Monday, May 1, 2017

OOTD, flowers, "serviettes vs. napkins"...

Surprise delivery of flowers from a friend...
a lovely and thoughtful gesture of kindness.

beautiful blooming buds 
such beauty 

soft delicate blush pink roses

sunlight on the floor
of the blinds

Northern Reflections crisp white shirt
NYDJ skinny jeans
Ferragamo flats

 Mr. HB took the photo...
it's a silly one



I am not a professional model and do not take myself too seriously...
so the pictures stay.

What is so funny you may ask?

Mr. HB was snapping photos so fast I could not keep up with him.
Stop now, please...

Crisp Fresh linen from Belgium
an extra large tea towel
that may be used as a tablecloth 
on our small arts and crafts 
kitchen table.

I noticed the pretty native lilies are blooming in the park.

Today I've been busy washing the bedding and catching up on the ironing. 
It is pouring rain outside and there is a chill in the air.

In the previous post 
several comments were made about the inappropriate use of the words 
"serviettes" and "napkins."

I use both...

We use paper "serviettes" as well as linen "napkins."
What about you?

plural noun: serviettes
a table napkin

a square piece of cloth or paper used at a meal to wipe the fingers or lips and to protect garments, or to serve food on.
synonyms: table napkin, dinner napkin, cocktail napkin, serviette; More
another term for sanitary napkin.

What are your thoughts?

Tea is served in a variety of vessels here in The Humble Bungalow...

Emma Bridgewater mugs...

Fine bone china cups and saucers...

this one is my favourite as it is a wide deep bowl with a bright bold pattern. 

Speaking of favourite things...
My "go to casual fave" outfit.

Jeans, a white shirt or Tee
sterling bangles and pearls.

Chester found the one sunny spot for his nap.

Must close for now as I am making a new recipe for a comforting soup.
It is a curried sweet potato carrot and red lentil soup.
Vegetarian and perfect for a cold day like today.

Thank you for stopping by The Humble Bungalow.


  1. You wear that crisp white shirt beautifully -- no wonder your husband wanted to keep snapping the photos! Your outfit is simple perfection -- casual and elegant at once.
    And may I ask where you found that wooden clothes rack? I want one of just that size and sturdiness (the quality shows clearly, even in the photo). My husband picked up a vinyl-coated one for me at Home Depot and I don't like it at all; before that, he brought home a wire one which, predictably, rusted and had to be discarded because it would stain anything hung on it.

    1. Thank you mater!
      I have had the drying rack for ages maybe 25 years...
      it is a vintage wooden one that I painted. I would suggest looking at second hand shops or used vancouver...I painted it white as there were some stains on the wood. If I see one in my travels I will buy it and send you an email...I know that you come to Victoria to visit your family so it would not need to be mailed!

    2. That is a spectacularly generous offer! You're so clever to have found that and hung onto it. I'll start watching for a vintage one here, and yes, if you spot one on your second-hand shopping rounds, I'd be thrilled to buy it from you and buy you lunch as a thank-you -- wouldn't it be lovely to finally meet!

  2. Leslie,
    Cute model pose! I enjoy your blog so much!

    1. Oh my goodness...thank you ! Your comment has made me smile!

  3. I really like your white blouse and your "silly" photos. I get the most strained looks on my face when Monsieur LB takes pictures of me. As I said earlier, I tease my mother because she always says "serviettes" and I read that "napkin" is the socially acceptable term. For fun, consult a website called "The Royal Butler." Oh, I am so looking forward to cooking. I love sweet potatoes and curry so I shall try your soup.

    1. Oh thank you Madame...
      the soups is really a great texture and the flavours are rich, and it will freeze well.
      I am speeding off to visit The Royal Butler right now....cheerio!

    2. Oh dear, I think I started this serviette v. napkin business, for which I feel I must apologise! In the UK "serviette" just doesn't cut the mustard, whether paper or material (cotton, linen, whatever). It is silly, I know, "Serviette" is only a word, but it sorts the social sheep from the social goats, so to speak. "Serviette" is one of those words which makes me clench my teeth. I know it shouldn't, it just does, just the same way as I dislike euphemism. I don't like the use of the word "bathroom" when someone obviously needs to use the lavatory, but I do know that "bathroom" is the accepted term in America and Canada. I don't like it when people say "we lost so-and-so" when a person has died. I know this sort of euphemism is meant in a kindly way, but it's still euphemism and I was taught at my English grammar school that euphemism was very bad form. I have a lovely book U and Non-U Revisited and this lists all kinds of words which are Upper class and Non-Upper class, hence U and Non-U. I shall certainly look at The Royal Butler website! That sounds fun. Oh, for a butler, ha ha!
      Love the shirt and jeans photos, you look lovely!
      Margaret P

  4. Love your blog and always look forward to tabby pictures. Here is a funny take on the serviette issue. Enjoy.

  5. The pictures are absolutely should let him take more of them to post. Too cute! The soup recipe sounds interesting, I hope you will let us know how it turns out.

    1. If Mr. HB was home during the day when I usually blog I would get hime to take photographs but alas he is hard at work...the soup was really tasty.

  6. Love the outfit. Smart yet relaxed. How are you by the way? love the flowers and what a lovely friend

    1. Doing well Dani, thank you for asking.
      BTW your trip looks fabulous!
      I am enjoying your lovely IG photos....
      As for me taking life slowly and Yoga is really helping.

  7. I love the lilies in the field. How beautiful. I think as your definitions point out, I think "serviette" is more British while "napkin" is American. Soup sounds great. Do you hear Julie on the radio CBC? I really enjoy your blog.

    1. Julie on the CBC? I am not sure that I did...was listening to the CBC on and off and remember the Fort McMurray fire recap coverage.

    2. She is often on cbc calgary (radio 1) on the "Eyeopener" on Tuesday mornings often just after 8 or 8:15 a.m. They post her recipes on cbc, too! I always enjoying hearing her.

  8. I think most of us in Australia say "serviettes" for both paper and cloth.

    1. I find it interesting how we all have different thoughts on serviettes and napkins.

    2. I use serviettes and napkins interchangeably with paper and cloth - but that might just be me! Napkins are more likely cloth and serviettes are more likely paper. G'day & hugs from Carol S

  9. For U.K. English speakers, Nancy Mitford laid out the rules for class usage in her seminal book, about U and non-U words. This declared that "serviette" is non-U and "napkin" is U. The Brits still worry a great deal about class signifiers in everyday speech.


    1. I think that language and grammar are both significant factors when it comes to ones educational levels...
      I suppose those of us, who perhaps, may be born to a life of service as opposed to those who were born and inherited titles and wealth would have a different way of speaking.

  10. Love your outfit - that look has also become my uniform of choice these days - although I am on the lookout at the moment for some additional white shirts. I bought a new Lord & Taylor one from The Bay a couple of days ago but it's a wee bit shorter than I usually like so I'm still debating about keeping it.
    It's funny, I've never really though about it before but your right - if it's paper it's a serviette and if it's cloth then it's a napkin!
    What a beautiful cup & saucer - love the turquoise and gold!

    1. I would like a shorter version of a white shirt...I must check out the Bay next time I am at the mall. I do like the Lord and Taylor line of clothing.
      Happy shopping and good luck on the quest for white shirts...if you find a stellar example please share it with me.

  11. Love your outfit - it's perfect. Elegant and casual.

    1. Thank you!
      I am really enjoying your 'still life"'ve taken to that style.

  12. I think like you, paper serviette and linen or cotton napkin. What an interesting topic. I would love to hear how your soup turned out....and what would we do without our or black.


    1. Soup turned out to be delicious and I am eager to make it again...the yogurt adds a bit of creaminess and it would make a tasty lunch to serve with a salad to friends.
      Jeans desert island musts!

  13. I love that first picture of you. You look very sharp and yet, carefree. Very becoming. Being American, I have never heard of serviettes. Napkin is all I've ever heard or said.

    1. It is interesting how different countries and cultures can be...

  14. LINEN.........
    TELL MR. B he is HIRED!!!!!!!!

  15. Love your blog! Having a peek into your charming bungalow is a bonus. I only read a few blogs and yours is one that makes me happy.

    1. Thank you Annette...good to hear that happiness can travel across cyberspace!

  16. I love it, so glad to see you are being silly!

  17. Let me know if you cannot find a clothing rack for Mater. We use them regularly up (down for you) here in Vermont! They are often found at craft fairs and Farmer's Markets. Although the shipping may prove to be prohibitive... I love your silly photos. It's good to see your smile...I remember a reply/story to another blogger last winter that stated that when her mother moved from England to North America after WWII, she went to a large department store looking for "nappies" for her newborn. She was horrified to have been led to the serviettes display! I so enjoyed that story...there is nothing like crisp white shirt and the pearls and bangles certainly kick it up a notch. Enjoy your weekend. Carol in VT

    1. Carol that offer is so kind...I will pass this on to mater...perhaps she will pop by and read it herself. I am looking now but so far I have not found one. Will keep my fingers crossed....
      Yes nappies are a very English expression when referring to what we call diapers!

  18. Hello, Leslie! I am so behind in my blog reading as we have a full house with Daughter#1 and her family visiting from overseas. It's very busy with the 4 year old and the 4 month old!
    You look lovely in your OOTD! I like that combination as well. Those wild lilies are so interesting! We have the traditional daylilies all over where I am. Your soup sounds delicious. Hope it was good!

  19. Sounds like you are having a wonderful visit with your family! It is such fun having grandchildren in the house...making memories for years to come!
    The soup is delicious...
    enjoy your weekend.

  20. My husband and I are both from Scotland and only ever used the word serviette. I didn't use "napkin" until I came to North America. Love that beautiful cup and saucer.