Friday, February 6, 2015

Prints Charming...

Prints and patterns do not factor into my core wardrobe in a very big way...
stripes yes,
but prints are rare.

Hermes scarves are where the prints come into play.

Did you know that Hermes recommend that you refrain from wearing their silk scarves in the rain?
These Hermes scarves are just a few from my collection of scarves...
I love scarves for their ability to add colour and flair to the plain and simple garments that I own.

Seeing as how we are talking about charming prints I'd like to show you my most recent purchase...
fasten your seatbelts...they are kind of wild!

I found a pair of what I can only describe as "party pants" with soft orange roses on a black background.
You might be they are rather a departure from my usual restrained and conservative clothes.
They have an elastic band at the waist and at the bottom of the pants they are gathered in, rather like harem pants!
They are made of a very light polyester and will roll easily in the carry on and the big bonus is that they will not crease...I bought them at Target at their closing out sale for $15.00.

I plan to take these to Paris and will wear them as PJ bottoms when I am in the city of light and when I travel south I will have the option of wearing them as pants.

I've planned to get a spa pedicure before I leave and will opt for an orange or coral polish.

 Lands' End coral cashmere cardigan and simple pearls...

A basic black tank top and the cardigan will make great partners.

The colours are such a tonic right now...our weather has been so gloomy and wet.

I took this picture a year or so ago...
Heart shaped puddle.

Summer Humble Bungalow rose...Jacob's Coat.

Chihuly Gardens in Seattle Washington
love the punch of orange!

I've been busy in the kitchen making pots of soups. 
I love having a big pot of something hot and nutritious simmering on the stove.
Dinner is easy when it's a hearty soup and then there are leftovers for lunches 
and you can pop some in the freezer for future use.
They are wonderful to share...
I have taken some to the home of a friend who is going through a tough time.
Soups are comforting...
like a warm hug.

I enjoy the simple act of chopping the vegetables.
The repetition feels very therapeutic....
rather meditative and a perfect rainy day activity.

Rainy walks are much nicer when one has a cheerful umbrella.

I love this shade of green.

Beware! Death Cap mushrooms.

 Patterns on the grey concrete stairs that go down to the beach...

When I get home there will be a soup simmering on the stove

Humble Bungalow greetings to you all from the very wet west coast...

Hope that you have a lovely weekend!


  1. Have you taken a look at new website and how they showcase their new scarves now? I'm finding it a bit confusing and not as straightforward as before.

    1. No I have not visited their website for ages...I didn't want to tempt myself!

  2. As a fellow scarf lover, your collection of Hermes scarves is delightful! I love those pants...they will a perfect combination of style and comfort. It's been a real mix of weather! I will so happy when the grey and wet finally lift. Have a great weekend.

  3. Oh, you wild thing! ;-) I've had similar-shaped pants over the years and my kids always tease me and call them Hammer pants (remember MC Hammer?). . . good plan, though, to have them for lounging in your room and perhaps wearing in the south. Colour is good!

    1. I do remember MC Hammer...
      I will test drive the pants in the small market town where I hope no one will laugh!
      If the Fashion Police ar out I will be in for a citation for sure!

  4. Lovely scarves... Beautiful photos. It has been a soup week here, too... Vegetable, chili, and potato...with servings to spare! Try OPI nail color, Cajun Shrimp. It's a beautiful color that's works with reds, pinks, and oranges! Anything Chihuly brings a smile! Happy weekend! Susan

    1. Cajun Shrimp...I will see if the spa has that shade...thank you!

  5. Your pants are so different from your black/white/grey clothes but they could be fun. Lemon chicken with orzo sounds perfect for grey wet days. It's reassuring to look at all the brights when the weather is so drab.

  6. A delightful post, full of happy orange touches. The pants are cute, and a perfect piece for travel with your lovely cardigan and pearls.

  7. hi...I really like the floral pants. As PJ"s they would be nice. If you wanted to wear them out and about...I wonder if taking the elastic out of the bottom hem...would make them feel less "harem" Carolyn

    1. Carolyn they are fun even though they have that elastic at the bottom...for $15 if they are only used for lounging and pj bottoms that will be fine by me.

  8. It's fun to have some colour and pattern in the wardrobe. Your new pants will be very wearable in the warm summertime. Warming soups are definitely the meals that please during these rainy, rainy days. Stay dry!

  9. Your scarves are fabulous! The pants are cute, and I find sometimes it's those "out of character" pieces that can breathe a little fresh life into our wardrobes.

  10. Beautiful scarves, and I love how you are putting your wardrobe together for your trip! I love your 'party' pants, they are adorable and a perfect fun piece!

  11. Oh the rain! The rain! Oh well, at least it's not I'm fed up with it to the max too, and have just booked us for a week in Mexico. I love your colours, patterns and Hermes scarves. I just showed my granddaughters one of my favourite scarves tricks. I used to make elaborate gown for my barbies from scarves and pins...including my grandmother's never complained. And, as this week's drawing challenge is "gala", I've just resurrected my old barbie gown trick. If only it were that easy to dress up.

    1. I read your blog this morning and saw that Barbie was all dolled up in silk...
      Hermes I assume!

  12. Okay all you west coast people please stop complaining about the rain :) It has just warmed up to -3 here in Toronto after a week of highs around -12. So cold, so much snow, not nice at all. I forced myself to go out to my local library yesterday but other than that I'm into hibernation mode.

    Hostess I love your umbrella, and of course all your colourful Hermes scarves. You've got a great collection. So much colour to enjoy on your blog when there's so much grey and white outside here.

    1. Oh I know we are a bunch of winers aren't we? The skies are so grey and gloomy that it becomes tedious...flower sales go way way up as the rains continue to pour!

  13. Love your title "Prints Charming." Those pants are fab. Yes, to a coral pedicure. You definitly need that to get on a plane for France. As to scarves. I'm in trouble. I saw one on Une femme and suddenly I was on ebay buy tons of scarves. I wear one I'd say every day. Love the look and they keep me so cozy. I don't need that extra layer when I have a gorgeous scarf around my neck. Today I made a vegetable soup. I think it's the season.

    1. I have many scarves too...but they take up such little room and are so I am not going to give you a hard time for buying in bulk!

  14. I wear scarves almost every day and just love your collection. Hermes is not in my budget but I am happy with the ones I have chosen. The party pants are great and I hope you have a perfect occasion to wear them. I find when I'm away from home I dare to wear something different.

    Gorgeous photos as always. Thank you for making your blog so special.

  15. I have many scarves that are not from Hermes...some are vintage and some are new. I found a great one at the local Pharmacy of all places and I showed it on the blog awhile back...grey, cream and black long in a felted wool and it is coming with me to Paris!

  16. For a non print person, you've bravely expanded your horizons. I'm like you in that I don't wear any prints but stripes and occasionally polka dots. I can just picture you wearing these with a pretty pedicure. Bravo!