Friday, September 17, 2021

A few things ~ French style.

A whisper soft scarf to wear that adds a wee bit of french style.
I have paired it with an Eileen Fisher top
Lands' End cashmere cardigan
Royalty jeans.

Silk square scarf by Pertrusse with exquisite hand rolled edges 
"Cha Cha Cha"

Scarves are such an easy way to amp up a simple outfit.
I own maybe a dozen silk scarves...
Pertrusse, Hermes, Ralph Lauren

My first Hermes scarf was a souvenir from San Francisco.
The second and third were from the Hermes shop in Vancouver.
The others were purchased in Paris.

A friend Ali who lives on Salt Spring Island gave me a Le Fermiere pot
she brought some home from her trip to France.

I brought several more home from my last trip to Provence and the SW of France.
The French yogurt is so rich and creamy that we indulged with a pot each morning for breakfast with fruit before going out to explore the villages.

These sweet peas are the last for the season...
it was an amazing season for these scented gems.

A bountiful harvest of apples await to be picked in The Humble Bungalow Garden.

One of our favourite apple recipes is from Ina Garten
French Apple Tarte.

Serve it warm with ice cream.

A gift arrived in the post...
fresh grown and dried lavender sachets!

I love the detailed embroidery...
thank you Lorrie.

Do you follow Vivi et Margot on Instagram?
Charlotte Reiss has a shop Vivi et Margot that sells all things French...
baskets, linens, aprons, copper pots, candles, soaps etc.

I purchased this kitchen candle.
 It will be lit on the cool days of Fall and Winter when I am cooking in the kitchen.

Today it is raining and I am in the kitchen making a tomato and potato bisque.

Thank you for popping by The Humble Bungalow Blog.

Hope that you are staying safe.

 ~ Be Well and Be Kind ~


  1. Such a lovely post! I must learn how to make that apple tart!

    1. The tarte recipe is quite simple...I use saran wrap on top and underneath the dough when I am rolling it out.

  2. I always enjoy these French style posts!

    1. Thank you Nancy...French lifestyle and fashion are favourites of mine.

  3. That's a gorgeous scarf! What a perfectly rainy day to be inside making a hot meal. Your apple tart looks incredible.

    Good to see you - hope you are doing well!

    1. Thank you back in the kitchen today making soup while the cool misty fog is swirling outside. Hope your weekend is enjoyable.

  4. Thanks for the memory Leslie. No France this year, or last year, because of that dreaded C word. The Apple Tart looks so good. Lunch sometime soonish?

    1. Ali, great to hear from you!
      A lunch on a patio sometime soon on a sunny day sounds like a fabulous idea!

  5. I love much about French style. The scarf is just gorgeous, and what a beautiful apple tart you created. I enjoyed stitching the lavender sachet for you.
    We brought home several of the little yogurt pots from Paris, but they are clear glass, not the pretty blue that you have. They make sweet vases.
    Take care...

    1. Thank you so much for the sachets!
      I have two of those clear glass yogurt containers too...I pop tea lights inside them. Candle season is upon us...when the sunlight dims I light candles.

  6. I was just doing a French lesson on Duolingo before I checked your blog, how appropriate! Love the scarf, and the tarte looks delicious.

    My sweetpeas are already finished and DH has pulled them up for compost. We are already into the cold rainy season here on the north coast. Too bad, they are such 'cheap and cheerful' flowers, I hate to see them finish.

    1. I tried Duolingo Italian lessons before I went to Italy a couple of years ago and I really liked it...French is a beautiful language.
      Fall has settled in here too but the sun is shining today and it lifts our spirits.

  7. Hmmm, I was so sure I'd commented, but looks as if that has disappeared -- just impressed by what a domestic goddess you are! That apple tarte looks (and I'm sure tastes) delicious! And on top of that, you grew all the apples! And roses and sweet peas galore. (I have a couple of those little blue yogurt pots as well, love them!)

    1. I just read your recent post and am excited for you with your travel plans! The cooler weather has set in and we are busy getting our garden tidied up for the fall and winter seasons...lots of jobs to do and many plants to give away to friends and neighbours.
      Enjoy your packing :-))


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