Saturday, June 11, 2016

Early Saturday morning...reflecting on the events of the week.

I awoke very early this morning and could not get back to I got up.

Weekend mornings I usually stay in bed longer and have a slow start to my day.
The coffee creme tasted so delicious that I savoured a second bowl before sitting down and opening up my lap top.

Have you heard of this award winning olive oil from the Marlborough area of New Zealand?
Lusatori is owned by our daughter's fiancee's family.
When they visited we were given a bottle and it is truly amazing!

I made a quick aioli that Dani BP mentioned in a recent comment on my blog.

I have a great easy sauce that my friend Pat gave me last week too, a fake aioli: 1 cup olive oil, 1/2 cup lemon juice, tsp of yogurt and tsp of mayo with fresh herbs thrown in and lots of pepper and a bit of salt, perfect on cold roast chicken and asparagus. Perfect this time of year.

Thank you Dani as it was delicious!

I served it with freshly picked asparagus grown in The Humble Bungalow garden and a store bought roasted chicken and deli salads.

We have been enjoying the Sunshine and Yellow flowers.

Darling daughter wore her citrine and diamond ring when we went out for lunch.
We ate outside in the "secret garden"behind Sally Bun on Fort Street.
They offer healthy food and make fabulous salads.

I am not a huge fan of gnomes but this one was tucked away into the foliage in such a way that it did not scare me!

a bird house in a tree that was inhabited

The canopy of trees makes this spot an intimate place for a quiet respite.

Our hydrangeas are starting to bloom.

The poppies are finished and I am gathering the seed pods to dry until next Spring when I will scatter them about the beds for more plants.

A pale yellow rose whose name remains unknown. 
Something has been munching on the leaves and there appears to be a bit of blackspot on this plant.

Bubble blowing in the garden with our grandson Henry.

Sidewalk Chalk Fun
Henry will be 3 this August.

Isla will be 6 this week...
I marvel at the speed with which time flies.

~ My week was full to the brim ~

several long walks with a friend
some beach time
a wee bit of gardening
the usual domestics
lunches out
time to read my book
play time with our grandson
I played bridge at the club and had fabulous cards
met some new bridge players
celebrated Mother's 89th birthday by taking her out for dinner
and now the weekend is here and we have more fun things planned.

It is time for me to wrap this up and get going with my day.
Hope you have a fantastic fun filled weekend.

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~


  1. It sounds like you had a great week. Happy Birthday to your mother.

    What a wonderful photo of the bubble.

    1. I am very grateful that she is doing so we know it is a slippery slope.

  2. Sounds like a very happy time.

    1. There is a mix of happy and sad...I try to focus on the happy.

  3. A full week with lots of nice variety ! Happy Birthday to your dear Mum - 89 is a fabulous age - Good Health to her !

    1. She is doing great for her age and Hooray The Queen is 90 !!!!

  4. Happy weekend to you, we have a long weekend here for the Queen's birthday.

  5. It really sounds like a great week!
    Your grandson is so cute :-)!
    And your daughters ring is so lovely!
    So good to have first quality olive oil in family as well!
    Have a nice weekend and a Happy Birthday to your Mother!

  6. What a full week! It is so good to have a mother to spend time with! The children grow so quickly! I am almost out of olive oil and I would like to try a new one. Do they sell Lusatori in any of the specialty shops? I would like to make aioli to serve over roast chicken or fish.
    Don't you wonder how you ever managed to work?

    1. Unfortunately they do not sell their olive oil here...
      I am really rethinking my work and leisure life balance....

  7. Hostess so happy you liked the recipe! :)
    Your grandchildren must be so precious, what perfect ages, the things they say, their observations are so interesting. I miss being around young kids.
    Sounds like you had a very fun and very full week, I hope your weekend is equally fun. XO

    1. The grand children are the BEST gifts EVER!
      Think of you often....cheers!

  8. A belated Happy Birthday to your mum, Leslie. It sounds as though you've all had a lovely week spent with various members of your family. Your grandchildren always sound adorable. Your daughters ring is beautiful I correct in thinking her wedding will be quite soon? I've read about vineyards in the Marlborough region of New Zealand, interesting to hear there's olive groves there too. I magine it's a beautiful area to live as well. I'd love to visit someday,
    As always, thanks for sharing the beautiful photographs,
    I hope you've had a happy and relaxing weekend,

    1. Hi Rosie,
      The wedding is an "elopement" on a local and very special Gulf Island and our daughter and future SIL have arranged a lovely ceremony...they have hired a gifted photographer and we are looking forward to seeing the event is their personal and very intimate ceremony and we are so happy for them.

    2. That sounds very romantic ...I hope it's a beautiful day for them. I can imagine how excited you'll be to see them afterwards and look through the photographs.

  9. I will look for this olive oil! Never heard of it nor have I ever tried a New Zealand olive oil! How fabulous to have new food lovers and purveyors in the family!

    1. We had only heard of the Olive Grove set amongst the vineyards when we met our future SIL...we love the wines from the area and now we savour the oil!

  10. I can't believe that Isla is already six? Time sure does fly!
    I just spent the last two weeks with my granddaughter Sadie. I was amazed at how smart she is at only 15 months.
    I was also amazed at how exhausting a toddler is at my age.