Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Ups and downs in The Humble Bungalow

in The Humble Bungalow
in the laundry room is
where I spend a lot of my time.
hanging clothes to air dry
 heavy duty things go into the dryer
folding and ironing
all jobs that I do almost every day.

I run UP and DOWN the stairs many times in a day.

The bathroom downstairs is compact
 it has a shower, toilet and sink.

It is very handy when we work outside in the garden and need to come inside
even more convenient 
when we have house guests.

Did I mention that I run up and down the stairs many times a day?

It feels like I get a lot of exercise actioning the domestic chores but not enough to keep the pesky pounds at bay.

My new fitness regime with kettle bells is also done downstairs
in the laundry room as there is ample room to move about.

The space is bright and the cats like to sit and watch me go through my paces!

I am wearing casual clothes.

NYDJ boyfriend style jeans
Town Shoes quilted black leather flats
a simple short Joe Fresh charcoal grey T shirt

Upstairs and downstairs we have shelves for our fluffy white towels.
I am partial to white towels.
Are you?

Storage in The Humble Bungalow is abysma
it is minimal as our arts and crafts era home has very little space.

Our closet is tiny and so naturally my wardrobe is small.
That is actually a positive rather than a negative.
I do not like having too much stuff.
I like to see all my clothing choices which makes getting dressed so much easier.

BTW while we are on the topic of clothes...
you responses to the last post were interesting and informative.
I appreciate the time and energy that you put into your comments.

the kitchen is the hub of our Humble Bungalow.

Besides doing the laundry I cook a lot.
I love to create healthy meals and enjoy experimenting with new recipes.

Simple Omelette

2 farm fresh eggs beaten with 2 tablespoons of milk
salt pepper

Melt a knob of butter in a flat crepe or omelette pan 
when bubbles form pour in the eggs.
Add toppings
herbs or arugula as I have used here.

When the edges are setting up 
run a spatula around the edges and gently coax one end
fold gently over
rolling as you go 
until you have a picture perfect omelette.

One of the "UPS" in this post is that I ate a sensible lunch.

Omelette served with a salad
a low Weight Watcher point count lunch.
A tasty pear sliced thinly and savoured with a cup of tea.

"Guilt free" eating and yet it is filling.
(protein is key to keep me feeling satisfied)

On the DOWNside...
Walking has been hit and miss with the recent inclement weather but we are expecting a warming trend so I will be lacing up my sneakers and pounding the pavement with renewed energy and enthusiasm.

Have you started with a 2017 health and wellness journey ?
Are you writing in your journal?

Are you feeling more energetic and enthusiastic?
Words can be so important when motivating and engaging in change.

The Nike slogan "Just Do It" comes to mind.

Another "DOWNfall"...
There was a small cello bag of chocolate bark coated in candy cane sprinkles 
a gift from Christmas 
hiding in the drawer that I "discovered" last Sunday while watching Victoria 
on PBS Masterpiece Theatre.

Dear reader, I am weak, I am human.
 I ate it.

The UPside of this is that there is no chocolate left in The Humble Bungalow!

So it is your turn...
have you been disciplined with your fitness and food regime?

Have you been tempted by treats ?

were you clever and cleaned out your pantry of those naughty things
restocked it with only healthy foods?

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~


  1. Hostess, I always enjoy the photos of your wonderful bungalow. It is such a special place. I've always loved small homes the best as everything in them is thought out and special.

    I have been know to throw sugary treats into the trash without a second thought, but have NEVER thrown away chocolate.

    Right now, I'm eating a healthy lunch: a salad made with Romaine lettuce, carrot slices, red bell pepper slices, a few black beans, pieces of chicken breast, avocado--all served with vinegar and olive oil as a dressing.

    1. Your lunch sounds wonderful! I love avocado and it is full of good vitamins, nutrients and is known as a "good" fat.
      I have never thrown chocolate away usually gets eaten up fairly quickly here and I look forward to getting back into my healthy weight zone so that I can nibble one square of quality chocolate every day.

  2. Your omelette looks SO GOOD! Reading brief but frequent mentions of healthy eating do a lot to keep my enthusiasm for healthy eating on track.

    I have all white towels, wash cloths, etc. and work hard to keep them that way: soaking in Oxyclean, occasional bleach, hottest wash. I've been thinking white linens are not environmentally the best choice because of those chemicals needed to keep them that way, and considering alternatives. I bought a cluster of light beige washcloths, and use them, but the visual delight just isn't there. Also considered aqua: too restrictive.

    1. You raise a good point Carol.
      I do not alway use bleach on my towels.
      Have you tried vinegar? I have used it with quite good results.
      We all need to be mindful of the environment and our personal impact on it.

  3. I was just pondering my lunch for the day. I enjoy a hot lunch in the winter especially as I am going for a rainy walk beforehand. A nice omelette would be great or a chicken quesadilla with salad. I'm becoming vigilant about food value since I've been supporting my daughter (-37lbs). If she can give up so much, I should be able to "cut back". I use commercial washers in our apartment so I use soft grey towels with aqua and mauve accents. I just started my weights again so I hope to build some core and upper body strength. We can do what we do. I'm reading A Great Reckoning by Louise Penny. You've already read it, haven't you? Out to walk and buy provisions while the rain is stopped. Have a happy day!

    1. I have read the Louise Penny mystery and loved it. She is my favourite mystery are in for a treat!
      Your daughter has lost a lot of weight! She must be working very hard on her fitness and food regime...I applaud her dedication and to you too Madame for supporting her on her journey.

  4. Love "The Humble Bungalow Tour"!
    Everything is in harmony
    Hostess,I am human,too,there is no way to have a chocolate in the house-I'll eat it all. Good thing is that I love dark chocolate (with orange zest)
    Chicken breasts and chinese cabbage with potatoes and olive oil for lunch-very modest! (As we are in an ice age right now-we are convicted to supermarket vegetables)

    1. Your lunch sounds delicious! Store bought veggies are our only option right now as well, we have a cold snap.
      Besides our greenhouse and garden are in hibernation!
      I am Looking forward to spring planting and then shopping at the farmers markets.

  5. Hostess, I just turned 59 last week, so we are basically the same age. When I was younger I had no trouble going on a diet and losing weight pretty quick. I'm sure I was more motivated then, but also our hormones change as we get older. Now I just accept the fact that I gain weight every fall/winter (about 8-10 lbs), and I don't try to lose it until spring. Once the weather is warmer and the sun is shining, I am motivated to exercise and eat better. Right now I just hibernate, and as long as I don't gain any additional weight I am content.

    Don't get me wrong, I still exercise and try to eat healthy, but I don't "worry" about it until Spring. So far it's always worked.

    You are doing great to lose weight in the middle of winter!


    1. Deb,
      I have a sluggish thyroid and it takes me a long time to lose weight so I really need to stay on top of these pounds. Not everyone has the same metabolism...
      I remember how hard I worked to lose 30 pounds and it took me an entire year!
      So I need to be mindful all year long and I am not proud of the extra pounds that I have gained over the past couple of months.

  6. Hi Leslie, like you I try to eat healthily and walk each day ...also like you I ate something not so healthy last night ...a bar of Frys Chocolate Cream! left over from Christmas! Weight loss seems so much harder in your 50s, eating healthily isn't all that's needed ...I think reducing portion size helps as well. I'm feeling even more determined than usual to get back to, what feels the right weight for me ...losing around a stone and a half ....21lbs, as my daughter gets married in August. Like you, I'm not very tall ...just over 5 foot 3 inches ...and I'm determined not to look "matronly" :)
    Hope you're having a good week. I always think your laundry space looks lovely!

    1. Oh you've got time to get on top of those pounds before the wedding...a dress in a smaller size might be a good goal. I have never eaten a Fry's Chocolate Cream but the name sounds rich and tasty!
      Portion control is another good tool to use when reducing...the WW leaders often suggest using a luncheon plate instead of a dinner sized plate for dinner.
      I eat a big portion of tossed green salad with dinner most nights so that does not work for me.
      My week has been fun so far...thank you and I wish you a lovely end to the week!

  7. Oh Leslie, I thought I was doing so well, purging my cupboards of out of dates and giving them a good clean and organise. And then I see your immaculate laundry room and I realise that mine needs more than a quick tidy. It needs a purge and a makeover, because my laundry room has now seen yours and has found itself a role model!

    1. Oh it was not my intent to make you feel takes a lot of decluttering to get to the place we are here "downstairs!" We did this when we re-modelled the lower level and I purged like mad...oodles of stuff was donated to the charity and thrift shops and the bigger pieces were sold. I used to get so stressed looking at the mess too and now I feel way more calm.
      I have shared more images of the laundry and guest can go to the labels on the right side bar and look for renovations also can see the ugly "before" reno pictures!!

  8. Your bathroom looks so wonderfully serene and so light filled. It would be a perfect place to exercise in.

    You are so fashionable, even at home. I would hated to tell you what I am usually clad in, especially in the cooler weather.

    My exercise routine stays the same year around. Walking 2-3 miles in the morning. Twice a week with my trainer at the gym. Yoga and Pilates a couple of times a week. I feel it really helps to keep me healthy so I can be more active and strong to work in the garden.

    I will have to try some arugula on an omelet. It looks yummy.

    1. I also throw arugula into pasta sauce if I have a just a handful left...
      because of my Mother's influence and how she still dresses the bar has been set and more often than not I wear neat and tidy clothing...if I am doing a big dirty job in the garden I will look like the dogs breakfast and will have dirt smudged on my arms and is not a pretty sight and the other times is when I am renovating or painting! We dress for different jobs, and as long as we are clean and comfortable we should be true to ourselves...I see no reason for you to change.

  9. I am on the journey with you trying to lose weight and improve my overall health. I am 62 and like you I have a sluggish thyroid which does make it more challenging. I had homemade curried butternut squash soup for lunch, it was lovely and hot perfect for a winter's day.

    1. That soups sounds delicious! I love a bowl of soup on a cold winter day.
      Good luck on your health and wellness regime...please keep me posted on how you are doing.

    2. WW Butternut Squash Soup is delicious. Give it a try. I think no points

  10. These glimpses of your home show your neat and organized tendencies! I take my lunch to school and try to have some soup along with cheese and or cut up fresh vegetables. Some days, though, I give in and have pizza or the taco salad made at the cafeteria. Dark chocolate is my treat, too.
    It's certainly warmed up, but now we have the rain to contend with! Enjoy your walks.

    1. Dark chocolate apparently keep the brain functioning...I heard that on the news tonight...and in people who have it their brains were 2 years "younger " than those who did not eat it! Wow that's news that is music to my ears!
      Your lunches sound healthy and nutritious and you need to keep your energy up to teach those young brains!

  11. Oh I love your laundry room Leslie, black/white plus that silver plant urn, is so stylish. I want to renovate mine too now :) Good intention to start a fitness journal has not started, but not forgotten either. Have lost a couple of pounds, and threw out a lot of sweet Christmas food. However I would never throw out good chocolate, hmmm. My exercise has also been climate limited, but by extraordinary heat waves, as opposed to your very cold days. A bit cooler today, so hope for a walk around sunset. Your omelette does look tempting - we should have that for the weekend.

    1. Sounds to me like it is too hot to exercise where you live...
      I hate throwing out food but it happens from time to time. Chocolate never!
      Congrats on those pounds lost!

  12. i can't say no to food. i would rather do a marathon than watch what i eat! but i don't do marathons LOL

    1. Ah your comment made me smile...I wish I didn't HAVE to watch my intake of would be such a luxury to eat whatever I wanted...but my blood pressure would go off the charts and I would feel so badly about my appearance that I would become very depressed.
      Enjoy yourself Naomi and be happy!

  13. Your home is beautiful and so very well organized. I, too, have storage problems. All my bedding, linens, blankets and towels are contained in a tall (6 foot) chest of drawers. My upcoming reno includes wall system of custom drawers and closets. I will house all linens, bedding, blankets, and towels here. Absolutely, the holidays brought many boxes of candy and lovely deserts. I'm walking my dog, but it is a rain snow mix and very unpleasant. Like you, I'm looking forward to some sunny days. My latest soup was potato garlic. It was delicious. I bought it at a farm store, but I will devise my own recipe based on taste.

    1. Potato garlic sounds like a hearty soup for your cold weather...I do love a warming bowl of soup on cold days.
      Your renovation plans sound like they are going to streamline your storage but I love the idea of a tall chest of drawers for linen storage.

  14. I always enjoy your posts, Leslie, and this one is no exception. I wish I could say I have been doing great with losing weight and shaping up, but I can't. We have had so much ice lately that walking is too scary. I do exercise indoors, but not enough. It's so easy, especially in winter, to overindulge when it comes to food. I do not have white towels and have never been inclined to. My mom took the plunge on them one year and found that even with soaking, bleaching, and careful use she would get makeup stains on them that just would not go away. I'll stick with my "safe" medium blue towels!

    1. I use a cotton pad and micellar water to remove make up then I wash my face so that make up is not staining the face cloths and towels. When I give myself a facial I use a special flannel that I keep just for that purpose...btw it is grey!
      You might like the kettle bells the workouts that I am doing get my heart rate up and focus on the upper body strength and the core...its not perfect as I miss the scenery and fresh air but the ice kept me indoors too.
      Don't beat yourself up about your slow start...just starting and keeping your eye on your goal is enough. My weight loss is slow too...that is why I journal, to keep me motivated and focused.

  15. Your food may be simple and delicious, but you present it in such a way that it looks like an indulgence. Lovely! I have stuck with my exercise regimen. When you commit to classes, it is difficult not to show up and then explain your absence! I jumped on the scales yesterday only to find that I had gained 2 lbs. Yuck. I blame it squarely on the bread maker that I received for Christmas and have used religiously. No more lovely, fragrant, doughy goodness for me for awhile.

    1. Weight Watcher taught me to use presentation as an aid to weight loss.
      They suggest we sit at the table whenever eating and try to use pretty china and make the table beautiful so that it is also a feast for the eyes.
      I love bread!
      Unfortunately I have to ration it...and I cannot keep any potato chips in the house!!

  16. NO.........NO .........and NO!!!!!!!!!!

  17. I enjoyed your "ups and downs", and your bathroom does look bright and cheerful. It must be a great place to work out. I find I need lots of light this time of year. The other day when I saw your omelet and salad on IG, I was inspired to make that for my lunch! BTW, I finally put my December chocolate in the freezer in our garage. I've never done that, but so far, I've been good.

  18. Many people here in the PNW crave light at this time of year and I suspect that is why many seniors fly south to warmer sunnier climates.
    I never thought of freezing chocolates...I suppose that is almost like freezing credit cards in a block of ice! Clever you marmielu

  19. I am weak and human and would have eaten it too! I can't seem to maintain my conviction for longer than 1 day and will never get to my goal weight at that rate!! Your omelet look delicious. You seem to be a fabulous cook!

  20. I understand where you are at with your conviction wavering, I have been there too!
    We are human and it is difficult to embark on a regime and be successful if we are not wholeheartedly committed to it. I find the journal is instrumental in keeping me focused and accountable.
    I look at your blog and think that you look vibrant and healthy and it is not apparent that you are carrying extra weight. So perhaps you can relax and not worry about it right now.

  21. I'm guilty of being a laundry fanatic. I have five sets of washers and dryers at my house. I have them on each floor, and one for outside/animal related laundry, and one in the pool cabana for towels, etc. Hard to believe that our architect failed to put ANY dryer vents in his drawings. Our cabinet builder was the one who caught that mistake.
    Your laundry room is gorgeous.

  22. I love doing laundry too but two machines vs. 5 sets makes you the Queen of laundry...perhaps even the Duchess!!
    Gosh imagine if your cabinet builder had not caught that oversights? The ramifications would have been very expensive!