Sunday, January 9, 2022

Baby it's Cold Outside!

Slow mornings...
candlelight and silver

fairy lights
reflecting on the modernist crystal
sipping coffee in the quiet of the bungalow.

embracing gratitude.

Wondering what will the day bring?

New Year has entered softly...
a white snow fell from the sky 
blanketing us with cold Arctic winter weather.

We were able to go for a short walk along the seafront.

Only a few stalwart and dedicated people were out...
Mostly dog owners!

There were lots of children outside building snowmen.

We heard the shouts of glee from the children as they tobogganed 
down the hill at Beacon Hill Park.

I've been cocooning here in The Humble Bungalow.
Staying warm and cozy
(cashmere is currently my best friend)

Drinking lots of hot tea and making soups.

Watching the new series "And Just Like That" on Crave.

The Sex and The City cast has made a return, albeit with an "older" theme.
I am not sure if it's going to hold my attention...
but I do like to be entertained :-))

Reading this gem...
a crime thriller which is a page turner.

Am halfway through and wonder how this is going to end.

I've picked up the needles again and am making progress on The Doocot Sweater.
One sleeve finished and the other one started...
I've made a few mistakes but will attempt a repair...

Who knew?
apparently quilters and knitters embrace
"wabi sabi"
a wee mistake is intentionally included in the finished product.

Did you know that?

Once this cold snap has left us I am going to restart my walking regime.
I am feeling fuller through my mid section from all this time spent indoors.

How are you starting the New Year?
Have you exciting new dreams and goals for the next 12 months?
Would love to hear your thoughts.

In the meantime 
we still need to mask up despite having two vaccinations and the booster.

It will be so lovely to put this pandemic well and truly behind us...

Thank you for popping by The Humble Bungalow Blog.

Stay Safe.

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~


  1. I'm so glad most of the snow is gone - it's been wreaking havoc on our holiday plans and getting up to visit my mother-in-law.

    I am "hate watching" the new SATC - it's like the characters haven't been living until this point! I do not like the ageist depictions.

    1. Shouting Hooray! Cheers to clear sidewalks and streets! Makes walking so much easier...
      The age theme on AJLT is just plain weird, but i am still watching.

  2. It sure does look cold!!! We are in full summer - a bit cooler tonight. I'll take the warmth over cold any day. Keep warm!!

    1. Weather is getting a wee bit warmer this week but we are expecting a river of rain! It will make for safer walks but I will need a brolly! Take care and enjoy the sunshine.

  3. Great photos - doesn't the snow look fantastic beside the sea.. I would love to be there walking along the seafront (I am here thinking I would like a walk but 30c is too hot!) You new sweater looks beautifully warm and cosy, and a little mistake here and there is perfectly acceptable imo :) Despite the two vaccinations and boosters now being offered, we are having a tidal wave of Omicron here - and we are staying home and avoiding crowds. It will be so lovely when it is over, but it is taking a long time...

    1. We too have a tidal wave of Omicron...many people who have had the vaccinations and booster shots are saying it feels like a cold.
      The unvaccinated are having much more serious symptoms and the hospitals are full...rather scary. We are now expecting an "atmospheric river of rain!" Floods are expected in some areas...gosh there seems to be a lot of extreme weather events right now!
      Let's hope that we can put this pandemic behind us very soon.
      Take care and stay safe.

  4. Your sweater is looking great and you'll be wearing it soon. I could find you examples of mistakes (some rectified; some left just as they are) in so many of my knitted garments. Honestly, I think this is part of the beauty of a handknit, those "deviations" (deliberate or accidental) from the pattern testify to the hands that knit. We're not machines. . .

    1. The sweater is going to be a favourite of mine...I love the soft yarn and the colour is so cheerful. I look forward to seeing your recent are an inspiration :-))

  5. LOVELY PHOTOS.......GLAD YOU ARE COCOONING!THAT SWEATER IS ADORABLE.......I Knitted as a child nothing like what you do but I loved it!I never got in to SEX IN THE CITY and I watched three episodes of the NEW and gave up.......just doesnot GRAB ME like TED LASSO that show you have to stay with it until about the 4th show and then YOU FALL IN LOVE!ALL about kindness team spirit etc........we need MORE of this STUFF and stop the VIOLENT TV!

    1. I haven't heard about Ted Lasso...will have to check it out.
      Your rhinestone brooches and that green dress look amazing Elizabeth! I have 4 sparkly Sherman brooches which I wear when I need a wee bit of glamour...which truly is almost everyday...I seem to live in my linen aprons and am spending SO MUCH time in the house...the snow has melted and the rains are forecast so maybe I will need wear TWO brooches!!!
      Hope you have a fabulous week!

  6. Apparently, we have another "atmospheric river" coming. The weather seems to have been especially dramatic in the last year. The gym at my local community centre has been closed again. I was enrolled in a Silver Spin and Strength class which has been postponed. This has been a bad winter for walking. Fitness for the non-athletic almost 70 year-old is a challenge right now but it is an ongoing goal. I'm just starting The Chilbury Ladies Choir by Jennifer Ryan. Book club is Zoom again. I'm hoping for a few quiet Victoria sojourns. I'll avoid your
    away weeks so perhaps we could meet up for a tea or a walk. I'm still planning the month at La Maison des Mots in La Charité sur Loire (September). Hopefully, our omicron numbers drop soon and we can move about more freely.

    1. I was listening to the CBC as I knit a few rows of the sweater and heard the forecast! Weather EXTREMES seem to be common now.
      That book is so lovely...
      the walking has been a challenge with the snow. Our gyms are closed too. I have a pass from before Covid which is gathering dust...I went to use the treadmills and equipment when the weather was too rainy or windy to walk but it has been shuttered again because of Omicron. Let's hope for the end of this crazy pandemic soon.
      Stay Safe Madame

  7. It’s cold here but thankfully we don’t have snow. I enjoyed ‘Missing Presumed’. It’s a very good plot.
    I like the idea of "wabi sabi". I think I’ve made small mistakes in every quilt I’ve made!
    I’m hoping to visit my daughter in Australia this year, I’ve cancelled two flights!
    I’ve seen trailers for ‘And Just Like That’, I don’t think I would like it.

    1. Good luck with your travel plans! I hope you are able to visit your daughter. Wabi sabi is definitely a quilters signature. I read quite a few quilters embrace the habit.
      I've given up on the AJLT is too dull. I am enjoying the new All Creatures Great and Small on PBS...very uplifting! Just what we need right now.
      Take care

  8. I always feel glad when I see a post from you. Not much of great interest is happening for anyone but it’s still pleasant to read about your interests and see your photographs. The sweater you’re knitting is very attractive, and I’m wondering how you plan to style it since it is a very short one.

    1. I am sitting at the table planning my next post and realized that I haven't responded to your comment. I am sorry to be remiss...I plan to wear the sweater over top of a longer tee top. I also hope it will look good with my longer length pleated faux leather skirt.

      I already have another sweater pattern waiting in the wings!!!
      Take care