Sunday, January 22, 2017

Shoes...the basic low down.

A reader asked me to write a post on my thoughts about shoes...

Before we go too far let me just say that shoes are not my forte...

I don't really know what my forte is...
seriously, I am not an "expert"

Maybe I could be considered "gifted" at growing roses
making the most of enjoying doing the laundry
or washing dishes at my farm house sink..


Well you asked, so I am going to share my thoughts...

Shoes MUST be comfortable for walking.
I cannot condone discomfort when it comes to footwear...

bleeding blisters and bunions ugh!

If I were to own shoes that I only wore to sit and look beautiful on my feet,
like jewelry,
I suppose I could justify buying seriously high heels
but that seems like an extravagance
not a reasonable or justifiable expenditure with my budget.

Shoes that cost over $250 are considered too much for my budget...
I like to buy mine on sale.

(BTW I am still lusting over those long wished for red Ferragamo Varinas.)
Yes they are on my "lottery win list"
IF I won, do not think for a second that I would not run out and buy a pair...

if the lottery was vast I could buy two in different colours and then I would have to distribute the wealth to my family and local worthy organizations.

Fashion and style come second over comfort.

Colour for me is may already know where I am heading...
yes it is classic black...
I deviate once in awhile and buy a cheery colourful pair of walking shoes for spring and summer but for Fall and Winter I do not stray.

Conservative, practical, affordable.

Fall and Winter Shoes...

2 pairs of boots
3 pairs of flats
2 pairs of short sturdy heels

not shown
(one pair of black kitten heel pumps are in the downstairs closet)

Vintage shoes
these are years old and still going
Amalfi and Stuart Weitzman
(did you notice that I like gross grain bows?)

Flats that I wear with my jeans and ponte knit black pants.
(more bows!!)

Clarks are what I like to wear when I walk many many kilometres.
These came with me to Paris and my feet were happy even after 8 hours of walking.

My current crush
are these Chelsea Boots
by Clarks

I wear them with dresses and skirts with tights, 
and with socks and leggings, pants or  jeans. 

I have black Sperry rain boots and Saucony walking sneakers 
but that's it for my footwear.

How many pairs of shoes do you own?
Do you like to wear heels?

What do you consider when you buy new shoes...
comfort, style, fad, fashion, price, designer brands?

Will you pay upwards to $1000 (or more) for a pair of shoes?

I won't be offended if you think my collection of shoes is boring and unimaginative...

So please share your thoughts.

We had a fabulous weekend...

Bad news is our dishwasher is on the fritz,
good news is that the repairman is coming by...

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~


  1. I don't know how many pairs of shoes I have--but not all that many. I have a few more pairs of flats than I am currently wearing because several pairs have stretched out and now fall off my feet. Very sad about that.

    I do love Stuart Weitzman shoes---and they are expensive. I bought a pair of real calf hair (at least not fake material) that are Weitzmans this fall. They were expensive and I haven't worn them out yet. I am feeling a bit guilty about that--but I still like them.

    My go to boots for winter as Canadian. I love them. I have them in both black and brown and they are from the brand La Canadienne.

    I have only a few pairs of heels--and they are not very high. I have two pairs of black heels, one pair of nude heels, and a pair of inexpensive silver heels.

    I agree that comfort is the main consideration when it comes to shoes.

    1. Sounds like you have the basics covered and a few fun pairs thrown into the mix.
      I like how the Stuart Weitzman shoes fit and mine have lasted for years.

  2. I'm with you on comfort. As I write I am wearing Clarks black riding boots. Clarks are my go to for comfort and style.

    1. Besides being comfortable, Clarks are great value too...
      I'd love to see those riding boots!

  3. I have no heels, only flats as I haven't worn heels since my 20s. I do like Chelsea boots too and have four of the same style in different colours (black, blue, grey and brown). I virtually wore my brown boots all winter with black outfits and jeans. I prefer to not be too matchy matchy. I have silver, grey animal and brown slip on flats.

    1. I like your attitude of mixing up the colourful boots and shoes...sounds like you have fun with footwear and isn't that the point of fashion?

  4. Don't mean to be rude....shoe polish and shoe trees improve the look of shoes and boots and extend their life!

    After years of buying no particular brand, I find myself settling into Clarks boots and sandals - comfortable, good-looking and affordable.

    1. There is nothing rude about pointing out the obvious is there?
      It would have been polite to add your name at the end of your comment time perhaps you'll stand behind you "kind words?"

    2. Hostess,
      I feel you have been a little sensitive re this comment, it is a fact that shoe trees are helpful, is it not?
      Anon said she meant no rude intent, I find the comment she left completely inoffensive
      Paula, Victoria Australia

    3. Paula many anonymous commenters hide behind the veil of anonymity and it is frustrating that they say things that can be misconstrued and do not leave a name. If anon meant no rude intent then he or she could leave their name, that's the polite thing to do.

    4. Hi Hostess, just wanted to say thanks for sharing your obviously 'well cared for and loved' shoe collection. I would be happy with these shoes in my wardrobe. June, NSW Australia

  5. I almost ran up to my closet to make sure you hadn't been playing in it :)

    Black for me. Flat, Mary Jane's whenever possible.

    Comfort ALWAYS.

    I blush to say I have acquired most of mine from thrift stores and (after clean up/sanitizing, etc) I proudly wear them having paid no more than $3 for them. I snatch them up whenever I find them, usually keeping a reserve ready to draw from.

    1. No need to blush...I think applause is in order well done you!
      I find shoes in the thrift shops difficult to find...our daughter has the most amazing luck but then she regularly prowls the aisles and I only go on occasion.

  6. I have too many pairs of shoes because I used to wear "autumn" colours ie. brown shoes and now I wear grey/navy. Janice Riggs does some interesting mixing of accessory colours so I have found ways, usually through use of a multi-coloured scarf to integrate my favourite brown loafers into my wardrobe. Shoes are too expensive to waste. I no longer wear high heels. I have a silver pair of Amalfi shoes that I just love. I am trying to buy little this year but perhaps next year, I will visit Ingledew's sale. I love their shoes especially Amalfi and Naot. I saw Hidden Figures this weekend. It is about a group of very smart black women who played important roles in the Mercury space program and who faced incredible
    obstacles. I don't often go to movies but this one was excellent and thought-provoking in light of the marches this week-end. I'm still eating my way through my 65th with two more upcoming meals. Today I will be walking after book club. I got a new iPhone so I will practise taking photos. Yours are always so beautiful. Did you take a course?

    1. Shoes are far too expensive to discard...Ingledews sales are fabulous if you can find the size that you wear still in stock.
      I have seen the trailer for that film and we seldom go to movies anymore...opting for live theatre and Netflix here at home.
      I love the sound of eating your way through your 65th! The Party that never stops...
      The IPhone camera is easy to use and I have experimented with photos and take several shots at different angles, delete the ones that I do not like and only keep the better images. There probably is a course you can take on IPhoto and the IPhone that you can find locally or perhaps online. Oxaca may well be your training ground!

  7. I have "problem" feet - born that way - my mom always said I was a shoe salesman's worst nightmare! I've always wanted those dainty and pretty heels but they just don't come in my size (width). My lottery fantasy is to have my shoes custom made and to indulge in just one pair of red satin high heels - sigh.....
    My real shoes are low heeled ballet flats - but well made by Hotter Shoes UK. I have a couple of pair in black and one pair in bright red.
    My few pair of walking shoes are Eccos and lace up for support. My "running" shoes tend to be New Balance but I do have a couple of pair of lightweight sneakers from LL Bean for the summer - more for beach time not for a lot of walking. Even my summer Flip Flops cost $90 - they are European made with arch support and came from my physiotherapy office.
    Boots have to be functional, no heels and heavy treads - besides getting me through Canadian winters I walk with a cane so safety first. I always marvel at those young girls in their 4" spike heeled boots trying to walk on ice covered sidewalks! I doubt I could even stand in those things!
    My shoes usually cost in the $150 to $250 range - if I had the money to spend $1000 on shoes then they would have to be the best leather and best fitted shoes I could find. My first look at the new Saks stores here in Toronto featured a pair of brightly coloured ballet style shoes made of a bit of netting and a couple of straps - for $900!!!! Just had to laugh - more money than sense as my grandmother would have said.

    1. New Balance make great trainers...sturdy and supportive for all sporting activities and long walks. Smart looking shoes that can accommodate orthotics are very much in demand in my circle of friends...Ecco and many European brands have made their way into the shops here and the price points are staggering!
      We have a great shop here called Walk In Comfort and they carry a wide variety of sizes and shoes that are good for walking and many of them are really quite "out there" in their colours and styles.
      $900 is a wee bit of change for some mesh and a couple of straps! It must be a well known designer who can command that price, but you failed to mention if were they pretty to look at ?

  8. Dear Hostess, I love reading your blog. Shoes and purses are my weakness. I am guilty of having too many of them. I have been also lusting over a pair of Ferragamo Varas, but the price is a bit above what I am willing to pay. So I settled on a pair of look alikes at a much reasonable price from Trotters, a style called Louise that comes with a grossgrain ribbon, but alas no in color red.They are very comfy. I hosted a dinner party and wore them 5 hours straight without any discomfort.

    1. Shoes and purses are such fun accessories...I used to buy lot of bags and have given that habit up. I must do a search for the Trotters and see what they look like...I am curious how they compare with the iconic Ferragamos.

  9. I am finding I must buy for comfort first as I have bunions on both feet. ( Family trait 😕) It seems more companies of "comfort" shoes are striving for style, too, anymore. That has been a boon for me, as I am picky about how my shoes look with my outfit. I have mostly flats or very low heels, mostly in black. In the past I always liked having a pair of red ballet flats or leopard print, but have struggled to find ones I really like lately. I recently bought a pair of oxford lace-ups, which is a bit out of my comfort zone, but we shall see. I try to be pretty frugal with both my clothing and shoes, but with my bunions, I can't always do that.

    1. Bunions definitely dictate what type of shoes and boots that will fit you and still be comfortable....paying more for this is not unlike buying prescription glasses.
      The cost of which we cannot scrimp on for the sake of fashion....needs must.
      Have you noticed that many of the comfort shoes have really chunky soles?
      Oxford ace ups sound really preppy and do penny loafers!

    2. I like that analogy of the prescription eyeglasses......I hadn't thought of it that way. Thank you!
      I've been noticing those chunky soles on a lot of shoes.

  10. I have a lot of shoes but don't wear 99% of them. I wear sneakers and ballet flats. Comfort is key for me unless it is an occasion. Pain is too distracting. I only wear high heels if I know i will be walking in and then promptly sitting down!

  11. I only buy from the "comfort brand" shoe category now. It suits my budget, and they are typically made fairly well,such as Clarks. I just wish that category wasn't so orthopedic and matronly looking, but sometimes I find styles that are great. While shoe shopping, I still wish I could venture out of the comfort shoe genre, but my feet (I think I've got a bit of arthritis in them now) tell me no - I'll regret it. I'd rather not be in pain all day! Most of my shoes are black or brown, with 2 pairs of red in a ballerina and a mary jane with a slight heel. In cold weather, I live in my flat boots, and in warm weather it's my flat sandals :)

    1. Some styles are better than others and certain European companies do try to make more fashion savvy styles...its obviously tough to find a balance.
      Read ballerinas sound like a great choice...I do love a red coloured shoe.

  12. Comfort is critical...I do not want to have bunion surgery on my other foot! Most of my shoes seem to be black too, but I do have a leopard pair of flats I have almost worn out completely. I have my good shoes resoled, over and over. If I invest in a quality pair, I choose a style that will always look current. Oh how I wish I could grow roses like you!

    1. Ouch surgery sounds drastic! If you wear comfy shoes can you avoid surgery?

  13. You've got options with a substantial shoe wardrobe and having some pretty shoes for special occasions must be reassuring...I would not be as well prepared.
    When the royals visited Victoria Kate Middleton wore the highest heels and walked over bumpy sidewalks, staircases and looked like she was in total comfort. I held my breath when she carried Charlotte down the steep flight of stairs from the airplane...

  14. I have far too many shoes and purses. I am retiring in March this year so hope to trim down the collection to match the new lifestyle…
    I have problem feet and although I spend extra time trying on potential shoes, it in no way guarantees they will be comfortable for 8 hours. Hence the "few" extra pairs.
    I try to focus on brands "successful for me" now: e.g. Born, Rieker, Romika, Dansko, but even then it is hit and miss!
    Your shoes look great. It is obvious you know what you like and what works!
    Thanks for sharing, Suz from Vancouver

    1. Oh my your retirement date is soon!
      I consigned all my extra handbags...have kept maybe 4 or 5 and have several totes and a French straw market bag.
      Shoes are fun accessories and I could easily get carried away and buy oodles but put blinders on when I walk past the shoe shops!

  15. This entire post made me smile, Hostess. I often dress "from the shoes up" depending on the sort of day ahead. Comfort comes first but I like to look smart too. Your collection looks a lot like mine!

    1. Good morning Pondside,
      it is such a sunny day today that I am smiling too!
      I like your approach to getting dressed, start with the shoes and the outfit will follow!

  16. Love your blog! I love shoes, but I have problem feet. My shoe wardrobe is in transition because of a recently swollen joint on my left foot- bunion? I love your Stuart Weitzmans and Clark's Chelsea boots. Black is my core color for shoes, but I also hope to find a pair of red shoes, leopard print shoes, and navy blue suede shoes (all in flats). -Bridget

    1. Hope your swollen joint settles down and that you are not in too much discomfort.
      We all seem to gravitate towards those red cheerful shoes...I would love to find a new pair too...maybe we will find some for Spring.

  17. I use the Robin Elt website for ballet flats. The Riva range are good and I know they fit. I am lucky that in a nearby town there is a good independent shoe shop as well. I try not to go too often. Navy, black and tan are the main colours I buy. My tan ankle boots go with all my jeans. Some of my shoes I have had for a long time. I. Try to look after them well. I'm another who would like a pair of red ballet flats for Spring.

    1. I saw a very well dressed woman when I was out for my walk this afternoon and she had on a soft grey suede boot that looked so sumptuous...I did a double take and thought to myself how useful a grey boot would be!!!

  18. I am neither a shoe nor a purse lover. I'm quite frugal and practical, so I typically buy on sale and wear for a long time. Comfort is key for me, although at the same time I don't want to wear old lady shoes! Black and brown are the colors for me. I do have a pair of summer shoes which are blue - about as far out as I go. Haha! I always say I'm pretty boring!

    1. I think I am boring too Jeannine...but hey, if those are the colours that we are comfortable wearing so be it!
      Even if money grew on trees I could not justify having oodles of shoes...I would rather give to those less fortunate than have a closet filled with shoes that I seldom wore.

  19. My next shoe purchase will be a pair of red Wolky Passion shoes. They have a ballet shoe vibe, are very comfortable, and most importantly, I can drop my big orthotics into them once I remove their footbed. I already have a pair in black. Highly recommended.

    Fun to see your collection!

    1. I think that I have seen that brand pf shoes in the Walk In Comfort Shoe Shop...hope you enjoy those new red shoes!

  20. Great mix of shoes, though I mix in brown (great with grey) and I lust after grey boots right now.
    Price (lowest poss) drives me (so in the sales), but I only go to two makes, Clarks and Gabor, these days.
    My shoes don't seem to wear out, I'm not bothered particularly about whats "in" and I'm a hoarder, so what can I say - I have loads.
    Dishwasher broken? Thank goodness you're an expert at the farmhouse sink , Leslie!

    1. Oh yes I agree about the grey boots...
      Gabor is a name that I am not familiar with...perhaps they are exclusive to the UK and Europe.
      The dishwasher has a bearing that is on its way out...grinding and noisy so we need a new the tune of $500! But a new one would set us back about $1100 and then there is delivery and installation on top of that plus the issue with sending the thing to the landfill so we are doing what we think is the greener option and having it replaced...yes the farm house sink is good for clean ups!

  21. Your shoe closet could be mine...except I have two pairs of red shoes which I love. However, I find I rarely use them and am more likely to reach for the black ones as they go with everything. I love your stories about your clothes (and shoes). You may have mentioned this before, but I was wondering if you have a certain number of pieces you keep. ~Mary

    1. Mary I do "need" a red pair...I have had several over the years and love them so much because when I wear them I feel particularly happy so they get worn out quickly!
      I have done some posts on my is very small and you may be able to search under the tag wardrobe on the right hand side bar under the labels title.
      I may do another minimal clothing post sometime soon.