Monday, May 12, 2014

The Humble Bungalow Garden....Mother's Day blooms.

Our Humble Bungalow Garden is doing it's best to keep us content and focused on everyday beauty.

This recent planting was a thrifty addition to the deck.
Variegated grass, geraniums and lobelia all relatively inexpensive at the local garden centre.

Hardy geraniums...
I like these reliable plants as they last all season and if you dead head the spent blooms you get a repeat flush of flowers throughout the summer.

These pink geraniums are a surprise because I bought them thinking that they were white!

A fancy variety of primula whose names escapes me at this a vivid shade of cobalt.

A Rothschild variety of azalea....almost ready to open up.
The scent is magnificent!
We purchased it many years ago after visiting Veronica Milner's Garden up island.
She was a master gardener and meeting her was a thrill.
My most vivid memory of our visit was that she was randomly picking weeds as we walked through her gorgeous garden....that and her very English gardening outfit...
a wide brimmed hat worn with a wool skirt, a cashmere twinset and a simple strand of pearls!

Montana reubens a reliable and vigorous clematis.
It has taken over the fence out front and sweetly the scent wafts softly when standing in close proximity.

Fragrant white lilac 
hanging gracefully over the fence from our neighbour's garden.

I love these but find that they are short lived when cut and brought indoors.
I'll post more garden images soon...
I've got to tackle some domestic chores and get a move on.

Loving this euphorbia
 even though it is an invasive plant I am totally won over by the chartreuse tone.
Green still has a hold on my heart...
plants, seedlings hostas anything that grows green seems to get my attention.

Hope that you've planned to have some fun this week...

I'm looking forward to a walkabout and tea at The Abkhazi Gardens this week with a friend.
I will take lots of pictures to share them with you in a future post.

Thanks for stopping by...


  1. Your garden is just lovely! I've never seen an azalea in those hues...simply gorgeous!

  2. What lovely colours you have in your garden! It is so important to experience beauty in our daily lives!

  3. Such lovely colours and scents in your garden. The primula is such a stunning shade. I've never seen one with those tiny ruffled flowers. Beautiful! Have a wonderful week.

  4. Lovely photos of a beautiful garden!

  5. Beautiful! Your photos gave my day a joyful beginning. Hope you had a good mother's day!

  6. I love lilacs, perhaps because they do fade so quickly. Pretty. We are a few weeks behind, weather wise but I'm looking forward to planting this weekend or next.

  7. Thank you for sharing! I recently found your blog through the Vivienne Files, and now I have read all your posts. Your garden and flowers are adorable. Your house and boat are stunningly well kept, I could not do it. You have achieved a tremendous reinvention of yourself, from an unhealthy diet to a very healthy, from being overweight to in great shape, and I admire your natural grey hair and very becoming short wavy haircut (and your mole, dont ever remove it, you've got personality). We are in the same age, with widowed mothers, grown up kids and grand kids, so it is fascinating to get a glimpse of someone elses different way of life in a similar situation. Thank you from Sweden.

  8. I adore your garden posts and photographs. You've given me some great new ideas, too. It's wonderful to be outside again here in New England after our very tough winter. And you're right: it's the everyday beauties that make life wonderful.

  9. What pretty flowers, your garden looks so lovely it is as if it takes special pleasure in supplying you with a beautiful Mother's Day.

  10. Beautiful flowers; as always Hostess!
    I had a few glitches on my blog. Sorry, if I deleted your comment. I was trying to delete and revert to draft, and I totally screwed it up.

  11. I just discovered your blog. Quelle joy, Madame! I look forward to each new installment. They're like a tiny dose of pretty. Thank you'

  12. Such beautiful flowers and inspiration for the week.

  13. So much loveliness it is difficult to choose a favorite. Merci! :)