Sunday, August 7, 2022

August ~ Hydrangea Season and a wee chat...

Candles with a woody fragrance add ambiance to our arts and crafts bungalow.
I love to sit and read or knit 
 a candle glowing and the scent wafting about in the air.

Our Annabelle Hydrangeas are putting on a spectacular show!
 The Humble Bungalow Garden is looking quite lovely this summer.

Some years are better than others for certain plants...
 I think it is a very much a stellar hydrangea season.

They do love water so we need to keep the soil moist...

Look at the size of this bloom...
a HUGE mophead almost threatening to break the branch
with its weight.

The Sea Glass haul that nearly wasn't...

I fell on the uneven rocky shore not too far from the Humble Bungalow.
My instinct was to put out my hand to save my face from hitting the ground
when I fell...

My poor wrist took the brunt of the tumble and I sprained it.

It swoll up pretty quickly so I zipped off to the local pharmacy
a tube of Voltaren
 (which is an analgesic and an anti inflammatory)
a right hand wrist brace
a week later
yellow bruising remains but fortunately the wrist is feeling MUCH better!

The sweet peas are still blooming so we have bouquets in the bathroom.
Such a delightful fragrance!

Did you know that sweet peas must be picked regularly 
to keep them from going to seed?

I am looking forward to getting back to my knitting project...
I haven't snapped a picture of the progress that I made until my mishap.

Am working on the yoke of the Miriam sweater.

It will be lovely to wear this in the fall and winter.
I have so few sweaters...
the cooler fall weather will be here before we know it and I will want to be cozy.

I've been staying pretty close to home as my husband is up on ladders sanding and painting the pergola above the sundeck.

He's not accustomed to this kind of work, but since he retired, he has taken on various projects that I would usually hire people to fix.

I posted this quote on my Instagram...
so worthy of reposting here on the blog.

Thank you for stopping by The Humble Bungalow Blog.

It is really unfortunate that your comments are not forthcoming...
I have tried to fix this on my end but alas it is beyond my scope.

I do hope that you will continue to stop by and read my blog.

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~


  1. Glad you didn't break that wrist! Your flowers are just gorgeous. Have a great week.

    1. The hydrangeas are truly amazing this year! Such large blooms!!
      Hope you are doing well and enjoying summertime.

  2. Oof, glad you didn't break your wrist, L! Your blog is so soothing. Those hydrangeas are astounding!

    1. I am grateful that i only sprained my wrist! I had visions of a broken wrist with the severe pain but all is well and I don't need to wear the brace much anymore. Our weather has been warm and wonderful for walking...I am now avoiding the rocky beach near Ross Bay! Hope you are well.

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you Susan! They really are putting on a stellar show this year!
      Lovely to hear from you...hope all is well.

  4. I am sorry about your fall and wrist sprain. As with so many things - could be worse. So fortunate that you didn't break your wrist. Yay for that. Your sweater will be lovely when done. You're so talented with knitting. All I can do is the simple dishcloth!