Sunday, November 7, 2021

November vibes...

The autumnal light is fading slightly this month...
I've noticed more rainy days, breezy winds and fog.

Wearing layers to chase the chill...
a camisole underneath my cashmere sweater with warm wool socks and scarves.
The down puffer coat has made several appearances and I purchased a wool beret for my walks.

Made by The Canadian Hat Company.

I had my hairdresser chop off about 3 inches of my Covid Coiffure!
It feels so much healthier and the lightness has freed up some of the curls.

What a difference! 
A little pampering goes a LONG way to make one feel better.

There are a few geraniums still blooming on the front porch.
I crave a pop of colour in the Fall and Winter.

Calicarpia aka Beauty Berry

So delicate...

A fall flowering bush brightens up a corner of the Humble Bungalow Garden.

This weekend Mr. HB and I ventured out to the garden centre...
We were looking for a wreath for the front door.

We didn't find a wreath but we did find some Noble Fir boughs and Ilex red berries

A little festive cheer at the foot of the stairs.
A cheerful pop of colour!

I popped the cuttings in the tool box on the front porch table.
(waste not want not!)

We also purchased an Olive tree...
this purchase was inspired by our friend Julie who used some olive leaves to decorate her dining table when she hosted us for dinner.

Julie is a fabulous cook and she has a flair for home decor...
her home is an oasis of calm and she has recently redone it with soft greys and French style furnishings.

A feast for the eyes...

We brought some wine from The Pender Island Sea Star Winery.

Dungeness Crab Cake with Remoulade sauce...
succulent and so flavourful.

Goat cheese deep fried atop cherry tomatoes with pine nuts 
then drizzled with a balsamic reduction.

Salmon served with rice, asparagus and carrots
and a delicious
Beurre butter sauce

Dessert was from the Italian bakery...
fig and apple tarts.

Dinner was for the memory book.
Thank you Julie!

We've got a busy couple of weeks planned with all kinds of events.
Looking forward to reclaiming our social life and activities in a safe way.

My knitting group is going to reconvene...
we are going out for dinner with our darling daughter and her husband.
Heading to the Art Gallery for an exhibit, meeting friends for a Happy Hour, coffee with the gals and a tea planned for next month at Butchart Gardens.

Thank you for stopping by The Humble Bungalow Blog.

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~


  1. It looks like your area is opening up, which will be wonderful, with lots of nice things planned. What an incredible dinner party, and your friend is clearly an amazing cook. We also bought an Olive tree recently, and I can see myself trying that sweet idea to decorate the dinner table. The Beauty Berry is gorgeous, a most beautiful shade of purple, and your porch decorations are just right for a beautiful Christmas season.

    1. We feel much safer right now but are still wearing our masks and social distancing. It's my turn to put on the dinner tonight! I and hoping that all the recipes work out...I hope both our new Olive trees thrive! Christmas lights are going to be lit up outside The Humble Bungalow this evening. Take care Patricia...stay safe.

  2. What a gorgeous post -- the colors, the food, the decor. Absolutely divine!

    1. Thank you Beth!
      We have been busy today getting ready to host friends here for a dinner party...the first here other than family for over 2 years...hope I remember how to be a Hostess!!!

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you for stopping by to read my blog and I always welcome comments.
      Take care

  4. A post full of the richness of autumn. Isn't it great that we can begin to carefully resume getting together with our friends again? Your haircut is so pretty.

    1. Our weather seems like a wet and rainy month...hope the revervoirs fill up for next summer and that we avoid flooding.
      We are hosting a small dinner party tonight for friends and we have been busy getting ready...hope I haven't forgotten my hostess skills!!

  5. I love your necklace. Your callicarpa is beautiful, mine is very dissapointing, it hasn't put on much growth from last year and doesn't have any berries on it.

    1. Our Calicarpia was slow to grow and it has just recently taken off...perhaps yours will bloom next year. The colour is so pretty and the birds seem to be interested in the berries.
      Take care Polly.


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