Monday, October 4, 2021


Mr. HB has retired from his role as a senior partner in Continuum Architects...
His career spanned 43 years at the longest running Victoria architectural firm.
He is looking forward to new hobbies, longer walks and more book time.

We spent the first week at Quarterdeck Cottage on Pender Island.
Friends joined us for the weekend and we rented another cottage...
we enjoyed their company immensely.
So great to be able to see long time friends, 
one couple we had not seen in over 2 years due to Covid.

The weather was lovely so we were able to sit out on the deck.

We went for walks, played crib, read our books and reminisced...
lots of laughter filled the cottage as we went down memory lane.

It was quiet after they left.
We went for walks and read our books.
Rain fell and the fog rolled in...
Fall is here !

We indulged in a "naughty Coffee" and it was delicious!
The Marina store is getting ready to close for the season.
They told us they plan to open earlier next year and serve more food options
and introduce music performances.

We're home now and busy putting the garden to bed for the season.
We gave away plants to friends who are establishing a new shady bed in their garden.

We have a few more plants to give away and other friends are happy to take them.

Mr. HB is outside right now tidying up the beds by the patio.
I have laundry in the wash and am going to make us lunch when I finish this post.

Fall feels like a transition in so many ways...
I took some summer clothes downstairs to the guest room closet.
Then I brought up some winter garments.
My basic wardrobe continues to serve me well and despite being small it works.

There are a few pieces that I am considering buying but not that many.
A new cashmere sweater is on the radar as well as some pretty new lingerie.

Cashmere socks are so cozy...

BTW this author, William Trevor, writes very intense stories!
I wasn't sure what would happen in this thriller and was on the edge of my seat as I read on...

I picked a beautiful bouquet of roses.
These are frilly frothy and fragrant...
Graham Thomas a stalwart David Austin Rose.

It grows out back in The Humble Bungalow Garden near my potting table.
The hydrangeas are drying, 
hostas are fading
but thankfully 
the roses continue to bloom.

Thank you for popping by The Humble Bungalow Blog.
I appreciate your comments and readership.

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~


  1. Congratulations to Mr. HB on his retirement!

    1. I think he is already settling into a routine and seems very content!

  2. Many congratulations to your husband on his retirement! How wonderful!

    1. He is thrilled to have more time to do the things that he has put on the back burner...should be fun for both of us to spend more time together.

  3. Retirement offers new opportunities for both of you! Your garden will surely love the additional attention. That rose is so lovely. Enjoy this new season of life together.

    1. We are going to start a few new weekly outings will be fun spending more time together too!

  4. Here in Central New York, fall arrives quickly. I am eagerly awaiting the return of fall colors as I watch from our new third floor apartment. Trees and sky surround us and I can’t wait to see the show. I love seeing your flowers and beach views. Such a lovely location. Have you been able to read Louise Penney’s latest? Unfortunately, I am 16th on the library list.

    Congratulations, Mr. HB. Retirement is wonderful.

    1. Fall comes like a flip of a switch after the end of September. Leaves change colour and start falling, winds pick up and there is a crispness in the air.
      I read Louise Penny's book in three days! LOved it :-))
      You won't have to wait too long if you are 16th in the queue...and it is definitely worth the wait!

  5. It looks as if your husband's retirement has begun very well, and you've already got some very contented days in as a retired couple. Fall is a perfect season to make this transition, I'd say. . . just enough outdoor work to keep you out in the garden when the weather's fine, but not so much that you can't hunker down with a good book whenever you want. I haven't read William Trevor for years -- thanks for reminding me! Once upon a time I read Felicia's Journey -- oh, and also The Story of Lucy Gault -- with a book club. Very good, although sad. . .
    Oh, and thanks for the Graham Thomas photos -- I do love that rose!

    1. Did you ever see Atom Egoyan's movie Felicia's Journey?
      I am going to get back knitting as soon as we tidy up the still knitting The Doocot sweater! I see you are knitting a new one!

    2. I didn't see that -- I'll have to look for it. Can only barely remember the book.
      Yes, we're moving into knitting weather, aren't we? You'll have knit many memories into that Doocot sweater by stretching out the process that way -- there's no rush; definitely a form of Slow Fashion right? ;-)

  6. So nice that your husband is retired after a long career. I'm sure that he will enjoy home time. I haven't read William Trevor so I shall look for his books. Guess what! I'm in Victoria during your cottage week. We'll try for February. Are you always the 4th week of the month? Enjoy your days together.

    1. Oh too bad!
      We are away at the cottage in February 18-25th
      Have fun when you are back in town!

  7. Congratulations to both of it is time for your pursuits. Best wishes for a wonderful season.

    1. Thank you...we both love reading and walking. Lots to tend to here in the home and garden, and we escape to the cottage once a month.
      I don't think we will be bored!

  8. Congratulations to Mr HB and may you both enjoy wonderful retirements years together, in the Bungalow and the Cottage. A naughty coffee seems just the thing as Autumn turns to Winter, and your David Austin rose has the perfect Autumnal colour.

  9. Congratulations to you both on your husband's retirement! I hope you have a wonderful adventure together.

  10. Well, that's quite a milestone for you two. Looks as though you've started this new phase very contentedly at the cottage. Thanks for all your lovely photos and positive way of seeing everyday life.

  11. Wishing both Mr HB and you all the best for the future.


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