Tuesday, March 26, 2024

Week of Fun!

My husband and I hopped on a small BC Ferry and went to Salt Spring Island.
Weekdays Monday through Thursday seniors travel for free.
We only had to pay for the car...so an inexpensive day to travel.

There are numerous galleries, gift, clothing and thrift shops.
In the summer on Saturday, they have a huge open air Market.

I found this soft Gap top at the thrift shop behind the Ganges Pharmasave.
They carry a wide variety of clothing and accessories.
Their vintage and boutique rack was amazing!
Most of the items were in small sizes.

After I went to Pod Contemporary, a favourite of mine...
I love their clothing and some of it is quite expensive.
Very carefully curated and the displays are wonderful.

It was very busy when I visited.
Lots of women having fun shopping.

A basic white tee top.

Nubby texture and a great looser style that flatters amd skims my midsection.

We had lunch at Moby's pub with a view of Ganges Harbour.
My salad was enormous! 
I managed to eat the chicken, avocado and maybe half of the greens.

Hubby had a rich short rib ramen dish...
I had a wee nibble and WOW!
So good.

We really enjoy avocados...
they have been on sale lately at the Root Cellar in the Cook Street Village shop.

For a quick lunch 
I will make avocado toast using the homemade sourdough bread that I make weekly.
I drizzle the avocado with some Worcestershire sauce 
top it off with a fresh grind of Pink Himalayan salt.

Nutritious, delicious with high fibre and healthy heart fats.

Do you like avocados?

I made a "bowl" of food for lunch.
It could have been healthier if I had served brown rice or quinoa...
I love these "bowls" of food that local restaurants are serving.

My grandmother used to put out a variety of things for lunches at her home.
Cut up fresh fruits, veggies, cheese, pickles, sliced meats
served with her freshly baked homemade bread.

I loved the smell of her kitchen...
bread baking, soups or stews simmering on the stove.

Such fond memories...

Went for a walk at Butchart Gardens with my BFF.
She brings her dog and we have a look at all the new flowers and enjoy a coffee or tea on the patio after our walk.

Love these double daffodils (Narcissus)
must try to get bulbs in the fall when the shops still have some in stock!

In other news..

Feeling encouraged that my hair is growing longer 
I want to put it up for aqua fit class so it doesn't keep falling into my eyes!
Most of the participants wear updos or have short haircuts.

With a minimalist wardrobe I rely on accessories.

Here I am wearing a whisper thin huge scarf (sarong size)
Folded it into a triangle wrapped it around my neck front to back
brought the ends in front
tied them underneath the front of the scarf.

Simple and it adds colour and interest to my old vintage faded denim shirt.
Pearls help to elevate the look...
wearing Michael Kors black pants.
New from Marshalls...tag said retail was $165 and I paid $49.99

They have a texture and gold button details at an angle near the waist and hips.

They are so comfy and way nicer than my old Yoga pants!

Am reading The Best Laid Plans by Terry Fallis.
He writes with a lot of humour.
I have read two of his books and can recommend them.

My week hit a snag on Sunday when we went to the beach at Cordova Bay.
 We parked and tried a new beach access...
it went sideways in a heartbeat.

The bottom of the concrete steps said BIG DROP.
I looked and thought I would step down slowly and carefully...
well I twisted my ankle and fell on the rocks!
I heard a snap.

People nearby came to help.
(I was so embarrassed)
I have twisted my ankle and am hobbling.
I thought it may have been broken but it appears to be a snapped ligament.

I am taking it easy and avoiding stairs.
Have been able to cook and bake as it only involves standing for short periods of time.
Knit a cotton dishcloth and am reading my book.

Feeling like a prize idiot...
thinking I was a younger agile girl instead of an aging senior lady.

Well I have learned a valuable lesson.
Thankful that my injuries were not worse.

So tell me, have you had any mishaps lately?
How have you handled them?

Thank you for stopping by The Humble Bungalow Blog!

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~


Patricia said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your mishap on the steps - that's one of my fears, falling and hurting myself. I hope it gets better soon!

stacey said...

Everything was going so well up to the end of your post.I hope you heal quickly and well. Having had ankle & foot injuries, I know what an inconvenience they are!

materfamilias said...

Oh, I'm so sorry about your ankle, Leslie (and you rather buried the lead there, didn't you? saving that news until the end!). I know exactly how quickly that can happen and how painful and frustrating that injury can be -- I hope you don't take too long to regain mobility, but meanwhile, hope you can enjoy your knitting and reading time (and ignore that urge to get out in the garden!
(You've really got me wishing to get back to Saltspring -- is Mouat's still a draw? I don't remember Pod, but haven't visited SSI for almost a decade 😮

Latane Barton said...

Sorry for your fall. Glad you didn't get a broken bone but it has to be painful nonetheless. I worry about falling and I was such a ninny about using a cane but finally convinced myself that walking around with a cane was a lot easier than breaking a hip or some other thing. Hope it heals quickly for you.

Laura J said...

Ah! My sympathy on that ankle. I totally identify! Nothing makes me feel more elderly than compromised movement, especially walking. It’s my knees that periodically decide to not-work-properly. Every movement needs to be planned ahead…Hope it heals quickly.

Sheila said...

Oh no, your poor ligament! I hope it heals quickly! I keep doing balance and core exercises as I'm prone to falls - I'm terrified of breaking a wrist or ankle.

I did not know that about seniors' fares on the ferry! Hmm...future plans (not a senior yet).

I like avocados, mashed with salt and pepper on toast, and I love bowls (I'm partial to the tuna poke bowl from Cactus Club).

Ann said...

Oh, no - after such a nice time with lunch, shopping, and friends - to hear you had a mishap! Glad you did not break any bones and wishing you a speedy recovery. Take care :-)

tahoegirl.blog said...

ouch, on the ankle and yes, I missed the bottom step of a step stool(2 steps and i was onthe top). I torn my ACL and meniscus( MRI). I just finished rehab and it's better to some degree. They don't do surgery anymore esp if you're older( I'm 71). I'm back swimming which is my true love and walking some also my true love. I'm hoping in time I can get back to my normal 2-3 miles but not yet. If your ankle doesnt improve be sure to ask for an MRI. I waited 3 months thinking my knee was going to get better.

Jeannine said...

Such a wonderful variety in your post and then oops and yikes! I'm so sorry! I can totally understand your feeling like a klutz and I sympathize greatly with your pain. I do not have a recent mishap, but a year or so ago I tripped on a raised sidewalk - the seam in the sidewalk was raised due to heaving or tree roots. I was doing my usual looking around while out for an exercise walk, my toe hit the raised edge and I went flying straight down face first. While I was scraped in spots and sore from the crash I did not have any injuries that meant a trip to the dr. My glasses flew off and I had to make a trip to the eye center to have them adjusted! I hit my face, my hand, my knee, but overall I was luckier than you. For some time after that I felt like I was walking around with my head down lest I take another tumble.

hostess of the humble bungalow said...

Patricia ~ I think I need to be more cautious...a couple of years ago I fell at the beach and hurt my wrist and now this! We all need to be aware of our surroundings and understand our abilities. Take care!

Stacey ~ These incidents can certainly change our daily activities...am missing my walks and aquafit classes. Oh well...it could have been worse!

Mater ~ SSI is a glorious spot...so beautiful and YES MOUATS has the BEST clothes. Such a large area and so many lovely garments. I could spend hours there and if I lived on SSI I would probably need to work there to get a discount and help pay for all the things I would buy :-)) You really will enjoy your next visit.

Latane ~ A cane can help you with stability and balance...both things that we need to ne mindful of if we are to stay safe. I purchased an ankle brace for the sprain and it is helping keep the ankle stable. Take care!

Laura J ~ As we age we seem to be prone to falls...for this mishap I did not exercise good judgement. I thought I could hop down 3 feet to the rocks and sand with ease...when I really should have turned around and said to my husband I cannot do it!!!

Sheila ~ Oh I must try the poke bowl next time we go to the Cactus Club...I love these yummy bowls...oodles of veggies and some protein...a few grains...now i am feeling hungry just thinking of a bowl!! Hope you are enjoying the sunny afternoon today. The forecast was for rain so it is a gift!

Ann ~ I have learned a valuable lesson...will not try to leap from on high again :-)) I need to readjust my expectations and abilities.
Hope you are doing well.

Tahoegirl ~ Oh no! That injury sounds serious...good that you have mended and are back at the pool. Waiting while recuperating from an accident can be frustrating...hope you stay safe from now on !

Jeannine ~ I so empathize with that sidewalk mishap...the streets and sidewalks in Oak Bay are uneven and dangerous...many people fall.
Oh and your glasses !!! I was worried about my glasses too...they are new and I went down like a ton of bricks...I am not a light person :-)) Actually I am so grateful that I didn't have a concussion or a broken ankle...could have been so much worse. Meanwhile I am knitting and reading and drinking tea...enforced relaxation so I cannot complain too loudly.

Kathryn P said...

Best wishes for a speedy recovery. I thought of you today when I was at the market for groceries. The customer in front of me had a beautiful Butchart Gardens shopping bag. It was a surprise to see, as I live in New Zealand. She said the gardens were lovely and that she uses her bag all the time. She regrets she did not buy another one. My concussion is healing slower than I expected.

Lorrie said...

Everything sounded perfectly lovely until the fall at the beach. I'm so glad people were around to help you. People are generally so very kind.
The Saltspring visit sounded lovely, and the meal you enjoyed at the POD delicious. I hope you soon recovery from your injury.
Happy weekend,

Anonymous said...

Love avocados!Been putting them in my nightly green salad!Did you know they are one of the best foods you can eat! my cousin owned an avocado ranch, so I grew up with them.
Before I write more I’m gonna see if I can make this comment appear!!

La Contessa said...

Ok think I got it NOW!!
I’m back in action!!!
so sorry to hear about your ankle and see it and you even read the sign and understood the sign!
I hear sourdough bread is all the rage these days and here you are making it. I grew up on that living in the San Francisco Bay area. I loved it but I’m gluten-free now, so I don’t eat it how fabulous you have so many thrift shops to wander about in!
I love the gap top. What a fine I’ve got to clean my closet out. I’m just gonna take a trash bag and go hanger by hanger that will mean multiple trash bags.!!

hostess of the humble bungalow said...

Kathryn P ~ Oh wow! a Butcharts Bag in NZ :-)) It is a world famous tourist attraction so I suppose I shouldn't be surprised!
Concussions are quite nasty...I hope you are getting excellent care. Hopefully you are not sidelined too much longer.

Lorrie ~ I am already noticing a difference in the ankle, swelling is down and I can move it a bit more. Am able to do some slow walks...SSI is a lovely getaway and so close as to make a day trip doable. Hope you had a great Easter Weekend.

Contessa ~ I have to approve all comments and I was busy packing as we came home from the cottage today. That is why I was so late...apologies.

Sourdough is really popular especially since Covid...it is much lower in gluten than normal bread. Avocados are my new food crush!! Wish I could grow them here as they are rather pricey...but so good for us. We do have great thrift and consignment shops here...it used to be antique shops everywhere now it is second hand shops!