Monday, May 5, 2014

Bloggers Meet Up...

It's a quiet rainy soaked Sunday and I have been snugly cocooned in The Humble Bungalow indulging in a Louise Penny novel...
Inspector Gamache is experiencing post traumatic stress disorder and he is on leave recuperating from a gunshot wound as is his trusted sidekick Beauvoir...and it might not come as a surprise but there is another murder!

Penny makes it extremely difficult to put her books down...
that's what good authors do!

The cats are snoozing on the bed and there is a hush of quiet in the neighbourhood...
compared with the sound of lawn mowers and weed whackers on Saturday it is quite peaceful.
Very conducive to rest and moments of mindful meditation.

I've polished all the silver ware and used up an entire pot of Twinkle.
Many people cannot stand to own silver because it tarnishes...
I have inherited a lot from my Mother who still has a considerable amount.
 I think she got tired of polishing so much of it that she gave a lot of it to my sister and myself.
My sister does not polish hers...she likes the vintage look of tarnish.
I almost wish I did too because that would save me hours of work at the sink.
Yet there is a satisfaction when I look upon the gleaming results...

The garden is flourishing...
you can see one of our new dwarf apple trees to the right of the chairs.
It has a red tie on the post. 
We purchased two trees and are hoping to keep them pruned so they bear loads of fruit.

The woolly thyme is not looking so healthy between the stones right now.
I wonder if some of the plants have died as they usually bloom with wee purple flowers.
Maybe they are just slow to flower this Spring.

I'm looking forward to meeting up with Dani BP The Mop Philosopher later this afternoon!
She is in town this weekend to meet her new nephew and we are meeting up at The Bengal Room.

I was not too sure what she would look like as I have not seen too many pictures of her on the blog.
She recognized me though and I was able to meet her husband and youngest daughter.
We had a brief chat before they went off for a walk and then Dani and I settled in for a drink.

The Bengal Room is located in The Fairmont Empress Hotel.
I love the decor!
 You feel like you've stepped back in those Edwardian days of exotic travel and adventure.

We sipped our cocktails and chatted...

We have both been blogging over 5 years and read some of the same blogs. 
Conversation flowed easily with so much to talk about and we could have kept on talking...
over an hour later we said our goodbyes.

It was such fun meeting her and putting a face to the voice of Dani BP Mop Philosophy.
I was struck by her radiant beauty and her fabulous personality.

It was an honour to spend time with her and perhaps if the opportunity arises we will do so again in the future.
Thanks Dani for taking the time to meet up with me.
I look forward to reading about your Victoria trip when you get back home.

When I left I walked out through the convention centre.

You can see the puddles if you look closely.
The bright flowers look so pretty in the planters.

The First Nations totems are spectacular in this space.

This morning life is pretty normal...
the bed linens have been changed, the laundry is going through the cycles,
the cats are chasing each other through the house and there is some French homework to do.
It's raining again and there is a Louise Penny book waiting...

I hope that you had a fun weekend and that your week is off to a great start.


  1. I really enjoy the Bengal Room. Do they still have a curry buffet on Sundays? I am walking along the South Coastal Trail in Cornwall. You would love the bluebells, wild violets and primroses. Today we have had a bit of rain but we got most of our walking done before it started.

    1. I think they do the curry buffet every day...perhaps when you get back from your travels we can go for lunch.

  2. If you are interested there is a link to a book club discussion group on Louise Penny's blog under her Facebook icon. People are reading her books every two weeks until the release of her newest in August. Her books are wonderful.
    Your garden looks so welcoming and peaceful.

    1. Thank you I am going to go and check it out...I am excited to hear that she is about to publish another one.

  3. Two of my dearest bloggers! It is fun to see Dani's face, she's gorgeous. I'm smiling:).

    And your garden is lovely. So many pretties here!

    1. Dani is gracious as well as gorgeous...we really hit it off.
      I'm smiling too, I love hearing from you :-))

  4. How lovely that you got to meet up! I can imagine that you had lots to talk about. I'm looking forward to hearing all about Dani's trip, if she cares to share on her blog.

    Your garden is so green!

  5. I love the Bengal Room! What a great spot for a blogger meet-up.
    Your garden's looking lovely -- all gorgeous spring promise. . . .

  6. you are right, we don't really get to see too much of dani do we? she is incredibly beautiful, as are you. so glad you two got to meet in person. i feel so connected to the few bloggers that i've met in person - it really is something special. x

  7. We mentioned your name we are both huge fans of your blog.
    I followed your trip last year with such enthusiasm and thought how fabulous that you were all gathered together on the garden must have made some amazing life long connections.

  8. What a wonderful blogger meetup. And at such a stylish spot (but of course!)

  9. So much fun to meet another blogger. I did it on a trip to London and it was very exciting!

  10. How nice to get the opportunity to met another blogger ~ the photo of your both is very elegant. I enjoy Louise Penny's books immensely, you can always count on them to engage your attention.

    Oh...your garden looks fabulous, so lush and green. Beautiful!

  11. Two of my favorite bloggers together! What fun!

  12. I just read the first Inspector Gamache book per your recommendation; have the second one on order at the library. Loved it! Looking forward to reading more. Your garden looks wonderful, so green. I'm going to check out Dani's blog; nice to be able to meet another blogger.

    1. So happy to hear that you enjoyed the book!
      I hope you enjoy Dani's blog too....

  13. Your garden is looking so pretty! I imagine you'll soon be able to sit outside to read and sip your cuppa.
    What fun to meet another blogger! There isn't a better place for an elegant drink in Victoria, and the two of you fit right in.

  14. You both look so elegant! It is funny how one has so much to discuss with someone you meet for the first time...

  15. Wow, loved this. Meeting another blogger has been like meeting a kindred spirit. We always have so much to chat about and not enough time! Dani and you both look so pretty! Isn't the Empress amazing? I was there a very long time ago and would love to go back. Thanks for sharing!

    1. The Empress is a classic and historic Victoria hotel...we spent our wedding night there almost 40 years ago. I love the Willowstream Spa, the afternoon teas and the Bengal Room...they have a fabulous restaurant too. If you come back to visit please let me know!

  16. Your garden looks wonderful. The Bengal Room looks amazing. I almost expected to see Hercule Poirot in the picture of you and Dani BP in those beautiful chairs.

  17. Such lovely pictures! It is so nice to see the lush vegetation while we wait for things to green up and bloom in Central New York. It is already May and yet our gardens are still stunted with little to see. I remembered a few pictures that I sent to you a few years ago of my window boxes and deck flowers and I went in search of them. After two years of neglecting my house and yard, I was once again excited to bring them back to life!

  18. Hostess it was so wonderful to meet you! I wish we had been able to visit for another hour, it was just lovely and you are so charming. I so enjoyed it and I hope we can meet again when we visit your city!
    Our dinner at the Empress dining room was really an event, that is a gorgeous hotel and the rooms are stunning. My daughter and husband weren't worried that I was a bit late meeting them (but my daughter was anxious to surprise me with her new dress she found while the two of them were out walking).
    All in all a perfect evening and thanks so much for taking the time to meet with me and to have such a good conversation. Looking forward to next time, xox.

    1. Dani I enjoyed our get together so much...Thank you!
      I popped over and read your blog post earlier this afternoon...
      Oh and next time our husbands can join us and sip a single malt scotch!

  19. Your garden is very lush, and that little apple tree will be a good addition. Imagine how pretty it will be once it is filled with brought red apples! (Or green?)

    Did you know there is a Louise Penny re-read going on right now? Here's the link:

  20. What stunners! I am going to be meeting our Miss Dani, this summer, I cannot wait.
    Your garden is so beautiful, I would love to own two of those chairs.

    1. I heard that you were going to meet Dani this summer when they are over in the UK.
      Such exciting news Tabitha!

  21. I'm a regular reader of your blog. Love your pictures and commentary. The totems are stunning. I usually read your blog from Philadelphia, but I'm currently on vacation in the Caribbean. The rainy season here is late, and everything is dry. We could use some of the rain from your area. The folks are hopeful because the poui trees are in full bloom. There's a saying here "When the poui trees bloom, it's the end of the dry season." The sea water is divine.

    1. Sounds like you are in paradise....the colour of the Caribbean is so beautiful and the water is so much warmer than ours here in the PNW!

  22. Such cozy ways to while away a rainy day. I just happen to be in the midst of reading Louise Penny's "The Beautiful Mystery. I love how I can get immersed in her novels. Violet.

  23. Violet...Gamache has such charm it's n wonder that we get immersed in the plot.
    Penny seems to know exactly what her readers want in a novel...I hear she has a new one due out in August!

  24. How perfect to see you and Dani in that elegant setting!

    And I'm seriously crushing on your dining room.

  25. It's so nice to read this post, and hear about your meet up. You both look beautiful.
    Your garden is so lush. I hope your apple trees bear loads of fruit. I just got some myself, as our regular apple trees, haven't really produced much.