...the Avene Thermal water is wonderful to use in the heat. I usually take some on our boat when we go away on holiday.
      Our spring has been cool and we are hoping that the weather will warm up this weekend...the sun is out right now.

  10. I have been using BB cream for a few years. What is it you like about mineral makeup? I'm wondering if I need to try it. I received my samples of Sylvaine Delacourte colognes - I like Helicriss the best!

    1. I like the lightness of the mineral make has staying power and does not irritate my skin and if I have a hot flash it does not "melt" I tried BB and CC cream and they did not look natural on my face...not sure if it was my inept application or the brands that I tested...
      The samples of SD fragrances were quite a good size and I used them in rotation before deciding which one I preferred...Dovana. The travel size atomizer comes with a refill and the case is lovely...perhaps you'll treat yourself to one.

  11. What a fun post, it is always fun and informative to see what others are using for their skin care regime. My constant is prescription strength Retin A and a good sunscreen...the other things come and go but I always use some type of antioxidant - right now it is Mad Hippie.

    Thank you for the tip on The Environmental Working Group.

    1. My skin is too sensitive to use the Retina A but it has a superb track record and is very popular. The Mad Hippie has won many awards so i assume it is a great product...

  12. I love the Avene products but have a harder time finding them in my pharmacy here in the US than I did when I was in Canada. I must check Amazon for that wash. It sounds lovely.

    1. Good luck with that should be able to find them online with relative ease. Your daughter could send you some too...London Drugs, Shoppers, Pharmasave all carry the line.

  13. Another fan of Avene-I am sun sensitive for a couple of years,so I use Avene tinted SPF 50 cream after dr Hsuschka Rose day cream
    Love mineral make up,too (Jane Iredale)
    Have to find Methode Physiodermie-I'm looking for a gentle peeling,so,I would like to try Bio-Gommage (last one I've used was Clarins)
    My make up routine is very simple-only blush and Touche eclat and lipstick+ nude lip pencil. Eyes stay completely nstural-maybe I'll add a touch of mascara for an evening out

    1. I used the Jane Iredale mineral powder for awhile and it is a fabulous product.
      La Bella Donna offers better coverage for the redness of rosacea so I switched back.
      For older women, with make up I think less is more flattering...sounds like you have adopted that idea too...I have no idea of your age so I hope that I have not offended you Dottoressa!

    2. Of course not-I would be 59 this year-no secret at all :-)