Thursday, May 8, 2014

Rosacea Help, a product I think you should know about....

It was a few weeks ago that I mentioned I was going to have a microdermabrasion treatment at the local Spa.
The treatment went well and my skin was soft and pink and looked dewy and moist.

The esthetician suggested a product that would be great for my rosacea as it is gentle and not as expensive as a microdermabrasion treatment.

It is easy to use and takes only about 5 minutes to work before you gently remove it.

The box description is accurate.
I think it is rather pricey but it IS less expensive than a professional facial or microdermabrasion treatment.
So I bought it...
and the funny thing is I used this same product a few years ago and had completely forgotten about it. 
I used it when my rosacea had a flare up and I needed to get some laser treatments to get rid of the redness that made me look like I had been slapped in the face.

So I share this with you in case you have rosacea too...
it's not really a secret now is it?
I am happy to share it if it will help you deal with your skin and it might make you feel better and more confident.
Rosacea can be an embarrassing condition to deal with as everyone can see our skin so it makes it tough to hide.

I am reading a delightful novel by a French Femme...Cecile David - Weill 
it is well written and I am enjoying it so much that I am going to get my hands on her other books. 
She has a column in La Point called Letters from New York.

Chester loves playing in boxes...actually both Pepper and Chester love them.
I have kept this one on the floor in the kitchen as they are frolicking in it several times a day.

Pepper has been munching the hydrangea can see them if you look closely.


I've been wearing this Peter Nygaard sweater jacket a lot.
It is warm but does not add bulk.
It has a silver fleck and those tweedy aspects that I like so much.
My anniversary pearls and the simple white tank top by Coldwater Creek.
I read that Coldwater Creek is going out of business...I used to love getting their catalogues.
I am wearing cheap g21 jeans in dark wash denim.

I was outside in the garden yesterday dead heading the spent bluebells and pulling weeds.
My hands are a mess now as I didn't put on my gloves.
I wish I could take better care of my hands but for some reason they get very little love and they do so much hard work around here that I really should treat them like gold!

The water was like a mill pond when I went for my walk the other day...
lots of people were out enjoying the warm sunshine.

I've got lots of things on my list to do so I must be off...

Thank you for stopping by and visiting.
 I hope you'll come back again soon.


  1. Hello again Hostess, The other day you were looking for other blogs about France/Paris and I suggested 'The Provence Post'. If you go to that site, there is a list of blogs that Julie Mautner (the author of the blog) follows and there are dozens. Just in case you're interested :)

  2. I will try that product when I get home. You might enjoy Janice McLeod's blog. She is a Canadian girl who married a very handsome French butcher. Right now I am in St. Ives, Cornwall. The sky is blue now after a day of mizzle. So like home!

  3. Thanks for sharing the beautiful photo of the water. How tranquil. Thanks for the Rosacea help. I think that I'll give that product a try. I've got some broken capillaries and would love to have laser treatment on them one day but if I can decrease some of the redness from Rosacea I'd be thrilled.

  4. Such a tranquil picture of water. How relaxing. I love to hear about your cat rascals. I have two elderly cats and only one plays the other sleeps most of the time. It is fun to remember them being spryer. I will add this rosacea cream to my list to try.

  5. I love the sweater and pearls combination. Pretty without being too fussy. Love your cats: they look like a couple of scallywags!

  6. That is such a wonderful pretty with your pearls.

    Miss Twiggley loves to play in boxes too, in fact cats seem to like to play with just about anything but cat toys!

    Thank you for the book recommendation, I am going to try and find this author at my library.

    Have a wonderful Mother's Day.

  7. I have been looking for new book titles and this sounds right up my alley. I'll see if I can get it at the library. I've had a couple of microdermabrasion sessions, and they are pricey. I wonder if I can get that cream in the US?

  8. Thank you for the skin product recommendation. You must live very close to my son and his family. I often recognize places, and it looks like you go on the same walk I do when I am visiting. :-)

  9. You cats are so cute. I think your pearls look amazing with your sweater jacket!

    I went for one dermabrasion session, and that was enough for me. My skin was so red, and it seemed to make my skin worse. My skin is red enough, and I also have rosacea. I'll take a look for this creme.

  10. Thank you for mentioning this rosacea product. I'll look for it. I had a recent flare and am now on antibiotics and metrogel for a month. I had been using Oracea, but that just wasn't strong enough to keep things in check. A neighbor of mine doesn't understand why I don't like my "rosy cheeked" look.... I try to explain that this is a skin condition that I am working on keeping from progressing, but I'm not sure the message takes. Oh well.