Sunday, November 20, 2016

There's a thing about the Sea...

I was in grade 5 or 6 when I was asked by my teacher to memorize and recite a poem in front of the class...I think it was Mr. Monterey School.
We called him "Killer Miller" I have no idea why!

The pressure was on as there was a short timeline, but Father had a book of poetry and he helped me choose a few and we whittled it down to this one...
because it "spoke to me."

Sea Fever
by John Masefield,

I must go down to the seas again, to the lonely sea and the sky,
And all I ask is a tall ship and a star to steer her by;
And the wheel’s kick and the wind’s song and the white sail’s shaking,
And a grey mist on the sea’s face, and a grey dawn breaking.
I must go down to the seas again, for the call of the running tide
Is a wild call and a clear call that may not be denied; 
And all I ask is a windy day with the white clouds flying,
And the flung spray and the blown spume, and the sea-gulls crying.
I must go down to the seas again, to the vagrant gypsy life,
To the gull’s way and the whale’s way where the wind’s like a whetted knife;
And all I ask is a merry yarn from a laughing fellow-rover,
And quiet sleep and a sweet dream when the long trick’s over.

How was I to know at that age that the sea would play such a large part in my life?

I spent much of my teen years cruising on the sea and met my husband as a result of boating...
We married young and raised two children and bought a boat as soon as we could...we sailed the Gulf Islands and had many adventures.

The kids are grown up and we now have a smaller boat, 
a 27 foot Sea Ray Sun Dancer that I like to refer to as "the Go Fast"...
her real name is "Waterlust" named so as we have a lust for the sea.

I wonder if the call to the sea was meant to be?
Did my early yearnings lead me to this chapter in my life
or was it destiny?
Do you believe in destiny?

I've always been drawn to the sea.
Especially in times of joy and many times of despair...
weeping salty tears.

I love to walk along the seafront and to go beach combing
hopefully seeking 
searching for shells and beach glass.

Sea shells, white vintage ironstone, mirrors and candles...
a vignette that calms

Candles are such a simple thing 
I would not be happy if I did not have some in the house.

They add such ambiance...
not unlike 
 staring into the beach fire
or the Guy Fawkes bonfire

it stirs something deep within...
dare I say primordial?

Walking along the seafront offers up so many different views...

my mood can be altered in a matter of minutes...
Mother Natures's paintbrush is ever changing...
she can be moody

we are mere observers...

speaking of observing
and watching....

I have been watching The Crown on Netflix...
such a grand production with a stellar cast
I am savouring each and every episode.

Are you watching too?

I have been knitting...
and it just so happens that I have been knitting Crowns...
Yes dear reader, 
crowns for the grand children!

 Ravelry pattern in the royal spirit and free...
fun might be in the household of the children as they play Queen and King.

I received an email from a reader in the UK saying that she cannot leave any blog comments and I have checked all my settings and can find nothing amiss...
if you have had trouble commenting on my blog please send me an email.

I hope that all will be well.

Hope you have a great week...

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~


  1. Beautiful photos! I envy your proximity to the ocean. I haven't watched the Crown yet but I am so excited to!

    1. Perhaps after your Thanksgiving extravaganza you will be able to curl up with leftover turkey sandwiches and watch an episode or two...
      I hope you love it Stephen.

  2. Beautiful post and a wonderful poem. I live in landlocked Central NY and go to the ocean whenever I can. Even as a child, my infrequent trips to the Atlantic left me with a deep sense of connection to the sea. Whenever I am near it, I am calmed by the waves and the light.

    1. I understand your desire to go to the shores...the Hamptons, Nantucket and Maine are places I would love to visit.
      I have lived close to the sea all my life...never more than a few blocks away from it and the salty scent, breezes, gales and fogs are a constant and happy reminder of my proximity to the ocean...the salt spotted windows are perhaps a downside but they are easily washed and freshened up in the springtime.

  3. I often think of that poem when I walk along the seaside, although in truth I only ever remember the first line.....I find any body of water, even a small brook, calming and thought-clearing.

    I am loving The Crown, especially Claire Foy!

    1. Claire is amazing...she really has Elizabeth's looks and her accent is prefect!
      I had forgotten most of the poem save for the first two lines! It has been almost 50 years since grade 6 so I suppose that explains it!

  4. Beautiful photos!
    As I've mentioned before:I love sea very much. My Adriatic Sea is gentle and beautiful ,warm during the summer. It plays an important role in my life-I'm always happy in,on or near the sea
    I could comment only from my mobile phone-impossible on the tablet or laptop-don't know the reason

    1. I wonder if your difficulty commenting is the search engine that is being used?
      I know that Google Chrome works for me but others like Firefox and Internet Explorer have problems idea why though as I am not very tech savvy.

      I am Happy that you can post regularly from your phone.

  5. Lovely post about the sea! I am enjoying The Crown and loving your knitted crown! Lucky grandchildren!

    1. We watched another episode last night of The Crown and I think I am going to watch each episode again when we are finished...just cannot get enough of the sumptuous sets, the clever cast ad the dialogue. Just brilliant!

  6. The sea is a balm to my soul. Now that we have moved away from it I feel it's loss profoundly. I do not have a smart TV but ordered Netflix yesterday to watch this series on my computer!You've recommended it so highly, I just have to see it! Have a great day my friend.

  7. Oh I do hope you will enjoy the show...many people are talking about the series and they are all raving about it...
    I read that you are thinking of a move...perhaps you will find a home situated close to the ocean or on a lake...I remember your stunning ocean views when you lived up island and so I understand how you could miss it...
    Have a great day!

  8. I need to be near enough to an ocean
    in order to tell direction.
    Growing up in British Columbia
    I always knew where I was going because
    I could see ocean or mountains all
    the time, One is east and one is west.
    Eezy Peezy !!

  9. Thank you for sharing poetry and pictures of the sea! I do believe in destiny and I believe in DNA! I was touring the coasts of Scotland and Ireland and the cold seas there "spoke" to me- a descendant of both Celtic and Danish people whose histories intermingled because Vikings sailed into the Irish Sea and beyond. I live in the desert Southwest of the United States and long to return to the coasts that my soul "knows".

    1. You sound like a kindred spirit....
      the desert must be FUN..i have only been 3 or 4 times

  10. I just went to a memorial service for a great man who spent his life living and fishing by the sea. This poem was read by all at the conclusion of the service. It was beautiful.

    1. Sounds like a fitting tribute for someone who loved the sea.

  11. I feel the mountains call to me similar to how the sea calls to you. I didn't see a mountain until I was 19 years old, growing up in the flat midwest of the USA on Lake Erie, and I was entranced by the mountains in Washington State. Never dreamt I'd meet a man 8 years later, marry him 1 year later, and live here for 30 years now.

    I think a person is either a sea person or a mountain person, and what a beautiful combination we have here in the Pacific Northwest!

    1. A wonderful connection....falling in love with the mountains, a man and your move and 30 year marriage...
      The Olympic mountains of Washington state are visible along our shore line here in Victoria...they are covered with a fresh coating os snow and look magnificent!

  12. I also live very close to the sea, and enjoy looking at your photographs because they are so similar to the ones I take! I feel very lucky to be able to walk along the coast every day; it's so calming.

    1. The sea can be calming...unless there is a gale force wind blowing!
      Do you have a blog where you share your photos?

  13. I remember learning that poem in school. John Masefield was the Poet Laureate then and we studied English Literature. My grandpa was in the Merchant Navy and I come from Viking/Shetland stock. I binged on The Crown last week (2 episodes each evening). The actors were very good. I visited Buckingham Palace and saw the Queen's dresses. The series duplicates the State Rooms and the touring wardrobe really well. The little ones will have fun with the knitted crowns. When I was in Shetland in September, there was a knitting display at the Heritage Centre. It was amazing! Your photos are always so lovely. Did you have to memorize lines from The Rime of the Ancient Mariner in high school? I remember learning those as well.

    1. I did not have to memorize the Ancient Mariner in school...and I did not know that John Masefield was the poet laureate. My school days are a bit of a blur now...
      The Crown is such a fabulous production...I am not rushing through it either. It is difficult for me not to binge watch! I wondered how accurate the sets were having not visited the palace so thats reassuring to know that the set designers are striving for perfection...I think this series will be a contender for awards.

  14. Sea Fever was turned into a wonderful art song by the English composer, John Ireland. It's a great favourite of mine

    1. Oh I must try and see if I can find that on the internet and listen to it...friends have a boat and her name is Sea Fever!

  15. OMG there has just been news of ANOTHER earthquake in New Zealand!!!!!!

  16. I didn't know you met your husband while boating! That is wonderful, the way it's been a part of your life for so long.

    1. Yes we met on a yacht club event...his father was commodore at the time and we were active in the junior club BFF's family had a boat and I was invited along on many trips. Without these invites our paths probably would never have I am grateful that I was included and we are fortunate that we share a love of the sea and boats...I think it has helped us stay connected to each other over the years.

  17. I have never seen the sea, the biggest body of water has been Lake Michigan, which doesn't qualify. I've also never been on a boat larger than a canoe, but I do love rivers. I love your poem and the lovely post (and the crowns!)

    1. Karen I am told those lakes are massive...I have never visited The Great Lakes.
      It is interesting too but I do not think I have ever been in a canoe!
      People from our prairies provinces often come to visit Victoria and are gobsmacked by the sea...they actually walk into it and taste it to see if it is salty!

  18. What a beautiful post once again, dear Hostess. Your writing is lovely, you have such a great command of the language. I enjoy your blog so much !

    1. Thank you Patricia....I do enjoy writing and I wrote a lot when I was in high school.
      I have wondered if I ever could write a book or books...
      the blog helps to satisfy my desire to keep writing and I am having fun taking photos...its a rewarding hobby.

  19. Ha, that reminds me, Robert, my landlocked Brit better half, said, "let's go for a walk down to the sea". Now I live nine streets up from the sea at a steep incline. What he meant was, "let's go down to the last street and turn around." What I heard was, "Let's go down to the last street and then make our way along for another kilometre until we get to the park where we can go to the water." He was tired when we hiked back up home. :D

    1. Oh my that's funny how we each "hear something different..."
      The steep hills might be daunting but what great exercise!

  20. I was about the same age when I memorized the same poem, Hostess, and I had never seen the sea. Yet the poem spoke to me. I've only lived near the sea for the past 15 years, but I love its moods and how I respond to walks on the beach. A lovely post.

    1. Oh thats a coincidence Lorrie. The poem must have sparked your imagination...
      and here you are living by the sea you are cruising on your boat!

  21. What a beautiful poem. I love the sea, all our family do, we walk along the beach as often as we can in summer or winter, boats have always been a big part of our life, the sound of the waves, the lapping of water at one's feet, the smell of salty air, it refreshes the soul. And then in the evening, curled up by the fire watching The Crown, isn't it brilliant, we are half way through and don't want it to end! But so happy to read that Season 2 has been commissioned!

    1. I am thrilled to hear that there will be a second season of the Crown...perhaps it will be like Downton Abbey and continue for many seasons.
      Boats and beach combing naturally go hand in hand with living close to the sea...
      I do not enjoy the gale force winds and am a fair weather sailor...I prefer to be snug and safe onshore when the stormy weather boils the seas.

  22. I remember learning that as a child too. I am lucky to live in Wales, UK, on the south-west bit that has sea on three sides, so lots of beaches within easy reach.
    If you are reading this - it has come from the UK! All the best!

    1. I know that Wales has a rugged coastline...and to be surrounded on 3 sides by the sea is wonderful! Lots of opportunity to explore the coastline.
      I loved watching the BBC production showcasing all the coasts with the Scottish gent whose name escapes me just now but he had a thick brogue and long hair...quite a good looking fellow IMO!

  23. I remember that poem too and like you I love the sea and enjoy "accompanying " you on your walks via your blog :) I also think the time you spend on your boat sounds so wonderful too ..although I'm less comfortable on boats! I prefer walking by the sea to being out on it!
    Love the knitted crowns too cute! I imagine your grandchildren will have such fun with them.
    Take care and have a good week.

    1. Boating can be scary if the weather turns...we always listen to the forecast but sometimes unexpected squalls and winds can come up...we have to ride them out as best as we can...walking along the seashore is usually quite safe!
      I am planning to give the crowns to the little ones this will be fun to see how they react!
      Enjoy your week Rosie!

  24. Oh how amazing, I learnt that poem when I was about the same age, and remember reciting it in a small concert. I had forgotten how it went after the first couple of lines, but can see why it appealed on reading it again. It must be lovely to live near the sea, and go out boating as you do. Your photos are a delight, and so is the little crown. What a neat idea!

    1. Sounds like quite a few of us learned that poem so many years ago...Madame La-Bas indicated that John Masefield was a Poet Laureate so perhaps that is why it was so popular.
      The crown was a suggestion from our grand daughter Isla who saw it on Pinterest.
      There are so many cute patterns out there these days...I am really having happy that the frozen shoulder pain has eased and I that I am able to pick up the needles again!

  25. What a lovely post. I read something once that has remained with me. The cure for all of life's ills is salt water --- the sea, tears and sweat.

    1. I like that thought and the imagery that it evokes...

  26. YES!
    THE CROWN is a STELLAR Production.
    I finished episode 8 last night!
    How many MORE TO GO anyone know?I do not want it to end...........
    AND who was CHARLES sister.........did she PASS?WHY can I not remember HER.

    1. Princess Anne is Prince Charles' sister...she was married to Captain Mark Phillips and is still alive.
      The education background is one that I find surprising...tutors could and should have been brought in to educate her if it was too risky to send her off to college. There may have been other reasons that we are not privy to that lead to this lapse...her education seemed to be solely focused on the constitution.
      I think she has been an admirable queen and it must not be an easy as they do in a fishbowl where everything is done so publicly.
      I have heard that they are working on a second season but that will probably take a year before we see any episodes.

  27. Although I live by the sea in Devon, I would not wish to have a boat, I'm not comfortable on the water, much prefer to have my legs firmly planted on terra firma! But I can understand the appeal the sea has for you.
    No, not watching Netflix, haven't signed up for this paying channel.
    Love the Masefield poem, I learned Cargoes also at school and sang this as a solo at a school concert.
    Margaret P
    PS Have not received the Hermes Jour d'Hermes, it's a very unusual fragrance, quite spicy I think more than floral.

    1. Here Netflix is really inexpensive...about the cost of 2 cups of coffee!
      It is much less than the cable package that we have and the shows and documentaries are very different than what we get on our basic guide so for us it is worth the expense.
      Boating is not for everyone and I understand that the waters off Devon can be rough and stormy...we met a couple who were from Devon and told us of their adventures cruising there and the fellow was a captain on a marine rescue vessel!
      I do hope your Hermes parcel arrives soon!

  28. PS I meant to say "have now received the Hermes ..." not have not ... what am I like! Margaret P

    1. I see that you write a blog!
      I want to follow you via email..but could not find a link. Do you plan to offer that option to your readers?

  29. Yes! I have watched all 10 episodes of The Crown--and loved it! Wonderful photography and words today Leslie.

    1. Thank you Susan...I just watched episode 10....sad that it has ended....

  30. For me, the sea is inspirational. Sailing in good weather is restful and scenic. When the weather shifts, as we know it it can, skill becomes important. Sailing in all kinds of weather and in various locations is always enjoyable. Love your photo journalistic post today. Susan

  31. This was the poem read by my late husband's best friend to commemorate my young husband's love of the sea at his funeral. I always find it comforting. It really speaks to the draw the sea has on many. I LOVE the crowns- they really are the sweetest things.