Thursday, January 20, 2022

Embracing small Joys...


Cheap and Cheerful Primulas are planted in the front porch planter.

I usually buy an assortment of colours...
this time I decided to go for the full impact with sunny yellow blooms.

Very pleased with these healthy stalwart plants...
they'll be planted in the garden beds early in the summer.

My spices are stored in these Bon Maman Jam Jars.

I also use them to make a "simple vinaigrette."

Oil ~ 1/3 cup
vinegar ~ 1 Tbsp
salt and pepper (to taste)
a couple of tablespoons of honey
Shake well and pour over salad.

We went to a "hidden gem" here in Victoria.
The Market Garden is located on Catherine Street and it is a wonderful shop!

We bought this tin of Italian tomatoes to use in our spaghetti.
I saved the tin because it is so pretty.

Candles have been lit most evenings here to add scent, warm light and ambiance.

Ethel Wood fragrant candle made on Pender Island.
The scent is fabulous!

I 've been consciously using up "stuff" in an effort not to be wasteful.

We tend to stockpile staples that we use regularly here in The Humble Bungalow.
Buying when things are on special...
to save money.

Soap, toothpaste, tinned goods.
Storage is limited so we need to be creative...

Here's a snapshot of our quarter sawn oak arts and crafts shelving
in The Humble Bungalow bathroom.

Walking attire...

Cashmere Burberry least 10 years old
Wool hat
Black Eileen Fisher wool tunic top
(recent investment piece)
Eddie Bauer Down Puffer coat

Needs Must!
Warmth comes first on my winter walks.

Hope you are staying safe.

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~


  1. What a smart walking outfit, especially the brooch on your beret, very chic. My walking outfit is shorts and a sleeveless shirt - it's hot here in the tropics! Love that tomato tin, and it looks so pretty holding a candle. I am also a yellow fancier, and think your primulas really are the business. We are keeping safe, in fact we probably should go out a tiny bit more, or we will become certified hermits! Cheers.

    1. I don't always "dress up" to go for my walks, often it's just yoga pants and a tee with my walking shoes and puffer coat!
      I need to walk longer and eat smarter...Christmas and the snow really derailed my healthy routine.
      Let's try and get out more safe situations with social distancing. My neighbour down the street takes a thermos and a folding chair amd meets up with friends in a park for coffee and chit chats.

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you Erika, I wore that in paris in 2015 and it keeps me cozy when the weather is cold or the winds are howling.

  3. I've put a few primroses on our balcony. I used to decorate the library with them when I worked.They are little rays of sunshine. I wondered if you would use the can for decoration. I like to use the little yogurt jars for spices. It is good to find beauty in our daily life. Walking attire is an incentive to get out there. I have almost the same hat. I like that I can tuck my hair in and go.

    1. I used to have them in the library a wicker basket by the circulation desk. We all need pops of colour in the winter and primulas seem to do the trick. I bet your balcony looks pretty with the flowers in bloom. Walking is my only routine right now as the Yoga studio is closed and I don't like the online version.
      Take care and enjoy your outings.

    2. Have you tried 'Yoga with Adriene' on YouTube?
      She has a variety of different levels and every year she starts her 30 day Yoga program. I enjoy her gentle encouragement.

  4. Love the hat! I always enjoy your photos and comments.

    1. Thank you Linda, hope that you are doing well and Happy 2022.
      We are currently cocooning at the cottage...will share some pictures and snippets in my next post.

  5. I hope this comment doesn't come through three times, I've had a little trouble getting my comments to go! Your walking attire looks very smart! Much more fashionable than my typical walking wear! I so enjoy reading your blog, thanks for keeping it up.

    1. Jeannine,
      Your comment has come through only once!
      I haven't been blogging as often since Covid happened...we are not going out as much and there is not a ton of excitement to write about so thank you for hanging in and being patient!

  6. Now that my indoor hyacinths are finished, I definitely want some flowers for the porch and deck. Primulas are so bright and cheery. Love the yellow colour you chose. You look so chic for your walk.

    1. Lorrie,
      There are so many beautiful varieties of primulas out in the garden centres'll have fun choosing some for your home and garden. Walkin attire is all over the map here! Some days I look like a Michelin Man in my puffy coat and hat...but getting out for fresh air and exercise is important to me.
      Take care


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