Friday, May 5, 2017

Beach walks...scenery snippets

The vibrant blue native camas is in full bloom.
This plant grows in and around the Gary Oak Meadows here in Victoria.

The First Nations Peoples used the root for food.

My walking partner and I went out for lunch at Lure
then we sauntered along the ocean front near Victoria's Inner Harbour.
It was a beautiful sunny afternoon and there were lots of people out and about enjoying the fine weather.

The scenery is aways changing on the waterfront...
boats, sea planes, kayaks, the Coho Ferry,
seals, otters, gulls, blue herons

Along the wide walks
we jostle for position
 baby carriages, joggers, walkers, and runners all share the space.
People sit on park benches and admire the view.
Picnic blankets are spread with snacks.
Tourists take photos.

The snow covered peaks of the Olympic Mountain range look so close
their stunning beauty frames the vista.

We chatter as we walk and gather speed...

I made the mistake of wearing my new periwinkle blue shoes without socks and today I have blisters on my heels.

(I should have worn my Merrell walking shoes with socks.)

I wore the same shoes to the beach on the previous day outing with the grandchildren.
They were fine on the sand and easy to transition back to the gravel lined playground where we played on the swings.
Mount Baker, which usually is in full view, was shrouded by low lying clouds.
The afternoon was chilly and the sky was grey.

The Willows Tea Room reopened for the season on April 29th.
This was where I would take mom.
Often we would sit with a pot of tea 
watch the passers by and sail and power boats on the sea...

Mom would smile
she was happy here.

Mom always loved an outing to Willows Beach.
 The Esplanade was a picturesque and gentle walk...

on a windy day she'd laugh at us braving the walk

in the rain with our brollies
she'd say how silly of us to try and walk 
in this beastly weather

Yet we would finish the walk and somehow feel energized.

When I revisit places that Mom and I regularly frequented
I feel a sadness creep in...
it is
not anything too overwhelming 
but my throat gets tight
and then I breathe as I picture her there beside me.

Our summertime picnics at Willows were always an adventure.
My basket with silverware and fine bone china
made passers by stop and comment.

My sister and I will be spreading Mom's ashes this coming week.
We have finished most of what we need to do for her estate and are ready to toast to Mom and dine in her favourite spot.

First we will swim in the pool
followed by a massage
and relax...

perhaps we'll even hop in the hot tub after dinner.

Mom and Dad in the early 1950's.

Dad died in 2007 and Mom in 2017
I'd like to think that they have been reunited and are watching over us as we remember, honour and celebrate their lives.

~ Love and Family ~
 the greatest gifts that I will cherish forever.

Hope that you have a lovely weekend.
Thank you for stopping by The Humble Bungalow Blog.


  1. It's important to have ceremonies that celebrate and acknowledge - I hope that you will think about returning to France as another way of celebrating the gifts your Mom has given you.

  2. What a truly lovely and uplifting post! Thank you for sharing all that with us. The flowers are beautiful, such a wonderful colour of purple/blue, and how lovely to take your favourite china and silverware on a picnic. May you have a lovely time with your sister even if it will be poignant, scattering or your dear mother's ashes.
    Margaret P

  3. Dear Hostess, your blog is so like letters from a dear friend. Thank you!

  4. Your lovely post brought a lump to my throat, and as I read your words I remember my own loving Mother and Father. They passed away in 2008, 4 months apart from each other. Not a day goes by that I don't think of them both. But it gets easier, and the memories bring me happiness now, instead of tears....You are honoring your dear Mother in such lovely ways - she'll always be with you.

  5. My mum and I scattered some of Dad's ashes by the shore where he used to walk. Walking shoes without socks ( I am guilty of this) seem to be a problem. When I get home, I will certainly need new shoes. You enjoyed your mother's company and I'm sure that she will always be with you.

  6. Such a poignant post. You were so fortunate to have your mother---and she was fortunate to have you. Loved this post.

  7. What a lovely post. Beautiful purple flowers. I can certainly understand your feelings as you traverse the spots you went with your dear mother. Hugs to you.

  8. Beautiful tribute Leslie...


  9. Lovely post. I will only reiterate what others have said and that you have lots of lovely memories of times spent with your mother.

  10. This of course brought tears to my eyes...................XX

  11. Your post was lovely as were the comments above. I hope you feel the care and concern from your faithful readers. Carol in VT

  12. What beautiful memories-thank you for sharing. A visit to the restaurant and spa will be soothing. It is good to take care of all your senses (body and mind) on your healing journey. Take care, Holli (thisbestlife).