Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Summer snippets 2020...

My neighbour's garden has some rare and unusual plants.

Artistic touches are evident throughout her garden. 

Her choice of colourful flowers make a bold statement and are often dramatic.

Our poppies are still putting on a spectacular show.
I am saving the seeds for next years blooms.

My neighbour across the street and I were out chatting and watched a doe
as she grabbed one of the seed pods and swallowed it right before our eyes!

The urban deer are a hot topic of conversation among the gardeneres at this end of the block...

(5 deer reside in the back yard of a home nearby)

Mom and her fawns are enjoying our front garden "salad bar" so much this year!

No amount of Bobex is stopping their munching.

A dear friend and I went out to an antique store last week.

We wore our masks and perused the shop
before we decided on purchasing these Canadian vintage sap buckets.

We both thought of creative ways that we could use them...

ice buckets, flower vases, planters, 

My friend is planning to use them to collect sap from her Elm tree.

John Paul II Rose
reblooming after getting planted in The Humble Bungalow Garden.

He shares the bed with Crocosmia Lucifer...

I wonder how they are getting along?

Dierama aka Angel's Fishing Wand

 in my neighbour's garden...ours has not yet bloomed.

Bought some new buckets and shovels for the sandy beach at Sidney Spit.
Hope we have some sunny days when we are there with the grandchildren.

We plan to build some sandcastles...

A friend dropped off some books the other evening.
I had run out of books to read.

To me that is a very dire situation...

I purchased The Library at the Edge of the World by Felicity Hayes-McCoy
it is a delightful book ~ a perfect beach read.

Am excited to read these other titles. 
They should keep me entertained for the next month or so.

Jude the Obscure with Lady's Mantle

Love the form and fragrance of this beautiful David Austin Rose.

Hubby and I are celebrating our 46th anniversary.

We were married young and were high school sweethearts.
So we have actually been together as a couple for 50 years!

Our friends treated us to a lovely dinner on their porch the other evening.

Look at the rhubarb pie!

Hope that you are staying safe, 
are wearing your mask when you cannot self distance...
our active Covid cases on Vancouver Island 
have increased since Phase 3 has been enacted.

It is quite unsettling hearing the double digit daily cases in BC.

We need to keep our bubbles "small"
and as Dr. Bonnie Henry reminds us
"more faces in bigger spaces."

Fresh air, blue skies, sunshine, birdsong and buzzing bees
just some of the 
of Summer.

Thank you for stopping by The Humble Bungalow Blog!

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~


  1. As always, such gorgeous flowers! I have seen so many deer on my walks - they are everywhere! Happy anniversary to you and Mr. HB - that rhubarb pie is awesome, as is your friends' view!

    1. We were out driving around at dinner time and saw lots of deer! It must have been their dinner time too! Our friends have a beautiful home with expansive views and their garden is an oasis of lush plants. They have created a masterpiece in the years that they have been there.

  2. Happy Anniversary. I adore Rhubarb pie. Your flowers are exquisite!

    1. Rhubarb pie is so tasty! I love it with coconut ice cream too!

  3. It is such a treat to see your flowers: hot pink and bright yellow is a combination I enjoy, and Jude the Obscure is beyond beautiful. You made me smile with your creative planting - St. JP II and Lucifer all in together :)
    Happy 46th Anniversary (we have been together 50 years also), and what a super idea for a rhubarb pie. Clever cook. I am so sorry to hear Covid cases are on the increase, and am pleased to read your are wearing a mask. Since relaxed rules came to Queensland over the past month, people are becoming careless, ignoring rules and lying to authorities. It fills me with fear and I dread another flare up as has happened in our Southern states. Happy gardening and be safe. P.

    1. So many people are ignoring the advice of the medical experts. I am fearful too and staying at home as much as possible. Thankfully I have a stack of books to read and home keeping chores and our garden all keep me pretty busy!
      Stay safe Patricia 💐

  4. Figure JPII is praying over Lucifer. Looks like they are getting along just fine. :)

    Congratulations on your 46th anniversary. Nice job with the rhubarb pie.

    1. My friend Suzanne made that special anniversary pie! She’s creative in her kitchen and makes delicious meals for her family and friends. Loved the 46 on the top !!

  5. All of the flowers are lovely. I hope our numbers come down a little in B.C. We've done such a good job until now. Happy Anniversary!

    1. Our numbers reflect more people taking risks and getting closer than they should and not wearing masks. Dr Bonnie says we need to keep up our guard and stay farther apart or we’ll have to shut down summer which would really be a shame. I read a story about a young and physically fit doctor who had been in intensive care for 107 days and was just discharged and has many complications as a result of the virus. It sounds horrific and should be a warning for everyone.

  6. What lovely pictures to remind us what summer is all about, beautiful flowers, gardens, food and beach fun. Happy 46th and pleased to hear that you were able to enjoy a celebration in these difficult times. Just hope commonsense will return on the covid front.

    1. We are enjoying the warm summer days are are making time to savour our experiences during the rather strange and limiting directives from our health experts. We look forward to a safer time ahead.

  7. A very happy anniversary to you both! Your pictures are a feast for the eyes.

    1. Thank you Jeannine...my sister turned 60 and it’s not a surprise that there were no surprise parties. We plan to go to the spa in Oak Bay to celebrate her special day, swim in the outdoor pool and enjoy lunch

  8. Happy Anniversary - 46 - congratulations to you both. And I think there may be a typo - Dr. Henry says "fewer faces in bigger spaces (not more faces)". Thanks for reminding us all about what our responsibility to protect the health of others (as well as our own).

    1. OOPS!
      We are still reluctant to expand our bubble too much...we did see a few people outdoors for Happy Hours but that is about it. I walked with a friend who is keeping her bubble small and we had take out tea and scones in the Mews area of Government House here in Victoria...the gardens are lovely. They even have a Covid 19 "Victory Garden" full of really healthy looking veggies.
      Stay well


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