Thursday, April 4, 2024

Forced relaxation....Simplified Easter Weekend

Sunny bold yellow chrysanthemums...
cheap and cheerful.

Just what I needed to perk up my spirits.

My ankle injury is slowly on the mend...the swelling has gone down.
Bruises remain and I am now able to move it in a more "normal" way.

I've taken smaller slower beach walks.
My Inner Hippie Vibe was activated when I spied a bamboo cane on the beach...

The bottom of the cane was split so I used duct tape to reinforce it.

I purchased a roll of sisal at the Hardware store.
This DIY project was easy and fun.

My walking Aid is ready for the beach walks.

It really helped my stability as the sand and rocks along the seafront are unpredictable.

I used it for every walk and have it in my car for local beach walks.

We are home now...
came home early as I have a medical appointment for a bone density test.
I have been on the wait list for almost a year!
Our medical system is overloaded...fewer family doctors. 
Many people are waiting to be assigned a doctor.
A nursing shortage, an aging population, long waits for treatments and surgeries.
It is a national crisis.

My Eddie Bauer sun hat must be over 30 years old...
you can see my walking pole.
We collect feathers...not sure why?
 But it is definitely a thing.
Our cottage partners participate too.

I got my husband more involved in meals this week...
we had quite a few BBQ dinners.

Easter Sunday dinner was this big fat burger!!
Boy was it tasty...I had made quick pickled red onions.
 I mixed up some beef patties using ground beef, egg, salt, pepper and Panko crumbs.
We added some cheese, lettuce, tomato slices and condiments.
Dinner was quick and easy.
Just the two of us.
It is OK to keep it simple.
We like to keep things relaxed at the cottage.

Thanks honey :-))

My husband likes to take sunset pictures at the cottage and post them on his Instagram Page.

We had some lovely sunny warmer 
weather at the cottage.
What a gift to be able to sit outdoors.
It felt like a luxury.

I am knitting a shawl...
"Easy Goes It" 

Using Rowan's Felted Tweed in Pink Bliss.
The pattern is not difficult but it changes a lot.
I keep track by using a book and make note of where I am in the pattern!

My lipstick matches the colour of the yarn!!!

I was able to keep my mind off of my ankle by knitting and gazing out across the Salish Sea watching the ferries and boats as they floated past the cottage.

We went to the Market...
the new soap company Island Soul Soaps had a variety of interesting soap.

It was a tough choice to choose!
Perhaps I will need to sample many more to discover my favourite!
They have interesting combinations and I love the names that the owner has chosen.

Last night, Wednesday, I snapped this image.
Hubby was taking his photos and copycat me decided I can do that too!!

I didn't notice the birds until after I looked at the photo.

Lots going on this coming week...
things often get super busy and before I know it my daytimer is FULL.

Hope you all had a lovely week.
Do you celebrate Easter?

Did you have a big Easter dinner?

What did you serve?

Thank you to those who have sent me emails 
or commented on my Instagram 
sending positive and encouraging words that help during my time of healing.

I will be back in action very soon.

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~


La Contessa said...

Love the recycled cane!
Glad to hear you are on the mend!
We had burgers with PANKO tonight!Easter was lamb and roasted potatoes done in the pizza oven!A first snd very delicious!I made a vegetable lasagna to start!
A blueberry pie to finish!
The bone test is easy!

Lorrie said...

A lovely post, Leslie. I'm on IG less and less and enjoy these longer blog posts. I'm glad to read that your ankle is healing. The bamboo walking stick is such a great idea and you've made it very chic.
Your Easter dinner burger looked delicious! There were 14 of us here and I cooked a turkey, a hashbrown casserole, asparagus, carrots, broccoli salad, cucumber salad, and an unbaked cheesecake for dessert. Most of the prep was done ahead so I could enjoy watching the grandchildren hunt for eggs in the garden.
Hope your bone density test goes well. I had one in November and have osteoporosis, so I'm upping Vitamin D and drinking more milk as my doctor advised. Also some resistance training. I want to remain active for a long time. We have to take care of ourselves.

Ann said...

Glad you are on the mend! Your shawl looks like it will be lovely. Just had a DEXA scan last week and got the results - no big progression, so another one in two years. Off of the Fosomax now. Yes, we had a great Easter. Went to services with a brass quintet and then an egg hunt in the church yard afterwards. Later in the day we went to a neighbor for Easter dinner. The hosts made ham and twice baked potatoes...everyone else brought something. I brought a veggie/cheese charcuterie that looked like an Easter bunny. A great day. Now, here on the East Coast of the USA the news is the earthquake in NJ. We felt it here in PA !!!

Jeannine said...

So resourceful with that walking stick - well done! We had ham, Delmonico potatoes, roasted brussels sprouts/sweet potato/onion, and dinner rolls for Easter dinner. Thanks for continuing to post on your blog. I'm always happy to see a new post from you! said...

We don't celebrate Easter or any religious day. But it has been a tradition since my kids were young and we did do the Easter bunny thing, to make what I call Southern Fried Tofu, potato salad and a few other sides. Basically the tofu is breaded then fried and served with a tartar sauce. not something you'd eat everyday!! Next week we're off to the Santa Cruz area and the weather should be great.

Anne said...

I enjoy your blog posts very much, such beautiful scenery where you live. I live near the border of NSW and Queensland Australia and the weather is sub tropical so no real spring or autumn and none of the beautiful flowers you grow. I'm retired and knit a lot and I use an app called My Row Counter, I download all my patterns to the app and it has a counter so you always know what row you are on. I highly recommend it, I have it on my tablet and phone and it syncs between the two, Anne

Deanna_Combs1 said...

I love your reclaimed bamboo cane and how you made it your own with the sisal wrap. I use hiking poles for any long walks I take. Learned that the hard way at Glacier National Park back in 2017. They really help with stability, and ability for longer walks. Takes some pressure off the old joints too. For Easter we had ham, asparagus, party potatoes, salad and rolls. Glad you were able to get a bone density scan. Important for us at our age.

Kathryn P said...

All the best for recovery with your ankle. Your crafted, bespoke walking stick is a good idea. Very Gandalf :-). This is the second year we have not had an Easter egg hunt. I miss my boys excitement. We had a purchased beef cheeks casserole (perfect) with broccoli and carrots and peas. I am not a very good cook and couldn't have made such a good casserole myself. It was a pleasure to have a night off cooking, pretty much. A relaxed Easter. Your photograph is wonderful - such a peacefull spot you have to stay at. I am always envious of your secondhand finds and haven't found anything lucky for some time. Pleased to report that yesterday I chanced a pop-in at our local secondhand store between running errands and was excited to find three pairs of my favorite brand jeans in my size. I couldn't afford them full price these days at $170. But for $10 a pair, I brought all three. Couldn't believe my luck. I also brought a pink wool scarf I am not sure about. But it's a cheap experiment. Look forward to your next post. Best wishes.

hostess of the humble bungalow said...

Contessa ~ Oh dinner sounds wonderful at your CASA!
I had been diagnosed with Osteopenia several decades ago so thought it wise to get a re-evaluation...results should be in about a week. Hope that you are getting more clarity from your medical team on your recent tests.

Lorrie ~ Your Easter dinner menu sounds delicious! Sharing it with family especially the younger ones is grand...and the egg hunt. My doctor put me on 2500 mcg dose of vitamin D about a year ago when he ordered the bone density test. There must be a LOT of people getting this particular test for it to take so long to get an appointment! Hope you have a fun weekend...looks like it will be gardening weather.

Ann ~ I heard about the earthquake back east...not usual from what I understand...must have been a bit of a shock for you all. I love twice baked potatoes...well I actually LOVE all potatoes :-))
Easter sounded like it was a full day for you and good to hear that you are not needing the Fosomax anymore. You must be doing something different...weight training perhaps? My friend who does Yoga everyday got stronger joints and her scan showed improvement.

Jeannine ~ Thank you for those kind have been a faithful reader for a long time and I really appreciate your support :-)) Delmonico potatoes? I had to google them...YUM! The walking stick is rather quirky...I don't imagine I will se another like it...and it does the job.
Hope you have a lovely weekend.

hostess of the humble bungalow said...

Tahoe Girl ~ Hope you have a fun trip to Santa Cruz...fried tofu with tartar sauce makes me feel quite Peckish :-)) I love that sauce...have been known to put in on a baked potato when we were out of sour cream!!!

Anne ~ I have never heard of that row counter app!!! How incredibly handy...sounds like your weather is quite moderate. Today it is cloudy and cooler...hubby is out in the garden weeding and puttering and I think I will go to the garden centre for some flowering plants to put in the planter on our front porch. Take care.

Deanna Combs 1 ~ Many people walk with those Nordic walking poles here...there is a woman who "teaches" people how to use them properly. Our beaches are rugged...uneven and are a mix of sand, rocks and oodles of driftwood logs...I think a walking stick will be my new sidekick!! Party Potatoes...sound like something I would really enjoy!

Kathryn P ~ Oh the jeans were such an amazing bargain!!! Sound like they might be NYDJ brand? Just a guess...that is the price of them new here too.
Beef cheek casserole sounds delicious...and as you say bvery nice to have a "night off" from cooking. I am in the kitchen a LOT but I do enjoy it when we order in or go out...hope that you have fun styling the pink scarf...I haven't had a pink scarf in ages but this one that i am knitting will be very versatile in my wardrobe...nice to change things up a bit to keep fashion fun and energized.

Kathryn P. said...

Hi Leslie. The NYD jeans range in price from $265 to $350 New Zealand dollars here. Way out of my budget. The jeans I purchased are, I think, an Australian brand - 'Trenery'. No tummy tuck technology. But very comfortable. I'm not sure if they are as flattering as NYD jeans. But I am happy with them.