Monday, November 7, 2016

Monday the view from here....

Walking at my usual pace has been difficult recently due to a sore knee...
I don't know what I have done.
I could have twisted it or pulled a muscle,
so I am walking slower and trying not to exacerbate it.

Really must not complain too much as there are so many more serious things to consider out there, other than knee pain...
I'm sure you can think of a thing or two worse.

"Sorbis Hupehensis"
Aren't these wee pink berries adorable?

They are growing on a bush on a street nearby The Humble Bungalow.

Mr. HB made me a fancy cocktail...
a Chambord Cosmopolitan.
Chambord is a raspberry liqueur from the Loire Valley.

We used pure unsweetened cranberry juice and it is delicious!

The cooler weather inspires me to make roasts on Sunday evenings.
A free range organic chicken or a prime rib is a tasty treat at this time of year.
Yorkshire pudding is yummy too!

Root vegetables roasted in a shallow pan with a bit of olive oil brings out their flavours.

All the produce is locally grown.
It's important to support the island farmers.

This is the current view out the kitchen window...
the crew that are dismantling the home beside us have chosen a yellow dumpster which looks quite pretty with the autumnal foliage.

The noise starts around 8am and goes until about 4pm.
We will have two homes on this site once the building gets started.
Two couples eager to get into the housing market have purchased the old home from an estate for just under a million dollars!
(Our real estate market has been brisk but is showing signs of slowing down)

The couples have been by and introduced themselves to us 
and all the neighbours near to the property.

Just down the street 
there are 3 or 4 significant home renovation projects happening...
our little street seems to be quite a popular place for tradesmen these days...

Chester is not amused...
the constant truck traffic is disturbing his naps.
He and Pepper frequently sit on the front window ledges and keep watch.

Have you been watching The Durells in Corfu on PBS?
I am really enjoying the series...
I read most of Gerald Durrells' novels when I was growing up.

Peacock pecking on the ground in Beacon Hill Park this afternoon.
It did not seem to mind that I was slowly creeping closer...

He glanced over in my direction and then got back to the task at hand...
there were oodles of pea hens whose drab colouring helped them blend into the foliage also pecking for tidbits.

It was chilly today so I bundled up in a scarf and my puffer coat.

 Purposely I chose a different route with varied and interesting scenery 
I felt would keep me focused on distance rather than my pace.

I passed quite a few walkers who were also enjoying the park.

Hope your week is off to a great start.

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~


  1. Wow, that Yorkshire pudding looks so yummy with your roast. I'm so impressed, I have never made those! However, am inspired to roast some root vegetables, along with a chicken. How gorgeous to find a peacock on your walk - much better than bush turkeys, which is all I ever see :)

    1. The peacocks are really quite beautiful and not at all skittish...I have heard those wild bush turkeys have quite the reputation for invading gardens and eating everything in sight!

  2. I too am enjoying the Durells in Corfu. I haven't read Gerald's books, but may need to check them out this winter. Hope your knee feels better soon!

    1. The cast of the series and the cinematography is splendid indeed and I find myself transported to another time and place every Sunday evening when I tune into the show!

  3. Oh I meant to watch that! Thank you for the reminder. How nice that the new neighbors have already been round to introduce themselves. I've been loving making hearty autumnal dishes as well.

    1. Hope that you enjoy it with seasonal produce makes for an easy transition to the hearty autumnal dishes. I do buy fruit out of season I like to have it with my yogurt for breakfast.
      Good luck today with the election...we will be watching the results here from Canada.

  4. Roasted root veggies are my favourite. Funny, Maman being of Ulster/Shetland background, never made Yorkshire pudding. We were at Granville Island yesterday and the produce looked lovely. We have a winter market at a cannery in Steveston but I have only been once.
    Take care of your knee.

    1. Thank you Madame...will try to rest it a bit...
      I love a market and Granville Island is a vibrant market not unlike Pike Place in Seattle....we have a smallish new indoor market here called The Hudson.
      I'd like to see the cannery Steveston Market...sounds like a worthwhile expedition.

  5. Are the new houses next to you going to be built in craftsman style?

    Wonderful vegetable photos today!

    1. I think the new homes will be an ultra modern design...
      there are quite a few new homes being designed that use concrete, wood and lots of glass...rather boxy and they are very popular...will have to wait and see!

  6. Take care of that knee. Loving those pink berries, a beautiful colour. I might try that Chambord liqueur at Christmas.

  7. Sorry to hear you've had to put the puffa on, Leslie. I've been wearing mine for two days now, should have been three days but I misjudged the temp. Winter's now here.
    I'm so interested to read that you are now seeing The Durrells over in Canada. Gerald Durrell settled on our big sister island, Jersey, and set up a zoo there which is still thriving after some 60 years. We did enjoy the series, so pared back.

    1. It is a Puffer coat and boot today after a lovely sunny afternoon yesterday...rain and grey skies. Will be brewing up a lot of tea today and perhaps make some soup!

  8. NO time for a BAD it!
    Your dinner looks does your COCKTAIL.
    The remodel across the street is for sale now.ONE point TWO MILLION.
    They did not even fix the broken brick patio and tore out all the landscaping in the back and put a patch of sod on a slope with a sofa and two chaise lounges!!!!!!HYSTERICAL!
    I told my ITALIAN to buy it for my MOTHER so we can have her close with a caregiver.............then sell when the TIME comes.I think it would be MORE profitable in the long run plus the ITALIAN can FIX that slope and the PATIO!!He just laughed at me.............I of course would like THE HOUSE for my CLOSET!TALK ABOUT A WALK IN!!!
    DREAMING..............I do that well!!XX

    1. AHA! The house for a closet...yes to having your mom close by...I am a 5 minute walk to my Mother and it is very handy!
      Real Estate here on our street has gone crazy...I hope things settle down for the young people who want to own and home and raise a family. Not everyone can afford a million plus for a starter home!
      My knee is getting some rest and the knitting needles have been clicking away while I force myself to stay off it!
      Good luck on convincing The Italian!

  9. Another lovely post ! The roast with the Yorkshire pud looks wonderful - my family is British - we emigrated to the US in the early 1960's but my sweet Mother made a dinner just like the one you are picturing every Sunday all throughout her life - we all loved it .....I miss that so much. Your yummy looking dinner has inspired me to try it. Hope your knee feels better quickly - I also suffer from that affliction and it seems to be only getting worse - they do say that exercise is the answer though (if it is arthritis) - I enjoy your blog so much.

    1. If my knee is dodgy after a couple of weeks I will see my the meantime I am knitting a lot!
      Mother used to always cook a Sunday roast when we were growing up...I prefer to enjoy the Yorkshire pudding instead of serving a dessert!
      Our joints do seem to give us grief as we many women I know are now getting knees and hips replaced! I hope to avoid that scenario...good luck with your arthritic knee.

  10. Ah, these bits and pieces that develop aches as we age. As you say, there are worse things. Still hope you mend quickly.

    Those pink berries and your martini are both pretty.

    1. I have heard from many older women friends that this is a slippery slope when it comes to our joints...I do hope to keep active and to avoid surgery.

      Hope you have a fun week Julie!

  11. So sorry to hear about your sore knee. Did you change walking shoes lately?
    Hope that it would be better soon!
    Your walks bring us so many beautiful scenes as well as the life in your home (peacock,pink berries....)

    1. Dottoressa,
      Thats a good observation but
      my shoes are the same comfy supportive shoes that I wear just for my walks.
      Will share a few more nature snapshots soon...

  12. Roasts and roasted vegetables do taste especially delicious during this time of year.

    I hope your knee will feel better soon. Ice for it is a good idea to help reduce inflammation. I have osteoarthritis in both knees, and my knees seem to feel better when I wear shoes with good support. Going barefoot or even in house slippers makes my knees hurt worse by the end of the day.

    I am hooked on The Durrells in Corfu. The era, the characters, the location, and the story lines are so enjoyable that I am never ready for an episode to end, but when it is over I feel like I have been on a nice little vacation.

    1. I am trying to take an anti inflammatory once a day until I get relief...
      The Durrells is such a wonderful series...and I am watching the Crown on Netflix which I am enjoying.

  13. Whoops, I hit publish before I was ready, seems to be a problem with me today. I'm hoping your knee feels better soon, I have the same issues with mine, too. It's no fun. Your meal looks delicious,the cooler weather makes these hearty meals so welcome. Sounds like you have a nice, active, up and coming neighborhood. I've never heard of the PBS program; after Downton Abbey ended I was sad, I think I'll try to tune in to the Durrell's.

    1. Hope you enjoy The Durells in Corfu and The Crown on Netflix is good too...

  14. I'm a new visitor to your blog and love your inspiring observations and stories; uplifting and thought-provoking. On another note, love your Sophie Conran Portmeirion dinnerware. I just received the exact set this month and am loving it! Loving the Durrells in Corfu; it's helping my Downton Abbey withdrawal.

  15. Sorry to hear about your knee bothering you. I have noticed that as I'm getting older, it seems to take longer for things to feel better. Your Sunday meal looks delicious! That was very kind of your new neighbors to come by and introduce themselves.....quite unheard of in my area. Take care, and enjoy your walks.
    Mary Lou

  16. Hope your knee is on the mend.
    I love the peafowl photos. I would love to have some wondering around here.
    I had a little peacock disaster last week. The painters took down my taxidermy peacocks, and placed them on the floor. My Frenchie ate the head off one of them. I'm going to try and fabricate one, and hope no one notices.