Wednesday, May 17, 2017

More and polish

I have been living in Yoga wear lately as I am going to Yoga 3-4 days a week. It seems silly for me to change clothes when I get home just to action domestic chores, read and prepare dinner. Besides, my Yoga pants are comfy and the tops I wear are Tees topped with a grey cashmere that Mother owned...
and the cats do not complain!

My mid section has expanded and I am finding the zippers on my pants do not lay flat anymore and that bugs me so I purchased a pair of Ralph Lauren pull on jeans that are a slimming and flat at the waist...very comfy.
I hope to whittle down my midsection a bit given time...
but I am taking "baby steps"
giving myself permission to lose slowly to avoid added stress.

The top seen below is navy and white stripes with a white under layer showing fits loose but not baggy so it should be cool in the summer.
I can wear this with my white NYDJ jeans too.

This bright and cheerful Columbia raincoat apparently "breathes" 
Do you see how the colour caught my eye?
(its not black!)
This happened innocently 
while I was looking for new deck shoes to wear on the boat. 
The jacket was marked down almost by half and it fits and flatters so I bought it. 

It will be great for walks and with the boating season almost upon us I could not resist.

I own several pieces of Columbia gear for walking and cruising.
I appreciate the quality of these garments.
Whats not to like about active wear with a bit of style?

Here are the deck shoes...also by Columbia.
Not on sale but oh so comfy and I needed them...
somehow last season my deck shoes were lost
I rarely lose things and when I do it drives me a wee bit crazy trying to figure out what happened...
it is a mystery and one that I cannot waste any more time thinking 
obsessing about!

Lisa at a mid life of privilege showed us her freshly painted toes today.
and I got to thinking that I should have a pedicure.

Most of the women at the Yoga studio have their toes painted and I usually indulge in a pedicure from May to September during sandal season.
It is too late to get an appointment at the Spa this afternoon but not to late to try my hand at an at home pedicure. 
The main reason that I get pedicures is because I am not that flexible and my eyesight is dodgy...

well I surprised myself 
Yoga must be helping me with flexibility as I did not find it at all difficult bending over and applying the polish.
I am quite pleased with the results
 not as professional as I would get from the Spa but they are OK.

So Lisa, I must thank you for sharing your toes...
I used Formula X "Thrilling" 
The next time I am in the "downward dog" position I'll enjoy looking at my toes!

It is a long weekend here in BC and we have the Victoria Day parade this Sunday.

I'll be taking a few days off and will catch up with you all next week.
Hope you have a great weekend.

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  1. Oh look, we are twins! White toes and Downward Dog! So much fun to share the happy stuff, and so helpful to share the difficult. xoxoxox.

    1. Oh this is be considered a twin with you is an honour!
      We must enjoy the happy to offset the sad times...
      hope your toes get out to play this weekend!

  2. Good job on the toes! I've got to get mine done before our trip -- I never seem to manage a decent job on my own, and perhaps we might eventually get enough sunshine to wear sandals. . . They keep promising (actually, I understand you did have a sunny day over on the island. hope it's our turn soon)

    1. Oh the many people are frustrated with it...we have been so patient!

  3. Good for you going to yoga!! I love a white pedicure these days too! A nice change from red.

    1. I am loving the yoga...cannot think of the last time I enjoyed exercise so much! It is part meditation and so good for achy joints and my hips are much looser now...its like magic.

  4. I love the polish color, it is very flattering.

    Good for you for going to yoga so often, I can only work it in 2 days a week, I really need to practice at home more often. It is really a super way to exercise.

    1. The colour is quite different for me but my savvy DIL gave it to me awhile ago and I had been using on my fingernails and with Lisa's post I thought why not? and went ahead and painted my toes.

  5. What great purchases. I used to wait to buy things on sale, but as I have got older I have found that I get much more enjoyment buying a few things at the beginning of the new season and getting much more wear out of them.

    1. This jacket must have been from last season...but it has all the qualities that I would want in a coat so I am pleased with it. As you say getting enjoyment out of what we wear is most important...besides we feel more confident when we dress happy!

  6. Your self-pedicure = my motivation. Thank you!

    1. Happy to share...we all need some motivation on occasion.

  7. You did do a good job on your toes! I removed the last traces of a pedicure in Oaxaca so I will need one soon. I don't like wearing flip flops in the rain so I might have to follow your example and do it myself. I have a soft blue/grey polish to try. I have a Columbia raincoat as well and I wear it if my husband and I got to the forest. I miss spending Victoria Day with friends on the Island because it seems to be an almost forgotten holiday here. Your roses are lovely.

    1. Oh you must share your painted toes with us...I like the sound of that colour!
      The parade is a major event here and people line the streets to watch.
      Flip flops in the rain are dangerous so you are wise to avoid that hazard.

  8. I ENJOYED this READ very MUCH!I too rarely lose items.......that would BUG me TOO!I just had a pedicure and she CUT me BAD!I'm off shortly for tHE land of THE QUEEN....
    anything you desire?A special TEA perhaps........... XX

    1. All I would ask for is that you take photos and share them with us...Chelsea and the other gardens that you visit.
      How did she manage to cut you? My goodness, that is not good.
      I hope you do not get an infection, use some antibiotic gel and keep an eye on it.

  9. Your new fashion looks great! You did a wonderful job on your toes. A friend once treated me to a pedicure and while the polish lasted a very long time, the overall experience was not one I loved. I do know what you mean about the bending to do it yourself. I am finding that more difficult than it used to be - is it age or is it too "much" around the middle? Hmm. I fear my problem might be more the latter than the former. I like your attitude - going easy on yourself. I've been doing that for the last year, it is so necessary after a deep loss. Your roses are exquisite.

    1. Mother could not stand anyone touching her feet and refused to have a pedicure...
      I personally quite like the pampering.
      Too much around the middles describes it perfectly...I am in that camp!
      The roses have started to bloom in our garden and they are my favourite flowers. I hope to share more of them soon.
      Thanks again for sharing your thoughts Jeannine.

  10. Love a pull on jean. They fit so smoothly over the tummy and don’t bunch out like the zipper ones do. Plus they look slimmer without pockets etc. I bought two pair last winter and have worn them heaps. you must show us a pic. tonkath

    1. I am a fan now after trying them...I will still wear my white and denim NYDJ as they fit and because they are a wee bit snug will remind me to eat less and exercise more!

  11. I had to giggle and will think of you at pilates/yoga as I check out my home pedicure in downward facing dog! Love the stripey top.

    1. I know...and Yoga is such a personal practice that we are advised not to look at others in the class but to focus if I peek at my toes that's OK!