Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Snippets from Quarterdeck Cottage


Beautiful view from Medicine Beach
the walks along this rocky beach are breathtaking...

~ A soothing scene helps to unkink the knots of anxiety ~

The seas were so quiet and calm that I could feel my body relaxing.

The views toward Vancouver Island remind me of a Tony Only painting.

The weather here has been a mix of sun and fog.
No wild winds or rain.
Feeling grateful for these gifts...

The glorious sunny afternoon was an invitation to enjoy happy hour on the deck.

Evenings are dark and lighting candles adds ambiance and warmth.
These "Ethel Wood" scented soy candles are lovely.
They are sold at a farmstand on South Otter Bay Road here on Pender.

I purchased some for our home and cottage and they have quickly become my favourite.

These wee fungi remind me of that quote from Mary Engelbreit...

"Bloom Where You are Planted"

I finished The Doocot Sweater that I started knitting before the pandemic!
The project was a steep learning curve for me...
It was quite easy knitting baby blankets, dishcloths, shawls and scarves.

Sweaters are much more complicated... 
as I found out!
I have learned many new techniques and have gained confidence.
You Tube Videos and The Vogue Knitting book 
helped me 
as in person tutorials were few and far between.

Now I am excited to get going with my next project...
a simple sweater, very much like a shrug.
It is knit mostly using garter stitch.

 When we get back I plan to go shopping for the yarn...
I am just not sure what colour to use?

Basic black always calls to me...

I discovered that knitting in a cheerful colour has been such fun! 
especially using the Brooklyn Felted Tweed yarn 
their yarn colours are brights and brilliant.

Seen on my beach walk at Port Browning...
a chain of rusted iron juxtaposed against a weathered log.

Seeking out and finding something on my daily walks
helps keep me motivated to continue taking steps.

Hope that you are staying healthy and finding inspiration in your daily round.

Thank you for stopping by The Humble Bungalow Blog.

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~


  1. A beautiful still life, the rusted chain on a log. I love pictures like that. As a non-knitter, I am most impressed by your sweater: it looks so soft and cosy and is an interesting colour which I think will suit you. The views from Quarterdeck Cottage never fail to impress; what a sublime place it is.

    1. If memory serves me I believe that you sew...I do not, so we can admire each others efforts! We've been very fortunate with the was foggy this morning but the sun came out after lunch and we are plan to sit on the deck for a cocktail before dinner and enjoy our last night here before heading home.
      Enjoy your weekend Patricia

  2. You did it!! Your sweater looks gorgeous and you will have learned so many new techniques in knitting it -- impressive! I think you'll find that it's the perfect weight for transitional seasons and for an extra layer inside in the winter as well. I wear mine often. I think you were wise to choose a lighter colour for a project with so many new challenges -- it's so much easier to see your stitches than if they'd been in black. But you'll be ready now to knit in the black which is the foundation of your wardrobe and I bet that will look great in the nubbly texture of garter stitch. Brava, you!

    1. I never considered that colour could make seeing the stitches easier...only a seasoned knitter like yourself would think of that! Going shopping to the Beehive is on my bucket list now!! I haven't set foot inside for over 2 years so it will be a highlight for me...I would like to see you wearing the pink Doocot sweater that you knit.

    2. Ooooh, that will be a fun shopping trip! All those textures and colours to tempt you!
      You can see a photo of me in my new Doocot if you scroll down my blog to the December 20, 2021 post. One of my daughters recently commented that she wouldn't mind one (!) so there might be another on my needles one of these days ;-)

  3. These are lovely photographs, Leslie, showing off the beauty of the views on and around Pender. That first one - calmness oozes from it. Congratulations on finishing your sweater! I so admire knitters.

    1. You may have cruised into that harbour many times on your boat! I admire anyone who can sew...and your craft projects are so wonderful I especially liked the wee rabbit you made for your granddaughter!
      Hope you have a lovely weekend...the fog has lifted here and we are enjoying full sunshine!

  4. Your first photo is gorgeous! What type of camera are you using? Also, the sweater turned out well. Picking up stitches around a collar for the first time is a challenge, and it looks like you did a nice even job. I like the colour, and it would look nice with a black blouse underneath. You should post a photo of you modelling it.

  5. I would love to see the sweater worn as part of an outfit - that green looks so chic with black or navy!

  6. I think a pink or red shrug would be a nice pop of colour for you.



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