Thursday, June 23, 2016

Roses, flowers, books and an OOTD

Jude the Obscure is a stalwart David Austin Rose and is my favourite in
The Humble Bungalow Garden...

You may be bored to tears of seeing snapshots of this rose but I cannot help but share a few more...if you are tired of seeing it you must click away now!

Paired with Lady's Mantle the peachy shade looks gorgeous.

The rose petals are scalloped and the blooms are plump.

The fragrance tends to be on the citrus side and is very heady...
I like them in the main bathroom as the room is small and the rose scent lingers.

The IPhone lens was dirty when I captured this image and it almost looks like a special effect...

Bright Yellow Begonia seen on one of my walks.

Another "special effects" image of one of our David Austin roses.
If you look closely you can see the dewdrops on the petals.

I finished this book and I enjoyed it...a perfect summer read.

I have been sipping homemade lemonade.
It is so easy to make...
In a glass pitcher
 squeeze a couple of fresh lemons ~ approximately 1/2 cup of juice
add a wee bit of sugar  ~ maybe 1/4 cup
and top up with water ~ 2- 3 cups
stir well until the sugar is dissolved.
Add ice to the glass
Pop in a lemon wedge.

I admire Hollyhocks from other peoples gardens...
I have tried several times to grow them in our garden but they do not like our clay soil.

They are such a classic cottage garden favourite.
These were blooming by the edge of the Esplanade at Willows Beach in Oak Bay.
I was tempted to grab some of the seed pods and try planting them in our garden but I did not want to "steal" them!

Love this deep shade and the ruffly pretty.

(please try to ignore the chicken neck!)
I wore a Betty Barclay striped top with my Hermes scarf...
black "Yoga Style" capris pants
with cross trainer runners.
I find my feet are happiest when I wear supportive athletic shoes...
(I just wish they looked a bit more stylish.)

I met a friend H who also writes a blog (Pondside) for a walk and a coffee...
we ambled through the streets in Oak Bay
we found ourselves at The Demitasse where they sell plants 
(as well as food and beverages)
A fabulous small nursery, probably my favourite.
 They sell many unusual varieties of flowers, trees and plants.
We both purchased a variegated non spreading buff coloured Alstromeria

It was so nice to sit and catch up and chat with H.
She is a knitter like myself
 we are thinking that we may start up a small knitting group.

When I got home twin fawns were running up the street and I took a video 
which I posted on my Instagram page 
oh my they are so adorable...
But where was their mom?

I have a busy agenda for the next few days so I will be away from my blog but you can follow me on on the blog sidebar.

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~


  1. Jude the Obscure is Fabulous. Much better than the novel!

  2. I never tire of seeing those gorgeous roses! And your scarf/shirt combo is a winner.

  3. I am never bored by your rose pictures. That rose is absolutely amazing!

  4. How could one ever tire of those beautiful pictures... Keep them coming - I enjoy ever single one ! You are a very stylish lady !

  5. I love that you wear your Hermes scarf so casually. Beautiful roses and I loved your video of the fawns.

  6. What a lovely walk that was - I went back to Demitasse today for a second look at some of the lovely plants.
    Jude the Obscure is so very beautiful. I'd never tire of it either.

  7. Beautiful roses,please keep posting photos!
    And about Althea rosea (yes,I had to google the translation!)- here is common to steal seeds (although much more polite to ask...)
    I like Betty Barclay-didn't know they sell overseas ( do you have Gerry Weber in stores as well?)

  8. I love the roses and wish I could grow them here. My few attempts have been a failure.
    I have to wear athletic shoes because of tendinitis and had to adjust my wardrobe accordingly. I added several pairs jazzy print athletic pants to go with my tees. I may look like I am headed to Zumba class, but at least the sneakers look appropriate. Actually, my 8 year old granddaughter said, "Very cool, Nanny." The ultimate endorsement.

  9. I never tire of photos of your beautiful roses. I live vicariously! I, too, have tried growing hollyhocks. I have fairly good soil, but not enough sun. Enjoy your weekend! Hugs!

  10. Love the pictures of your roses. My husband is a rose gardener....we have over 200 rose bushes in our front yard :)

  11. Your Jude the Obscure is so gorgeous, especially mixed with the Lady's Mantle. Hollyhocks are hit and miss around here. These are good days for walks, either alone or with friends.

  12. Always love Jude the Obscure, a beautiful rose. I have looked for it at our Garden Centre, but so far, unsuccessfully. Perhaps it does not like the tropics.

  13. Peonies are my favorite, and Jude reminds me of them!

  14. Oh my could one ever tire of such beauty! I believe there's a painting there... Lemonade is the favorite summer beverage here. No sugar for me so I substitute a bit of Truvia. Living on the edge the other day, had used pineapple in a recipe and added the drained juice to the lemonade...delicious! Will look for the book...that and a nice glass of lemonade...the perfect summer pastime! Smiles...Susan

  15. Hi Hostess - have you tried Keen shoes? Some of them (not all) have sneaker type soles and arch support, but are a bit more stylish than plain sneakers.

    Your roses are beautiful - how lucky you are to grow such lovely flowers.

    Julie q

  16. I never get tired of any of your flower pictures. They're always so gorgeous. Your climate must be perfect for vegetation and I'm sure you have quite a green thumb! Also, I tried the Burt's Bees lipstick on your recommendation and really like it. I'd been looking for a more natural option so your post was very timely. Thanks!

  17. Never tired of rose photo's. I actually grew Hollyhocks for the first time this year and today I cut the last flower heads off as the are reshooting getting ready for the next display in Spring - Summer. Enjoy your next few busy weeks and I look forward to following you on instagram.XXX

  18. I've got to add that Jude the Obscure to my garden - so gorgeous and I love the shirt/scarf combo.

  19. I never tire of your photographs of roses and other flowers ...always beautiful! Love your scarf and t shirt together.
    Thank you for the book recommendation ...sounds perfect for summer.
    I hope your weeks going well, take care.

  20. I think Jude The Obscure is the most perfect rose I have ever seen! One of these years I have to get around to finding a plant or two. Until then, I'm happy to enjoy any photos you post.