Friday, November 4, 2016

Friday Bits and Bobs...

How is your week going?

I drove darling daughter and her husband to the airport earlier this week.
They are off on their 5 week honeymoon to New Zealand and Australia.

Mr. HB and I have an app on our IPhones called Plane Finder.
We watched the route that their plane took for several hours 
before going to sleep.
 In the middle of the night I woke and checked again...
saw their plane over the South Pacific Ocean and went back to sleep.

When I woke up their plane was still a few hours away from the Auckland airport and I kept checking as I went about my morning routine.
Then when their plane safely landed I actually breathed a sigh of relief.

Now we await updates of their adventures.

There have been a few grey days this week and a smattering of rain.
Freighters laden with containers float by the seafront on their way to ports beyond our shores.
My walks have been sporadic...

There is a gentle rhythm when actioning the domestic jobs
here in The Humble Bungalow.
My energy is at its peak in the morning and so I try to accomplish as much as possible before noon.

I recently switched out the summer clothes for the Fall and Winter ones.
This is my core everyday wardrobe...
mostly black and greys with a smattering of blue.
3 pairs of jeans
2 pairs of black pants
 black skirt
 grey skirt
white shirt
cream top
black sweater
3 striped tops
grey top
3 black tops
2 blue tops 
2 pairs yoga pants
2 tees

I have a couple of puffy vests and a variety of walking coats and jackets.

Several dresses hang in the downstairs closet with a couple of dressy separates.

I bought a new pair of grey knit skinny pants.
They fit in well with the colour scheme of my core basics.
The fit and length are good and the weight of the fabric is heavy which I like so they do not cling!

I also bought a new walking coat which I will show you in a future post.

It is almost too quiet here this morning...
 it is almost sunrise while I sit to type this post
all I can hear are the birds singing outside our Humble Bungalow.

I must not complain as the house beside us is being demolished.
There will be a crew working with crow bars, hammers just after 8am
and the noise as they fill the container that they have dumped on the lawn 
is enough to make one leave home for a respite...
which I am planning to do!

Hope you have some quiet moments today where you can sit, relax and contemplate all the good things in life...perhaps count your blessings.

Take care and thank you for stopping by...

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~


  1. I love the wire ware heart rack that begins this post. I collect antique wire ware, but also enjoy newly made pieces that are charming like your heart.

    I know you are happy that the long plane flight is over. I know that feeling. Our son flies to China several times a year. It is also a very long flight!

    Your everyday wardrobe sounds great I need to work on mine. We are not into fall weather yet. While earlier this week it reached the high 80s, I am hoping for temperatures in the 70s this weekend.

    1. I have had the wire heart for many years...I had a few other wire accents but they have been donated but this one still speaks to me!
      It was a relief knowing that their plane landed safely...they are having a wonderful time so far!
      You have some seriously hot days...enjoy your weekend!

  2. Your wardrobe and mine are almost identical. I do need a new pair of grey skinny pants as my old ones are looking "kneed". Where did you get yours? This week has been better weather here than was expected. I have been waking at five and reading. I just finished Belgravia and I started on Black Apple by Joan Crate, a Métis author that I heard at the Writers' Festival. It's about residential schools so it will be a more serious read. I have The Illegal by Lawrence Hill to read for next book club. Our public library provides such excellent access to a varied collection. The apartment next to us is being renovated so there is noise
    and a trail of dust in the hallway. Next week, Maman and I are going to LaConner for our semi-annual trip. We're staying at a B&B called The Heron and we generally just shop a little, dine on excellent seafood, and watch "chick flicks" in the evenings. We are indeed fortunate to lead such a comfortable and safe life,

    1. I love LaConner....such a quaint little spot. I browsed the antique shops when we were there a few years ago. It sounds like a wonderful getaway! I wish my Mother would travel but she prefers to stay home and sleep in her own bed.
      My pants were purchased at Marshalls...they had quite a few when I was there.

  3. My wardrobe is similar with the addition of touches of red. I have just bought a new navy sweater in navy with unusually for me a red flower pattern. Cosy for snuggling into during our recent cold spell. Good old MnS!!

    1. Marks N' Sparks as we used to call it is no longer here in Canada....sad too because they made some great garments and they were always quality pieces.

  4. How exciting! 5 weeks! I can't use plane tracking as it makes me very very nervous!

  5. I HAVE A REMODEL happening right across the street!They have been at it............OPPS I BETTER NOT SAY that might throw you into a STATE!I have to tell you you once mention taking yourself out for lunch and or coffee once in awhile just to be among people.I have done that now a few times and always think of YOU when I do it!I would NEVER have done that before!SO< THANK YOU!
    YOUR CLOSET is THAT is something I CANNOT DO!

    1. Oh dear!
      This demolition is being done by hand as there are hazardous materials involved...asbestos, lead was a 1912 home and two small lot home will be erected in its place.
      I will frequently take myself out to coffee or lunch when I am out and about running errands.
      I am a minimalist living in a small bungalow with little to no storage so for me to have a huge wardrobe just doesn't make sense...I applaud our different styles.

  6. How wonderful for your daughter and her husband. Nothing better than travel and having 5 weeks is ideal. My wardrobe is similar. Slacks, fleece, cashmere, silk, flannel or oxford top for typical every day wear. The other day, we woke up to a very heavy frost. Leaves are falling like snow. The lawn was mowed today and looks lush. No flowers as the season (for us)is over. Noise from construction is jarring. Hope the work next door completes soon.

    1. I am on the hunt for a fleece sweater jacket to wear indoors...the moths had fun munching all my cashmere and I am a wee bit leery of buying more.
      The season is over for us too...leaves still falling and there is the rain and wind.

  7. One sweater? No cardis? You live in Canada? How do get through winter, Leslie?!!

    1. Yes Mary, sadly the moths munched through all my cashmere cardigans...I want to try and find a fleece sweater to chase the chills inside and I do wear puffy vests.

  8. It seems we are always the mother, aren't we? What a wonderful trip! 5 weeks! Thank you for the peek into your core items. My wardrobe has developed similarly, but with some reds/corals as accents. Hope things settle down next door. Enjoy all the updates!
    Mary Lou

    1. I like coral too....have a coral print tunic top in y summer wardrobe...its a very uplifting shade.

  9. Ah construction! Sigh. And then they start roofing. Bang bang bang or else the smell of roof tar. Still, it's good for the neighborhood, and you are being a good sport.

    1. It is good for the neighbourhood and there are several projects going on on our street...lots of trucks, traffic and noise...I am looking forward to seeing the improvements.

  10. I did the same thing when my daughter went on her honeymoon, watched the plane, until it landed safely. I'm sorry about the construction. We've lived in our home almost 5 years and every home around us has been torn down and a new one built - the construction noise has been endless.....but as LPC said, it's been good for the neighborhood and I try to roll with it.

    1. I will try my best to go with the flow...we have been here over 30 years and in that time we have seen many changes.

  11. What a wonderful honeymoon(and a long flight)!
    Your basics wardrobe looks very similar to mine,too,but almost all of my tops are turtlenecks,v-necks and cardigans-I agree with mary...and wonder - who is the one living in Canada now?
    Your mornings with birds singing,would be ideal start of the day for Chief Inspector Jejune from The Birders Misteries :-)
    I hope that the neighbourhood construction wouldn't last long

    1. A very long flight!
      I live in Canada...Victoria, BC.
      Oh a new mystery series....I will make note of this one...thank you!

  12. I'd love to know the brand of your new gray pants. Non cling heavy weight is just what I've been looking for!!

    1. Oh I am not sure if I dare say...the brand is Ivanka Trump!
      They are really comfy and the weight is perfect.

  13. Yes, who makes those pants please-they are so how to find.

    Blessings to all,

    1. As I mentioned to Jennifer....they are Ivanka Trump pants! Which might be a wee bit controversial given the politics in the US right now!