Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The Great Cover Up...

Today I'm sharing some things I have learned...and think are worth sharing...
skincare maintenance is way up on my list of personal priorities.
I want to put my "best face forward."
Mother told me early on when I was in my teens..."make the best of what you've been given."

Establishing a daily routine of cleansing, moisturizing and never going to bed with make up on should go a long way to help your skin look and feel great. 
I learned this lesson in charm school at The Hudson's Bay when I was 13 years old. Our instructor Irene Warren, took it very seriously and passed on her knowledge to a room full of impressionable young women.
(we also learned how to walk, sit properly, and get in and out of a car wearing a mini skirt!)
It felt like we were "ladies-in-training" BFF and I went for several sessions and we did have fun!

Establishing a daily routine of cleansing, moisturizing and never going to bed with make up on should go a long way to help your skin look and feel great.
Gentle weekly exfoliation and the occasional facial mask will help keep your skin look healthy.
(don't forget to eat fresh fruits and vegetables and drink plenty of water...nature's moisturizer)
Keep it simple...
it's my mantra, keep it simple.

If you have been reading my blog for awhile you may remember that I have a skin condition called rosacea...
facial flushing with red patches on the cheeks indicate a flare up.
Many factors can affect the skin and cause a reaction.

I avoid the sun whenever possible by wearing sunglasses and a hat.
Rosacea can affect the eyes and they become quite irritated and bloodshot.

Red wine and spicy foods may also exacerbate the skin..
products with harsh chemicals like alcohol are too strong.
I use gentle products from the Avene line and wear sunscreen everyday.

Let me introduce you to a fabulous mineral make up by La Bella Donna which offers great coverage.
I've been using this daily and it has an SPF of 20, it offers great coverage without looking too powdery.
I use the shade Crema as I am quite comes in a variety of shades so you should find one that suits your colouring.

You don't need a lot of powder as it blends effortlessly and it can be layered on several times if you need extra coverage. You will need to invest in a good quality brush and wash the brush every so often to keep it clean.

I love this pur mineral eye make up.
It goes on smoothly and stays on from morning until I take it off at night.
This shade is Lavender Mourite.

I use an eyelash curler and Maybelline mascara and if I go out in the evening I'll line my eyes with kohl.
Lipstick for daytime is a quick sweep with Revlon's Lip Butter in Pink Truffle 
and for evening Red Velvet.

L'Occitane's Almond Milk is a light emollient body lotion.
Soft scent and super moisturizing after my morning shower.

I love to wear scent and wear a slightly musky fragrance in the winter...
In the spring and summer I wear Voyage d' Hermes.
Speaking of Spring...

"Springtime in Paris"
three little words.
Wishing, Hoping, Dreaming...

Spring feels like it is just around the corner...

Are you loyal to a product?
Care to share or rave about it's performance?
Do you have any skincare tips to share?

I'm off to meet with the travel agent tomorrow...


  1. Hello, I was diagnosed with full-bodied rosacea when I was 40 (just turned 50), although most people are usually shocked when I tell them b/c my skin looks great. I also battle psoriasis and dermatitis. I don't do alcohol and only drink hot beverages/eat soup if I'm extremely chilled and can't get warm. I love Burt's Bees products, Physicians Formula organic makeup, Rosanil, Palmers organic therapeutic olive oil lotion, Paul Mitchell haircare, shower with Neutrogena organic shower gel, and Head and Shoulders shampoo. I do lead a somewhat stressful life living in Silicon valley so I take a lot of mini vacations up to Marin county when I'm not traveling overseas. I grew up in Honolulu and stopped sunbathing at 28. I still go to the beach a lot in long sleeves, a hat, and of course sunscreen. I'm just lucky as well to have good genes. Thank you for writing about all of the wonderful products you use. Can't wait to see you in Paris!

    1. Sounds like you've taken good care of your skin. I am curious if you are going on the tour to Paris? You did not sign your name after you left your comment so I am not sure who you are!

    2. Hello, I sure wish I was going with you! I can't wait to read about your trip. Lee in norcal.

  2. Hostess I've always cleansed and moisturized my face every night I think it's so important. Try to remember to drink plenty of water and I need my sleep.

  3. You dedication to your skin care regime really have lovely skin. I am a dedicated user of Retin A and like to incorporate various antioxidants. My favorite cleanser is by Perricone. And...of course I always, always use a sun screen!

  4. I am using Avène too. Cleansing and hydration are important but so are genetics. The people at church have a hard time believing that Maman is my mother. Celtic skin (although M has really "high colouring" does not tend to line. Did your Bay store have a Teen Fashion Council? One of my friends was on ours and I was ever so envious. Isn't the planning the best part of travel?

    1. There was a fashion council and high school teens from various schools had their pictures on display...I think they worked part time for the Bay nights and weekends.
      Planning seems like a bigger part of travel than I ever imagined!

  5. enjoyed reading what your routine is. I'm always looking for info on rosacea as I've had it for about 12 years. I break out in terrible bumps mostly on my nose when rosacea visits me. I have been taking Oracea daily for about a year, which keeps it in check most of the time, but still had breakouts every 3 weeks or so. About 2 months ago, after some reading, I decided to go natural and do away with prescription cleansers and chemicals like Finacea (which burns like heck) and my skin looks wonderful and large pores are gone. I now use coconut oil and olive oil as my routine. I put coconut oil on my face and neck and take it off with a warm washcloth, usually in the shower. Then I massage extra virgin olive oil (California brand) on my neck and face. I am amazed. The skin I've always wanted is close to being mine. You probably are skeptical, but this really does work.

    1. I have read about the health benefits of coconut and olive oils...I think my sister uses coconut. Janet who writes the blog The Gardener's Cottage uses olive oil.
      I think it is great that you found some gentler more organic skin care products.

  6. I am a big believer in steaming. I steam with green tea bags in a sauce pan and make a little tent with a towel. But never within five days of a big event, as it can rush impurities to the surface and cause a breakout/discoloration. I also make an egg white mask that I LOVE which tightens the skin, minimizes the pores, and really brightens the skin. I do that about once a week. And I lightly moisturize with a lotion I make of beeswax, cocoa butter, and aloe. I started doing this in cosmetology school when we learned about skin. Which was a godsend to me as my skin is an odd combination of a dry T-zone and prone to oil along the jawline. I don't like products with mineral oil or silicone, so I love making my own. Really understanding your skin, as you do, is the first step in establishing a care routine.
    And if your eyes are puffy from a late night, mixing coffee grounds into your moisturizer is a quick way to reduce the puffiness! And I think toner is greatly underused (maybe just for men) because it helps balance the pH of your skin after its been washed, as soap/cleanser is often alkaline.

    1. Oh and I exfoliate with an easy homemade sugar scrub (just sugar and milk) once a week.

    2. Stephen you are a great resource...
      Your readers might enjoy your recipes too...
      I like the idea of that scrub too. Simple and not expensive!

  7. I'm a fan of Vichy products for cleansing, makeup removal, toning and moisturizing. Taking care of one's skin is important. I went to Hudson Bay's charm school as a teenager, along with my sister. Funny, I'd forgotten about it until reading your post.

  8. From Margie in Toronto - I'm definitely saving this post (and all the comments are really helpful as well) as I have just recently developed Rosacea - and at times it gets very painful! I have a prescription cream for flareups but makeup is a problem as I'm also allergic to a number of makeup brands and perfumes.
    I have always followed a cleansing and moisturizing routine and can't sleep if I haven't removed my makeup. I use Maybelline mascara and my favourite lipstick is Chanel's "Gabriele #19 Rouge". I do miss my perfumes.

    1. Lots of people have allergies to scents...have you tried essential oils?
      Lavender or neroli are two that are lovely...they might be worth a try.

  9. I have extremely sensitive skin and after much trial and error, have come to rely on Aveeno products. Their fragrance free moisturizing bar is all I can use on my face and I love it. Skins feels so clean and soft. I find Aveeno fragrance free moisturizing cream perfect for my skin. Takes away any itching and dryness and just makes me feel very comfortable. If for some allergy-related reason I get patches of itchy skin, Aveeno Anti-itch cream works like magic. Aveeno soothing bath treatment is another favourite.

    Thank you for sharing your secrets to living a simple and healthy life. I read every word and have learned so much from your writing and advice. Your blog has become my favourite. I just wish I could have better luck with thrift shopping.

    Your Paris trip sounds very exciting.

    1. Thrift shopping is hit and miss here too...we have several churches that host one day each week and the congregation donate goods and they are usually held in the church basements staffed by volunteers. I am not sure if your town has any of these but they usually have the most amazing bargains!
      We also have Value Village, Salvation Army and the local WIN shops. I think the trick is to go often...keep your eyes open and you will find something great at some point. Good Luck!

  10. I'm lazier than I should be, but the Apriori line is still my favorite.

  11. Hello Hostess, thank you for sharing all your wonderful products and tips, I too always cleanse, tone, moisturize and use an eye cream and never ever go to bed with makeup on no matter how tired I might be, I am a huge fan of Antipodes Skin Care that is made here in New Zealand where I live, I absolutely love it, all their products are absolutely amazing and all made with natural ingredients, they do the most amazing facial oils which I love, its probably the only skincare range that I have used till it's empty and then purchased more, such a pleasure to use. They have a website well worth a look. really look forward to reading your lovely blog Hostess keep it up I'd be lost without you to pop in on Lots Of Love Amanda x

    1. Sounds to me like you have found a great skin care line...and thank you for your kind words!

  12. Well, I'm with you. Sunscreen always cleasne my face, tone, moisturize etc. People aways compliment me on my skin and I'm ahem, past 70. Right now my favorite moisturizer and treatments are Sundy Riley. We get them in the states at Barny's. Expensive yes, but at this age I figure go for it. Not as expensive as some other products. Right now I'm trying the Vivhy Serum. Not sure about it. I also love watching YouTube videos by people like Caroline Hirons. She has very knowlegeable recomendations at various prices. It's alway fun to read about other people's regimes. Thanks for sharing.

  13. I am not familiar with either of these lines and if it is from Barney's I would assume that it will be expensive! I have only been to Barney's once or twice when visiting the US and I was rather taken aback by the luxury, the designer clothing...and the prices!

  14. I too, suffer from rosacea. My skin has never been considered clear, or nice. I can only use Dove soap, or Cetaphil to cleanse. I've spent a fortune trying numerous high end products, I know what works for me; and it's not all high price brands. I actually make my own night creme combination, with the approval from my dermatologist.