Thursday, January 26, 2017

OOTD and a few snippets from The Humble Bungalow

Blue skies, sunshine and fresh air greeted us this past Monday.
 The weather put me in a happy state and I felt I had a bounce in my step 
with oodles of energy.

The garden is in transition...
bulbs are popping up and things are looking lush and green.

The freesias are still as fresh as the day that I purchased them...
their fragrance is out of this world.

a closer look
offers me the opportunity to
breathe in their intoxicating scent

Flowers from the local merchants are particularly welcome at this time of year.
The garden has not yet emerged from its winter slumber 
 so it is nice to have a few vases filled with blooms in The Humble Bungalow.

I have been busy cleaning out closets, drawers, the pantry cupboard, 
 weeding out my books and cosmetics 
washing and ironing
donating goods to the thrift and charity shop.

Life here is ticking along...
nothing out of the ordinary.

My OOTD today is pedestrian and simple.

I am channelling a matronly vibe...
it is comfortable, cozy and conservative...
well maybe a hint of a rebellious woman wearing leather boots and vest.

I expect there will be critical comments as a result of me putting myself out there...
that happens on the blog these days.
(moderation will weed out the rude and blunt from the constructive and polite)

Grey tights
grey boiled wool skirt
white top with lace at the hem
vintage leather vest
chelsea boots
It is a challenge trying to take a decent selfie...
(in the laundry room with the graphite grey LG washing units behind me)
I am still lacking in this area but you get the general idea.

How about this Topsy Turvy image?

The Diptyque Ambre candle is almost finished...

How is your week going?
Any highlights that you care to share?

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~


  1. I think you look great, not matronly at all. Rude comments are one of the things keeping me from starting my own blog. I'm sorry you have to put up with it!


    1. My husband keeps suggesting that I start a blog. The idea of mean comments has stopped me.

    2. Oh D,
      I would hope to persuade you to start blogging...the overwhelming response is positive and with moderation it is easy to delete any inappropriate have to read then first but you are in control of what you publish so I say write a blog!

    3. Susan,
      I agree with your husband...blogging is a lovely creative hobby.
      I hope you will try it...use the moderation tool and you can erase any mean comments. Hopefully you would not receive any at all...this is a new issue for my blog and I have been blogging since 2009!

  2. I like your OOTD Hostess.
    The way you have been spending your time is very appealing to me. There's such a good feeling about tidying and making room in one's house. I have been working away this weekend and am now on the ferry heading home. I hope to spend a day or two in just such a satisfying way as you.

    1. Hello Pondside,
      How lovely to hear from you!
      Enjoy your well earned days off and have fun in your charming cottage by the sea.

  3. I got my new iPhone for my birthday but I don't have good place to take a selfie either. My daughter bought me some fleecy grey tights for Christmas and I love them. I just packed 150 loaves of bread at the church and I have been cleaning out drawers as well. The high point might have been buying my own Jude's miracle cloth. My glass doors have never been as clean. I'm still reading Louise Penney's latest. I like your leather vest.

    1. Oh great news about your cloth arriving and you can sit back and admire and enjoy your clear views! You are savouring Louise Penny's book...I always say that I will but then I get caught up in the mystery and cannot stop reading.

  4. The trick for a selfie is to hold the camera off to the side, as if someone were standing right beside you (put it where her head would be). Angle the camera slightly toward you and look at it in the mirror, not at your face. It keeps your face from being blocked by the camera.

    I don't understand why anyone would berate you for being "out there"! For one, this is still a very conservative look. Leather doesn't stop being wearable due to age! I have very few negative comments about my appearance on my blog (seriously, I can't even remember the last one - it's literally been years!), and you know I am way more "out there" than you! ;-P

    For someone thinking of starting a blog, moderate your comments! I do get quite a bit of spam comments, as well as some slightly skeevy/creepy ones. You can report the Spam, and delete the others. It's also fun to see that you have a big whack of comments. :)

    Thanks for the lovely pics, L! I can almost smell that freesia from here! Isn't it wonderful to have good weather again?

    1. Sheila you have shared some really helpful tips for me personally and for the readers.
      I wonder if I need a selfie stick then as my arms are not long enough to achieve that height! You do a great job with your photos...

  5. I always love your Outfits of the Day best of all. As far as putting yourself out there---aren't your readers very fortunate that you are willing to do that? I've suggested your blog to several friends and they tell me that they love it.

    No real highlights to my week unfortunately. Most of my time has been taken with tending to my almost 94 year old mother and sitting in doctors' offices with her. Oh--and keeping an eye of the political news which has not been heartening.

    1. Oh my you have brightened my day Susan...thank you.
      I do believe you have a blog post percolating in the background just waiting for the right time to launch it!
      Taking care of your mother at this stage must be occupying most of your time and energy and I would imagine it is quite exhausting.
      Did you see that FB post about Canada building a friendly neighbourly hedge between Canada and the US border? One that was quite lovely, green and would grow slowly?

  6. I'm so sorry you have to put up with negative comments. You are nothing but kind. Please feel encouraged to know that your blog cheers many a reader's day! P.S.- If you have a white sheet or large white towels handy, you could drape it/them over your washer and dryer to make a light background when your outfit is dark. Thanks for posting. -Bridget

    1. I could use a sheet as a backdrop Bridget but I think I am lazy when it comes to selfies...I could also buy a better mirror and position it near the natural light near the windows!

  7. Leslie, I must take issue with you calling yourself matronly. From where I sit your outfit makes you look quite hip. Love the flowers, I'm actually not sure what freesias smell like - I'll have to check them out. Is that moss growing on those bricks? I love it.

    1. Perhaps matronly was a poor choice...if there is a better way to describe dressing an over 60 woman I must use it.
      The freesias fragrance is sweet heavy and almost tropical...oh do go to a flower shop and see if you can find some...they are exquisite.
      That is moss on the bricks!

    2. I wish I had a suggestion, but I must say you are anything but matronly. I think you're very stylish, in a very appropriate way. If that makes any sense! You always look good and "with it"! You are an inspiration to me.

  8. Matronly HA I Say! Not at all, very tres chic and Lovely! Sticks and stones may break our bones but words can never defeat Us!xxx

  9. So sorry to hear you still get the rude comments - I'm guessing it is because you have such a great blog, and they are jealous..
    Your outfit looks really cute, modern and stylish. Definitely not matronly! I love freesias too, and we rarely see them here. Highlight of our hot muggy week has been Australia Day - our national celebration.

    1. Who knows what motivate people to say such things...I don't feel that I discourage alternate opinions but I do not condone or publish comments that contain name calling or rudeness.
      Hope your Australia Day celebrations were really have been getting the hot weather!

  10. I am disappointed that critical has paid your blog a visit, Leslie. Their comments reflect more upon themselves than you. I admire who you are, how you present yourself and how you write. Keep on keeping on!

    SSG xxx

    1. Thank you SSG...I think you and i have been blogging about the same amount of time...Did you start in 2009 as well? I seem to recall reading your blog around the time that I started writing mine.

  11. #factoid... I am a Canadian American.
    (married an American)

    I'm giggling so much about your response to Susan
    about the lovely hedge on the US Canada border,
    I can't think of anything else to say.
    Oh, love the tights !!

  12. Your clothing style is inspiring. The other day you posted jeans, a crisp white shirt and pearls. It made me head to my closet for similar. Thank you.

  13. Negative comments are so common in blogging. Anonymity gives people bravery. And increases rudeness. Ignore them. We adore you!

  14. Love your blog (check it out every day although I don't comment often) - you are such a lovely and kind person! I know it is easier said than done but... try to ignore the negative/rude comments... I have no idea why people do that... thought about few reasons but still... there is no explanation to it but it happens more and more... caused by boredom? feeling unhappy? jealousy? insecurity? nothing else to do? wanting to hurt another person "just because"? Beats me BUT I hope no matter what the reason(s) can be, you will never stop writing... LOVE your blog and your personality - the world needs so many more people like you - THANK YOU for being the way you are!

  15. Your days of home-keeping sound lovely. I can hardly fathom that people would be so rude on a blog. I often wonder if they would be as forthright in person, or if they thrive in anonymity. Cute outfit!

  16. I read blogs for interest and enjoyment, I don't know why the trolls read blogs, sad creatures. I enjoy your blog very much.

  17. Leslie - I love your blog. As for looking matronly NEVER!! I always think of Disney's film Bambi when I hear horrible comments. Thumper says "if you can't say something nice then don't say nothing at all". I think that's a good way to live our lives. Ronnie (England).

  18. So not a matronly outfit, Leslie, and such a gorgeous edgy waistcoat, I love it!
    I've been doing much the same, clearing and organising (so embarrassing the things and the volumes I've found cluttering my small cottage!). Make up purge this weekend, that's going to hurt ...
    I thought reading blogs was a pleasure pastime. If I don't like a blog, I stop visiting it. When I used to buy magazines, if I don't like one, I certainly wouldn't keep buying it.

  19. I love your gentle blog and your supportive community of readers. Your outfit is hardly matronly. I think you consistently manage to combine a classic look with a bit of edge.

  20. Good grief, I don't know what there would be to criticize (and I'm pretty good at finding stuff, alas). You look comfortable and stylish and not necessarily in that order. To quote TayTay, haters gonna hate.

  21. You look great. And isn't it odd people spend time sending rude comments? sheesh….
    Thanks again for another lovely post, and as always you look great. Suz from Vancouver

  22. Hostess, there is not even a hint of the matronly in your outfit. The tights and boots, along with the skirt length are downright perky! I can see why you feel energized!

    I love the moss on your patio stones...when we visited The Island in November I collected some at the side of the road to bring home to Calgary. It is wintering in the garage, but come spring I will be "planting" it in between my patio stones. It will take a lot of watering (rain barrel) here in our semi-arid climate, but if I am successful, I will feel like I am back on my beloved West Coast. We are approaching the time of year now when I always ask my husband why it is again that we live here. Everything is brown...even the evergreen trees.


  23. Rather off topic but I bought talbots jeggings today and thought of you. They are fabulous... Comfortable and perfect to wear with boots. They come i petite too.

  24. You are bringing natural beauty,kindness and peace through your blog-it is soothing and full of positive vibe and attitude,seeking and finding grace in everyday life.
    Reading your blog, one is feeling like a welcomed guest in your cozy home!
    You are hurting no one's feeling- toxic people just could not accept all that
    I love your outfit-it is classic with an edge
    It's about style (and style has a lot of different faces),not about latest runway pieces put together