Monday, February 16, 2015

Books and crannies...

I've finally picked up this book after months of it sitting on my shelf...and I'm hooked.
Kate Atkinson weaves a great tale...

I've got a super busy week ahead of me 
so I am not too sure if I'll have much time to read, let alone sit at my computer.
Today in the wee crannies of space and time I was able to write this quick post...

The sunshine was streaming in through the windows and my goodness they are filthy!
Our Christmas cactus is re blooming...and it feels like Spring has Sprung.
Mr. HB mowed the lawn yesterday and it is only mid February.

The kitchen looks calm but don't be fooled 
I have been hard at it churning out soups and casseroles for my family and friends.

~ Food Is love ~
especially when you take it to those who are preoccupied with bigger and more important life events than cooking.

Mr. HB and I ripped up the disgusting wall to wall carpet in our bedroom and discovered a very distressed and paint splattered fir floor underneath...
I spent an afternoon on my hands and knees scraping the paint off and we bought three really inexpensive rugs from Home Depot until such time as we do the complete renovation...maybe next year?

Chester insists that bunny be upstairs instead of in the grand children's toy box downstairs!
The minute I put bunny back he drags him up so I gave in and have placed bunny on the bed.
Hope you are keeping warm and cozy particularly if you are reading this back east under the blanket of snow.

Speaking of cozy this is my newest scarf which does not have any tags so I don't know where it was made or what the fabric content might feels like felted wool and I wore it out to dinner on Valentine's Eve.

I bought myself a new lipstick.
The shade is pinker than I usually wear.
The cosmetics clerk at the Pharmasave on The Avenue said it would add a splash of colour.
Who doesn't need a little perk up at this time of year?
(under $10)

My hair is in a growing out stage...
I've decided to let it grow a bit longer so it's not looking it's best right now.
I have an appointment in a few weeks.
 My hairdresser is so clever with her scissors 
that I am betting that she can style and shape it so I don't go crazy while it grows.

Oh and my "new glasses" had to be returned as the coating on them was not sealed properly and they were getting so scratched that it looked foggy day inside and out 24/7!
An inconvenience,
 but I won't complain too loudly 
as it is minor compared to what some people are dealing with...
and my heart goes out to them in sympathy.

Maybe this week you could do something nice for someone in need.

I'll try to check back later if I get a chance...
but as I mentioned it's going to be a busy week ahead.



  1. I love your new scarf, Hostess.

    I think Chester has a point about where the bunny should be. It looks perfect where it is on the bed.

    SSG xxx

  2. So cute the way the book follows you around the house, and the bunny must follow Chester. I sense you are an awfully sweet person, Hostess, and I hope you have a wonderful week.

  3. Have read all of Kate Atkinson's books- great (addicting!) reads....your new scarf looks just swell...

  4. That's exactly the pink shade I kept when I pared down my lipstick stash

  5. I just bought a pink lipstick at Shoppers' Drug Mart. I am visiting on Thursdays for seniors' discounts. I was using Chanel but I am trying to develop a budget. It seems that my hair is growing faster since I stopped colouring it. Today is haircut day since I want no-fuss for my trip.
    I try to find time to read and write every day.

  6. From Margie in Toronto (where it is absolutely freezing!) Love the scarf and the lipstick - been sticking to my deep red Chanel lipstick as I can never seem to find the perfect pink - will check out this shade and see if I think it will work for me.

  7. Oh how I is love, and how could you not love "pinkalious"? I hope you find a few snippets of time for yourself. Bonnie

  8. Wee crannies of space and time ... such a perfect description of some of my days. Who knew retirement could be so busy! I love the scarf - it looks much like a lovely wool one I bought in Ireland. Very same texture.

    Chester is right. Bunny belongs on the bed.

    Good advice Hostess, that we all do a good deed. I will make a point of it tomorrow.

  9. You are a stylish lady. I think your gray hair looks great and I've just taken note of the lipstick specifics, I'll check it out at my nearest store. I turned 61 in December and decided to 'embrace the gray'. As my best friend of over 50 years said, "we're not fooling anyone anyway" (with hair color.) Decided to embrace the gray before it becomes pronounced!

  10. Love the new lipstick colour and your hair looks very pretty all curly.

  11. Pretty, pretty! The perfect lipstick...Pinkalicious...and reminded me of the wonderful children's books. Did you read the Pinkalicious books by Victoria Kann to your students? That is something I miss being out of the classroom! Enjoy the pretty scarf... Just lovely with your complexion and hair. Smiles...Susan

  12. Great scarf and lipstick. I've been addicted to mysteries lately as well, reading Tana French at the moment and loving it. Will give Kate Atkinson a try next.

  13. Isn't it crazy how our pets have favourite 'toys' Our Siamese cat Trouble; loves all paper, and shreds it to pieces. Our poodle Beau will take anything you're using, and put down on a table for a second; scissors, eye glasses,tools. Our Black Russian Terrier 'Boris' loves stuffed animals, and our Bedlington Terrier puppy; Downboy is partial to my husband's previously worn socks. He drags them all over the house.