Thursday, May 29, 2014

Yes or No to Hose?

Summertime brings warmer weather, sunshine and an array of wonderful outdoor activities...
garden parties, teas, barbecues, picnics and boating.

I look forward to wearing summer dresses...but do not feel the same about shorts.

A pair of black Capri's are hanging in my closet.
I don't own a single pair of shorts...the closest thing I have to shorts is an off white golf skirt by Liz Claiborne.

You may wonder why...honestly it's my legs.
They work just fine and have carried me for 59 years and I really appreciate them.
Unfortunately they are dotted with scars and are pale and blotchy.
They look much better tanned but I cannot bring myself to use that self tanning lotion so I press on au naturel.

Have you met Olivia?
The wee little piglet created by the children's author and illustrator Ian Falconer.
I am smitten with these books.

Isn't she adorable?
Can you imagine Olivia trying to get her little piggy legs into these tight hose?
I'll bet she was rolling around on the floor grunting and huffing and puffing.

Speaking of panty hose...
they are a veritable minefield if I do say so myself.
They cover up veins and blotchy legs but they also look terribly "Mumsy" if you get them wrong.

I own a pair of black footless tights which I have worn with a few dresses...
 but for summer they are probably too hot.

I have opted for fish~net versions of hose and hope that I am not looking like too much of a tart.
The Fashion Police have not issued any citations but it is early days...
Maybe I am getting it right or maybe just dodging the tickets!

So readers I am curious what you will choose.
Hose or bare legs?
Do you wear shorts?
(I see by your comments that my black capri pants are now out of fashion!)

Hope that you are having a great week and hooray the weekend is almost here!



  1. My legs are fine, but I hate shorts and capris are so aging. I wear loose linen pants in summer or longish loose skirts. There are some v lightweight leggings also 9including capri leggings)

  2. give the self tan a try, it works!!

  3. Bare legs with dresses and capris, and sometimes leggings under a dress - just depending on the temperature. I'm very proud of my snowy white legs!

  4. I HATE hose/nylons. They make my legs itch. Capris I don't love either. I think they can make a person look "stumpy". Do you have an aversion to tanning lotion because of the smell? I found that Jergens doesn't make me smell that much and makes my legs look better. I also don't think shorts look good on someone over the age of ? don't know what that age is but for some reason you should have a smashing legs/figure for shorts. What I DO like is a fit/flare sun dress or a cute aline skirt. And if you have the figure more of a pencil skirt. It's a dilemna for me because in Idaho we get over 100 degrees in the summer and that is too HOT to be wearing pants. Wish I knew the answer. I also think that we ALL (me included) need to look in the mirror before we go out. I was at a graduation just recently and if we did ALL look in the mirror before we went out and looked both at our front side AND back side - we would look better. :) That's all I know. Love your blog! Jennifer

  5. I know how you feel about self tanners. I haven't tried them either as I am sure I would just make a mess of it and part of my leg would still be white. Not a fan of capris. I prefer linen pants in the summer and I love my lululemon still shorts. Nylons only for winter time.

  6. preferably tanned but hard to get tanned here so self tan but to be honest so many people are pale here that you can just blend in!!

  7. Oh, this is something I dither over, too. I hate shorts and own none. Capris have had their day. I like wearing lightweight ankle length pants or skirts/dresses in the summer. I do wear hose in the winter, usually black or colored, but once in awhile I'll wear nude. I think that the rest of the outfit can add or detract to the mumsy look. If the Duchess of Cambridge wears hose, along with many others in Europe, why can't we?
    It's waaay too cold in the winter to go without something on the legs. Also, when our DIL worked in the Legislature a couple of years ago no bare legs were tolerated. Hose or pants.

  8. Have you tried leg makeup. It hides all marks and gives a even finish. I have used Sally Hanson and l'Oreal and find them great .They wash off in the shower.
    I agree that hose is ageing and should be avoided in summer months.
    In cooler days there is a " oiled leg look" tight available which gives a natural look.
    Enjoy the heat from one who lives in a temperate climate.
    Best wishes .

  9. No, no, no to shorts and capris for me. With shorter skirts I swear by Marks and Spencers Summer Bare tights (panty hose). They are light to wear, a good colour and with no reinforced toe you can get away with a peep toe shoe.

  10. Capris for me no to shorts..long skirts are good too and they are in right now...a good self tanner is Self Tanning foam Paua's Choice...excellent stuff...for just the right amount of it you can buy it on-line...I love it....I have had a scare with melanoma so have to stay out of the noon day sun; come out after 4 and evening hours...good luck and enjoy the nice weather this weekend. I love your blogs you are so honest and truthful everyones life is topsy turvey right now; nice to know we are not alone!!

  11. No shorts for me. I love to wear sundresses in the summer. The longer ones present no problems. The knee length ones I will use a self tanner only if it's a wedding or something. I like the Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs.

  12. I wear crops, either linen or denim, most of the summer. No shorts. Hostess, I was wondering if you are on Goodreads. I've taken many of your reading suggestions and loved them so I'd love to friend you there.

  13. I do wear shorts, Bermuda length just above my knee. I have a few capris, but like them less and less. Basically, I prefer ankle length pants or my shorts. And I leave off hose in the summer. I don't tan and don't use self-tanner. My white legs might not be fashionable, but I am perfectly comfortable this way.

  14. Definitely NO TO SHORTS!! They look gorgeous on young things with legs up to their armpits but once the cellulite starts and the veins start looking like your local street directory that's a big no. I wear light cropped pants, long dresses and skirts to below the knee. It doesn't take long for me to tan so once I have a wax and a pedicure that's me set for summer. Here in Australia though it's the first day of winter! What I love about winter is if you don't wax or shave your legs - no one will know!!!! LJD

  15. As I think I have mentioned before---in Dallas, NO ONE wears hose/stockings with skirts or dresses. NO ONE! And this has been for the last almost 10 years. Unfortunately, I have a case of lymphedema and keep it in check with very heavy duty compression stockings. Talk about mumsy looking!!! One of my close friends said early on--"well, you will just have to always wear pants." Guess what--I'm a dress and skirt woman. I wear my skirts and dresses anyway and just choose to forget that I am wearing the mumsy compression stockings. It works for me.

  16. No tanning, yes to shorts, and if people want to goggle at the whiteness and oldness of my legs, their issue say I:).

  17. No to shorts. I just bought a pair of charcoal coloured capris and I don't care…I'm wearing them.
    I like sundresses and skirts and tees. In Europe, I have bought summer weight panty hose and often wear them. My feet blister easily when I do a lot of walking so hosiery save me a lot of pain. I love Olivia.

  18. Love capri's...has to be the right cut. I have used Jergen's for a couple of years, goes on lovely and moisturizes as well. I use just enough to give a bit of colour. Highly recommend!, those days are over and certainly a big no to hose!

  19. What's wrong with hose? I think it all depends on where you might be going!! I'd say yes to hose for formal affairs, like weddings, but of course that also depends on the weather too. I like capris as well, as they hide my leg imperfections and keep me cool. I also like wearing dresses in the summer, especially when it is really hot, as they keep you cooler. BUT, definitely NO to shorts!! Enjoy yourself this weekend, as it is suppose to be sunny and warm :)

  20. The idea of wearing hose in our scorching summers heat boggles the mind...I agree with you it is a problem. I have reverted to either ankle length or mid-calf lengths in my skirts and dresses...I have always thought I looked better in longer lengths and now one can get away with almost any length. I never wear shorts. I love the new 'harem' or soft pants out this year, cool, so comfortable and quite flattering, Adrienne of Rich Life on a Budget did a nice post on them this week.

  21. Capris are my go-to's in the summer but I like shorts also. Depends on the activity. My legs are still good so it's not really an issue with me. Of course, I could be kidding myself! Haven't worn hose in years. Your capris are not out of style. :-)

  22. For those who do wear capris can you name some favourite brands?

  23. Hello Leslie,

    Well, there seems to be some very detailed advice from your other commentators on these issues and we certainly bow to their greater knowledge.

    As for us, only one of us wears trousers, the other owns not one pair, either long, short, Capri or leggings versions. And the one who owns trousers does not wear shorts or short sleeved shirts. We seem to have an aversion to all things short......except ourselves!!

    When the sun comes out......on go the hats....pale and interesting we think to be a good look. Legs covered with long skirts and trousers. Anything to be bared is sheathed in fine tights. We do not blend in with the crowd....we like it better that way!

  24. Keep wearing Capris - they are classic and comfy. Better than shorts which I believe you need great l(young) legs for. Loved seeing your neighbourhood. I found Ella Bache (not sure you have there?) has a non smelling self tanner and a mit to apply it with. I go footless tights in winter with dresses/skirts and self tan until I get real tan (from gardening and being outside so much) in summer. Sometimes a salon spray for special occasions - but just a light natural colour. Never wear flesh colour pantyhose. Tonkath

  25. In my life there are events that call for a skirt or dress. Busines attire. Some of those events call for sheer pantyhose. For myself, I'm 63, and I'm with Diane vonFurstenburg's viewpoint. I saw an interview of her where she (in her 70's) said she is too old to go with bare legs so she wears flesh-colored fishnets. I just love them! There is enough "coverage" to hide flaws, and at the same time not be overly warm. Tanning is not for me...too risky...and I have gone the self-tanning route, but don't really like it. Flesh-colored fishnets are "dressed" for those occasions I have to wear a skirt.
    Lm in Canada

  26. No tanning here, don't care if my legs are pale, or veiny or whatever. Also no hose, especially in the summer. I don't wear shorts, except for golf or tennis, and then a lot of sunblock. For very hot weather I think loose linen dresses, with pale bare legs are best.

  27. No shorts for me, other than a lovely, crisp pair of pinstriped Bermudas for golf. I find cropped pants perfect for summer - always with a pretty shoe. I go bare-legged in a dress and just make sure my legs are exfoliated and moisturised - though I may try the newest self-tanners. In winter it's tights all the way, depending on the occasion, and then it might be stockings.

  28. I read through all the comments before writing this one, and was very surprised to see how many women don't wear shorts in the summer. I love wearing shorts, and once I make the switch, which will probably happen this weekend since it is supposed to get warm, I don't put long pants on again until the fall. My legs are so white at the beginning of the summer I'm sure it's one of the reasons people put on sunglasses when I'm in the vicinity, but I don't use the tanning lotions.

  29. I've just bought the first pair of shorts (other than for running) in ages -- in fact I bought two, an olive pair and a white, in case we go for family hikes in Italy where it will be too warm to wear long pants and my skirt won't make sense. So. I'm going to model self-acceptance for my daughters and granddaughters who will be with us, and just bare these pale old white legs. . . .We'll see how that goes. Personally, I generally find skirts or dresses more comfortable in heat than shorts, but for certain activities, I'll admit they make sense.
    I've tried the self-tanners and that's just not happening anymore. . . . for polish, if I'm wearing a dress out to dinner in the summer, I have worn the nude fish-nets. . . .

  30. Hello, and here is my 2 cents. Haven't worn shorts in decades (knees are not fit for public viewing).......don't care about the glare from white the comfort of capris but not flattering on my short dresses and skirts........must have sleeves for the cursed arm flaps......will try the suggested fishnets in nude, they sound perfect! Love your blog and all the enthusiastic responses. Jen in NY

  31. And I thought I was the only one concerned about showing too much leg these days. So nice to hear there are many of us out there. I keep a pair of baggy, knee length shorts for the home front and it's longer pants and skirts for public wear. However, I took a giant step into the gutter yesterday and bought a skort. It's comfy, and will be great for my long distance walking. But, not the least bit flattering around the knees. So it was comfort versus looks and comfort won.

  32. Hostess, You are missing out on the wonderful freedom of the sun and air on your legs while on your long walks! Try Moving Comforts Fearless Burmuda, it is comfortable and covers well, and is loose in the thigh. I am wearing mine now. I have three pairs. I run my three miles in them every morning in the warmer weather and it is wonderful to put aside my tights and feel free. My legs are not perfect but I think I look respectable in my shorts and I am 67.

  33. Definitely no to hose, yes to capris and knee-length shorts. You have your lovely new figure and can definitely wear long shorts. They really ARE comfortable for hot days. AND don't worry about what other people think of your legs!!! Pale and interesting, as one of your readers said. You'll pick up a little colour as the summer moves on and that's enough. Enjoy yourself!! Be comfortable :)

  34. Oh, and by the way, I live in the frozen tundra of Central New York. In the winter, when I must dress up, I wear hose. I've seen the young things in 10 degree weather trying to look cool with their bare legs (and cool doesn't even come close to how they are feeling.) I remain toasty with my hose, or tights or leggings. Gosh, sometimes it is great to be "of a certain age."

  35. NO shorts!I have not worn shorts since I hit four years maybe longer actually.It all depends on your legs.You know whether or not they are fit for seeing!
    Hose, I do not do short dresses either..........only long dresses or pants.
    Hose with shorts.......NO NO NO.As you stated if you get it wrong it sends a bad message!I would imagine your legs are okay!Put a dress on with sandals and we shall tell you what we think!BE BRAVE. Capri are fine..........with a flat shoe only!!!

  36. Well isn't it hard? I have long shorts that I like and I'll wear skirts most of the time in summer. I only wear shorter shorts at beach or pool.. I think though you should find what is flattering and try the self-tan. I have been telling my mom the same and she refuses and spends the summer in California in hot long pants. Jergens like the others mentioned is good. Also just read about a self-tanner that is from Ireland that Sephora carries that is made for paler skins. I am going to check it out as I'm very fair and I don't like looking fake.. Longer more narrow shorts might be an option! Don't worry about spots and bumps everyone has them. If you dress nice that helps. xo kim

  37. I feel so strongly on the hosiery front; that I haven't even read the comments, so if offend anyone; so be it.
    I abhor panty hose. Thigh high stay ups? If one doesn't mind having their circulation cut off, and a deep groove in their thighs.
    I wear stockings, and yes; the requisite garter belt. I honestly find it much more comfortable, and easier. I hate the "worm tracks" that pantyhose leave in the skin.
    I know what you're thinking, and the risk of too much information; panties (and strong tummy control ones for me) go on last; and come off first.

  38. Now after reading the posts, I say, capri's are fine if they're paired with a high heeled mules; you're long legged, young,skinny, at home, or if you insist; on a beach. I really don't think capri pants are flattering; unless they have a flare or bell at the hem.

    My stubby old legs look dreadful in capri's, so I never wear them. I prefer skits, dresses,jeans, and slacks. I only wear shorts, (hello; I'm 57) around my family, close friends, pool or cottage.

    As for hosiery; I'm attending a wedding tomorrow and wearing hosiery, even though it's going to be sunbathing hot. I just think hosiery is appropriate (showing my conservative upbringing) for ceremonies taking place inside a church.

    1. I'm with you Duchess. I am not comfortable in my shoes without panty hose. Plus, you don't have panty lines showing. That said, I only wear pantyhose when wearing closed toe shoes and knee-length dresses.

  39. I am 61 and still wear shorts just above the knee around friends and family. My legs are not the prettiest in the world and I care about my appearance but I try not to dwell on it too much. Unfortunately, I bruise easily and am constantly bumping into chairs with hard edges so sometimes I have to switch to capri pants. I am short and always envy women with long legs. As for tanning, everyone in Canada exits winter with pale skin so I am not worried about it. A few days working around your garden and sailing on your boat will change that Hostess. And, I can't imagine being on a boat and wearing anything but shorts. I'm sure you can find some flattering shorts that are just right for you. I would never judge a woman in flattering shorts even if they have a few veins and knobby knees. I would admire her for being at hone in her own skin. That said, NO Daisy Dukes on anyone, young or old, skinny or not!