Sunday, May 25, 2014

Tip toeing back...OOTD

Life events have contributed to unhinge my mood somewhat...
and they have influenced my confidence with regard to writing The Humble Bungalow Blog.

We have had our share of general strife in the past... both financially and in the health department.
Like most families cancer has struck several it is not as if I don't know what it is like to experience stress.
I just don't usually write about it here on the blog.

Day to day things don't get me too ruffled up unless I am sick or tired.
But these past few weeks have been different.
Mother's health has been a concern, she has some medical issues that have cropped up and she has been depressed.

Our grandson has been hospitalized for a post pneumonia respiratory issue and he has been on oxygen.
Our son and wife were at his bedside during his stay.

We were worried, naturally, of course, and I felt so very helpless.
Yet to pace the floor all the time felt odd so I got busy in the kitchen and prepared some food for them. It was the easiest thing that I could do...and it helped me to keep my negative thoughts in check.

Thankfully our grandson is home now and things are settling down...along with my blood pressure.
I really like it when things are calm and I'd take boring and mundane if given the choice.

I took a few days "off" and went up island to visit a girlfriend.
Girlfriends are such a gift...they understand and do not judge.
My friend  L has retired with her husband to a small island that we usually visit when we are on the boat.
More about our visit later in this post...

On the long weekend in May we cruised over to Pender Island and moored at Port Browning Marina.
I took this photo from the back deck of our boat looking west so you cannot see our Sea Ray.
We had three idyllic days in the sunshine and slept comfortably in our bunk.
I came home feeling quite rested...I gained 3 pounds!

The cats came with us...they got their sea legs (paws) right away!

This wind sculpture is at Zanatta Vineyard in the Glenora area of Duncan.

The tasting room and restaurant are located in this farm style house.

The charming covered patio was a perfect place to dine as the weather was warm and sunny.

A "selfie" of my OOTD
taken in the washroom 
I wore a Lands' End scarf (new this season)
white tank top, black Pure Knit sweater and dark wash skinny G21 jeans with my black ballet Mee Too flats.

My friend ordered the roasted beet salad which looked amazing.

I decided on the crab and shrimp cakes which were done to perfection.
We sipped wine, of course...I opted for a glass of Zanatta Ortega.

I have enjoyed their Damasco which is a light summer wine and their Pinot Noir is delicious.
I purchased two bottles of Ortega to take home.

Over the next few days we had nothing but fun.
(exactly what I needed)
We went for walks, watched a movie on Netflix, did some shopping at a consignment shop, had massages, 
drank tea, planted a shade garden on her acreage, cooked together in her ultra modern kitchen, 
researched Paris flights, looked at the map of France, 
 we chatted...
it was a calm and easy time just to be.
(just what I needed)

The wee trip was over after a couple of days and there was a ferry to catch.

Mr. HB said that the cats were "out of sorts" without me...
I got such an enthusiastic greeting from them when I arrived home you'd have thought I had been gone for weeks!

 My friend will be coming here to visit in our Humble Bungalow...
I am already planning our itinerary.

Thank you for stopping by and visiting...
my Humble Bungalow Blog.

I try to be honest and upbeat
 but life is not always a cake walk 
so you might find yourself reading some posts that might surprise you...
you get real life here at The Humble Bungalow.

I have been thrift shopping so fasten your seat belts as a post is in the works...
and thank you all from the bottom of my heart for all your comments.
They have made me so happy...
I think it feels good to be back!



  1. Thank you so much for continuing with the HB blog posts. I turn in every day to see whether you have something new to say even before an email has arrived in my inbox saying that you have posted something new. I am sorry to hear of family illnesses and I hope that both young and old are on the mend. Always love to see your OOTD. The colors in the scarf look good on you. Take care.

  2. Hang in there, Hostess and family.

    Thinking of you all.

    SSG xxx

  3. You and I seem to be having mirror weeks. It's good that you could get away with your friend to re-charge and do some of that very important self-care. Life isn't always that bowl of cherries, but you always put a good face on it. I'm sure readers won't be shocked that you too have your challenges - you just take them in stride - work with what you have, change what you can and live with what you can't. I like your outlook!

  4. I love your blog because it's real. Our journeys are all full of bumps, but we soldier on. Thank you!

  5. 2013 was a horrible year, strokes, death, strife in the workplace and surgery for my future son-in-law! 2014 brought a wonderful wedding and happier days. God saw me through all of it! And I am still standing and breathing! I did the best I could with my circumstances as you have done with yours! Were all looking for ward to your trip to Paris, keep writing from your corner of the world!

  6. Life is never without its challenges and a small child's illness is very worrisome. It's good to hear that he is doing better. This week-end I spent a day with my friend Janet who was with me in Europe for 3 weeks. It seems like an eternity since I put her in a taxi for Charles DeGaulle.
    We had so much fun walking, having seafood salad with pinot grigio and making plans for future trips. She loves Paris almost as much as I do. I'm happy that you feel less stressed. It seems that there are some things over which we have no control so we have no choice but acceptance. If you get a chance, watch My Afternoons with Margueritte on Netflix. You will be practising your French and you will be uplifted by the story. Your scarf illuminates your face. Hope that the coming week brings you fewer tribulations.

  7. Hang in there and be sure to take extra special care of yourself. xoJennifer

  8. And that is the power of a break. So glad you got the chance and had a great time to boot. I am glad that your grandson is back home - that really must have been so worrying. Health issues are such that I agree that I would take mundane and boring any day too. Hoping that everything sorts itself out and all will be well.

  9. Sounds like a wonderful few days with your friend has helped plus the good news re the grandson. Always a worry when family is not well.


  10. Yes, boring/mundane is a luxury really. Glad the little one is home and on the mend, they are so precious and it must have been so worrying. We had our two little ones for a sleepover this past weekend. So much fun and totally exhausting in a lovely way. Your break sounded lovely and just what the doctor ordered. Lovely to have you back. Take care. Tonkath

  11. hope things look up soon, take care x

  12. Glad you are back and your grandson is on the mend. What a worry! It's the little niceties that give us strength for the storms so I'm glad you had some respite.

  13. Until I read this I wasn't for sure why I missed you . . . I know now . . .
    Real, Honest, Authentic with many touches of spark and empathy too,
    Giving pause for self when days aren't filled with "the best" and spending time with a dear friend is the best medicine indeed . . . happy you had this time . . .
    Wonderful photos . . .

  14. Our dear girlfriends offer a respite and time to regroup from the realities of life. I am so glad that through your time away you regained a bit of peace of heart and mind. When our little ones...and yes, our parents, too, are not well, we struggle with knowing how to help. Happy that your little guy is on the mend. Good wishes to your mother and to you for a pleasant week. Susan

  15. "You get real life here . . ." I like that Hostess. while none of us wants to be a downer, it's false to pretend everything's perfect either. I'm so grateful your grandson is ok. will be praying for your dear mother. Your trip away sounded fabulous! And what a beautiful area you live in. My cat would freak out on a boat! blessings to you, Deborah

  16. I admire your spirit as I tend to hole up at home when I'm worried, stressed or upset. You have such a wonderful and authentic voice, which is why I enjoy your blog so much. I'm so glad your grandson is at home and on the mend.

  17. You don't always have to be upbeat, L! It was lovely to run into you yesterday at WIN - I hope your thrifting expedition lifted your spirits a bit.

  18. So glad to hear your grandson is doing well. My darling GS is 15 months and the light of our lives! Aging parents is also very, very difficult. Your readers love and appreciate the time you take to tell us your story, so take a rest whenever you need to!

  19. It is good to hear your grandson is recuperating; and you have had a chance to recharge. Friends are salve to the weary soul. How fortunate to have good friends. I always enjoy reading about you boat ventures. Have a wonderful week!

  20. Please don't give up your blog, Hostess. Judging from previous comments, I'm not the only one who enjoys reading what you have to say. What you write is very 'real' and honest and it's just a treat to be a part of your lovely life. There are always bumps, that's what makes us all human. :)

  21. Aw, so glad your grandson is home again. That must have been terrible to wait out. And very glad to have you back here. You give a lot to everyone.

  22. I'm sorry things have been so difficult. I appreciate it when people feel they can be honest on their blog, rather than always trying to portray life as being nothing but sunshine and warm days. I'm glad your grandson is finally on the mend. Those must have been some very long days for all of you while he was in the hospital. And having elderly parents with failing health is always such a worry, especially when there really isn't anything we can do to make things better. Hugs to you...

  23. Dear Hostess, I am so glad to see you back blogging. I seldom comment but felt I had to tell you that your posts are a bright spot in my days. And they don't always have to be upbeat. We all have our ups and downs and I am glad that your grandson is home and you can relax a bit about him. Your break up island sounds wonderful - I am from the west coast and your blog provides me with glimpses of a much beloved part of the world. I also very much appreciate the food posts and your book recommendations. You give so much to your readers!

  24. I'm happy to hear your GS is out of the woods. I feel your worry, and dread, when it comes to facing the reality of a mother living on borrowed time. I always begged my mum to hang on, until she was at least a 100; to get a letter from The Queen. It's now doubtful, that she will even reach 93 in July.
    Take Care.

  25. Missed you! I'm so happy for you that your grandson is better and that you've been having some fun. I am a bit jealous of the time you had with your girlfriend. I've always been close to my mother, now gone, and my sisters, now scattered afar. So my virtual friends are very important to me these days. I can share in the feminine adventures and enjoy them at a distance.

  26. Life does throw curve balls from time to time. I'm glad you were able to get away with a friend and enjoy some down time. And I'm more than glad that your wee grandson's health is improved. You are so right that we feel helpless during those times. Making meals is a great way to help out the family and stay busy at the same time.
    Blogs reflect real life and goodness knows, real life isn't perfect. So glad to see you're back.

  27. I love your blog. Just be yourself as always. Life isn't always puppies and rainbows. :)

  28. How lovely to get a break from the woes of others. You deserved it.

  29. Such a lovely retreat you had. Love the scarf, it looks very pretty on you. Sending good thoughts of healing for your family.

  30. I am looking forward to those catch-up posts! Yes, being able to have a visit with a good friend is beyond therapeutic; lovely to hear about your trip. Cats can be so funny, can't they? It proves how much they love you. And hope your grandson is much, much better. Cheers, Violet.

  31. PS, and your mother too. Violet.

  32. I can totally identify with your concerns as a fellow member of the sandwich generation. There are both joys and concerns in life with adult children, grandchildren, aging parents, and one's own not-so-young body that acts up from time to time. I'm glad you've found some ways to relieve the stress.

  33. What a lovely break, it is so good to get away for a while it gives one a completely different perspective. I think it is amazing how well your cats adjust to life a board ship...makes me wonder what Miss Twiggley would do. Love your scarf, so pretty.

  34. Hello Leslie,

    We can empathise so very well with you about the way in which health concerns can turn one's life upside down. Suddenly, things that one took for granted one looks at in a completely different light. But it is all so very time consuming and energy sapping so you were right to take a break away from it all. In that way one regains a strength to carry on and be cheerful.

    Your trip away looks to have been so wonderfully relaxing. The scenery alone could restore one's soul, but the food looks to have been and, we are sure tasted, totally delicious. We too would have opted for the fish cakes.....rarely on the menu here in Budapest.

    Thank you so much for your comment on our post to which we have made reply. We too are followers!

  35. It is amazing to me how one life event can turn our peaceful world upside down. My life seems to be paralleling yours at this time. It is vital to take some time to recharge. I went to Boston this weekend to see my sons and granddaughter. I put my phone on silent, left my brother in charge of our very ill mother and cleared my mind. It did the world of good. I hope your time away recharged you. It certainly looks like a lovely and peaceful place to get things back in order.

  36. Hostess, glad you are keeping it real. We like hearing about all of it. Hope your grandson and mum are feeling better.

    Surprised that your cats don't mind going sailing.

    Julie Q

  37. Dear Hostess, I remember how very frightened I was when my granddaughter had pneumonia a few years ago. So glad to hear your little one is on the mend and that you were able to get away for some much needed rest. It is so important to take time to restore one's reserves so that we can be there when our family needs us. Best wishes to all for continued health.

  38. hope you are feeling better L. i know that when one of our loved ones is sick nothing else really matters does it? take care. x