Sunday, December 4, 2022

Cold weather, a Thrifty Chicken Veggie Soup Recipe, and knitting at the cottage.


We are at the cottage and awoke to snow dusting the stairs...

It coated the ground which reminded me of icing sugar...
then I thought of cookies :-))

We purchased a wee tree for the cottage and chose small fairy lights in white.
It looks best when the lights are dimmed or turned off but we felt the need to add some festive cheer, it is December after all.

With this cold I decided to make a chicken veggie soup.
It was full of flavour and was a warm and cozy choice for the cold day.

Thrifty Chicken Soup

I used a roast chicken carcass.
Pick off the bigger chunks of meat and set them aside in the fridge.

In a soup pot I added the carcass and just covered the bones with water.
Boil then simmer for about an hour.
Take out bones and set them aside to cool.
Put the rich stock into a large container.
Pick off any more meat from the bones and add to the stock, discard the bones.

Saute one large diced onion, 2 stalks diced celery in oil until soft.
Add the meat from the fridge and the stock to the pot
2 diced carrots, some sliced greens 
(I used bok choy)
Cook about 45 minutes until carrots are soft
salt and pepper to taste.


It is very tasty and is so warming on a cold snowy day.

The sun was shining and we bundled up for a cold weather walk.
The air was crisp and so refreshing.
Little birds skitting about pecking for morsels of food...
Gulls soaring in the sky.

Soon the birds will be nibbling these red berries and rose hips...

December is a truly beautiful time to visit the cottage.
It is quite peaceful so we sleep deeply and feel relaxed when we wake up.
We are so fortunate to be able to come and do not take our time here for granted.
It is a precious gift.

We have been reading our books and I've been knitting on my vest 
which is getting very close to being finished.
I needed to buy some new locking stitch markers
 so I went to The Beehive before we left town.
Wouldn't you know it! I spied a lovely blue variegated yarn by Berocco.
Wool shops are rather lethal for me...chocolate, tea and book shops are trouble!
I rarely leave with empty hands.

This pattern is my next project.
Are you a knitter?
What do you love to make?

Hope that you are warm and cozy and enjoying the beginning of December.
I think it is going to get busy with baking and shopping and wrapping!
(with time set aside for knitting and reading)

Thank you for stopping by The Humble Bungalow Blog.

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~


  1. Mmm, that soup sounds fantastic! I make a version of that with rice.

    1. Sheila the soup was comforting and tasty! I love making soups and find them great for using up small leftover veggies and I try to make stock whenever we have a roast chicken or turkey.

  2. The dusting of snow looks so pretty, and warm chicken soup the perfect accompaniment. I think I will make some this week :) Those red berries are stunning, perfect for Christmas decorating. Your blue yarn is lovely, and will be knitted up in no time. I learnt to knit back in the day and made a few sweaters. However, sewing has become my 'thing' - hand stitching, machine stitching, anything and everything.

    1. I just finished knitting the vest! I need to block it before I can wear it but I feel like I accomplished something worthwhile...sewing is something that I used to do when the children were small...I haven't had a working sewing machine for many years. I admire people like yourself, who create beautiful things from fabrics.

  3. A bowl of soup on a chilly day is such a comfort. I don't knit, but I sew and crochet and embroider. It's a great time of year to be creative.

    1. These darker days of winter with the garden does make more time in the home for being creative whatever the craft or the recipe it feels satisfying.
      Hope you are enjoying your weekend.

  4. I am addicted to making socks. I make a pair for each family member over the year to give them at Christmas. I usually knit while "watching" TV so the TV viewing isn't totally lost itme.

    1. Knitting socks are a challenge for me...I admire your dedication to making them for your family. Knitting while watching TV must be an art...I need to keep track of where I am in the pattern or I end up making mistakes...Happy Holidays and Enjoy your Knitting :-))