Thursday, November 25, 2021

Weekend~ A getaway...and now a state of emergency.


Last weekend we hopped across the pond...
 it is a rather BIG POND 
so not being frogs we actually took the ferry!

The first time we have travelled off island other than the short trip to our cottage in over 2 years.

We wanted to see the Yoko exhibit at The Vancouver Art Gallery.

It was a very nostalgic foray into the past...

The Bed In for Peace took place in 1969 in Canada.

Yoko's art includes some interactive areas 
where people are encouraged 
to mend china, hammer a nail, leave a comment and build with stones.

We shopped South Granville Street and found quite a few Christmas gifts.
I ventured into Eileen Fisher (Gosh I have missed this store!) 
I found a few pieces...
will share them in a future post!

We were hungry by the time we were finished shopping
so we headed to The Cactus Club for a cold drink and some sushi.

Dinner was at our favourite Indian Fusion restaurant Vij's.
Vikram walked over to chat with us and we were happy to renew his acquaintance.
We have been going to his restaurant for decades.
He mentioned my pearls and said how elegant they were!!


Wool beret by Canadian Hat Company.

The food was amazing.
For starters we had the beef and lamb meatballs with tamarind chutney.
Our main course:
Coconut curried chicken with rice, naan bread and lamb popsicles.

We were too full to have any dessert but what a wonderful evening it was.

We were hoping to meet up with long time friends but they were stuck at their cottage on the lake just outside Merritt 
where devastating floods and mudslides damaged the local highways.

Abbotsford and areas nearby have completely flooded!

A state of emergency has been declared.
Livestock have been lost and many had to be evacuated to higher ground...
homes have been lost and people have perished.

Travel and the transport of goods and gas have been impacted.

The major highway, The Coquihalla, will not be repaired for months.
A few smaller routes have reopened and one of our friends was able to drive through the US in Washington State to get back home and the other flew out to Vancouver.

Food is being rationed at the local grocery stores and gas is limited to 30 litres per visit.

More intense rain has been predicted and they are calling these events 
"atmospheric rivers."

Finger crossed our basement stays dry...
but the back yard is saturated 
so we are on high alert.

I found a new book and read it in 2 days...
we had lots of time to read 
as we were in the ferry line up, 
then we stayed in our car on the open air deck
for the journey home.

I can recommend this book.
 It is set in Paris during war time and is based on a true story.

We are decorating the house this afternoon as the rains here are torrential 
so we cannot work in the garden and we got pretty wet on our walk.

Stay safe...

Thank you for popping by The Humble Bungalow Blog.

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~


  1. Very interesting post. However I think the Bed In was held at the Queen Elizabeth hotel in Montreal and I believe another was held in Amsterdam. The book you mentioned looks good. Stay safe

    1. You are correct Marie...I have amended the post.
      Thank you for your comment and I hope you enjoy the book if you get a chance to read it.

  2. Sounds like a nice weekend away. We have had some fierce winds further north, with copious amounts of rain, but all safe and dry. I do like the beret, and will look up the company.

    Have you read Miss Benson's Beetle by Rachel Joyce? I highly recommend it; it was our book group's last read and everyone really enjoyed it.

  3. After yesterday's downpour, it's nice to see the sun in between these atmospheric rivers. I very much enjoyed The Paris Dressmaker, too. Good thing you had a book with you! Your trip sounds lovely, a nice getaway after such a long time. Hope your basement stays dry!

  4. I haven't seen that exhibit yet, so thanks for the reminder. Your weekend sounds like a very pleasant break!

  5. Sorry about the flooding and the havoc that has caused. Enjoyed reading about your trip to the big city....we need some of that rain here in So. Cal.

  6. So nice to see the Vancouver Art Gallery again, so many good memories of our visits. I always go looking for Emily Carr. Yoko is a really interesting artist, a fact I did not appreciate back in the day when she 'stole' John from the Beatles, he he. What a lovely visit you had in your very chic beret and pearls.

  7. I just got a notice to renew my VAG membership. The exhibit looks interesting. I'm travelling to Victoria tomorrow with a bag of books to read. We may have a serious deluge on Tuesday.

  8. I envision a Pacific Northwest pipeline soon, only it's water rather than oil. We're still dry and very warm down here and it's unnerving. Stay safe and largely dry!

  9. Glad to hear that you are safe - and so far - dry! The floods are just unbelievable! My best friend's niece lived in Merrit and she, her husband, 2 babies and the in-laws have had to evacuate to relatives in Kamloops - no one knows when they will get home.
    Stay safe!


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