Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Skincare, roses and books...

Pavement Series Rose
very fragrant with treacherous thorn studded stems.

While in isolation during Covid 19 
I have changed my daily make up routine.
Andalou 1000 Roses CC cream for sensitive skin. 

I like the soft dewy finish and the glow that I get while wearing this cream.
The added sunscreen protects me while I am out walking or playing in the garden.

Also new is the 1000 Roses body lotion by Andalou 
after my morning shower and love the light rose scent.

Flowers from our son's garden.

Focusing on Skin care from the inside out...

Roasting colourful vegetable for my lunches.
Upping my intake of healthy food 
by eating more vegetables and drinking lots of water.

Our heart in the window in honour of the frontline workers.

Reading during Covid has been a big part of my daily routine.

I have discovered so many new authors...

I love this book so much!
Am going to try and find Gill Paul's other books.
With our local library closed I will need to buy them. 

Climbing Royal Sunset Rose
a winning rose
stunning apricot orange shade 
a deep rich fragrance
lots of blooms
 repeat blooming throughout the summer season.

How are you doing?
With the restrictions easing are you out shopping in stores?
Dining out?
Going to the hairdresser?

Do you feel safe as we step out into the "new normal?"

I have a mask which I plan to wear on occasion especially when social distancing is not possible.

I am looking forward to meeting with my stylist for a trim 
when the salon reopens next month.

Stay safe.

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~


  1. Your roses are just gorgeous! I have one mask, but it's too small (and covered with sequins!), so I need another. I've been out and about a little bit, but am mostly still staying at home when I can.

    1. Oh sequins! wow that is way more glamorous than most of the masks I have seen!
      I like the idea of fancy masks!

  2. I really like the Andalou 1000 Roses line. They sell it at Choices in Vancouver. I'm reading the Penelope Lively Life in the Garden book right now as I work to transform our now outside balcony into a garden with comfy seating. My tomatoes are growing like crazy. I don't plan to dine out but I am going to book a visit to Van Dusen in June. My hair probably needs a trim but I will wait for a while. We ordered those cloth masks to help support the care of the animals at the aquarium but they have not arrived yet. Enjoy your flowers, books and veggies.

    1. I finished Penelope's book Life in The Garden and have leant it to a fellow gardener...she's a fabulous writer. Our tomatoes are growing fast too with all this sunshine.
      I look forward to seeing what you put on your balcony.
      Take care Joanne

  3. I took a previous "rose" recommendation of yours and purchased some Derma.E Rosehip and Almond Lotion. It's wonderful. I've been going to work throughout this, along with also going to grocery stores. Same with my husband. Yes, I am most ready to venture out further and look forward to more and more things opening up.

    1. Good that you have been able to keep working and staying safe.
      I have been grocery shopping too...with fewer people shopping its quite quick to navigate the aisles and check outs. Products that work and have a subtle scent are lovely.
      Take care Jeannine

  4. I got 25 books out from the library before it closed in late March, but haven't read them all yet as I still worked, and felt it difficult to concentrate. The library has let us have them to the end of July, but have reopened branches this week as our lockdown has eased up here in NZ.


    1. Clever of you to order all those books! Many of my friends are having trouble focusing on books and are quilting, knitting, and stitching instead. I must need the distraction of a book because I am reading much more than usual!

  5. The two roses are both so beautiful - the sweet pink and the pretty sunset one. I really like your idea of roasting vegetables for lunches: it is something we could try here as we go into cooler weather, but are still only eating at home. This is the first week of slight easing of restrictions, but we are very wary. Only 10 people can be served food in a cafe situation, so we are not bothering about that right now. Neither of us has been near a hair salon since February but as they are very busy now, that can wait. Some places do not properly conform to the distancing regulations, so we take care. We have been forced to go out because some things just need to be personally selected and are unavailable online. I wear mask and gloves. I am reading a lot too, downloading books to my kindle. Libraries have just reopened this week. Take care.

    1. We are being asked now to wear cloth masks when we cannot socially distance. Our medical directors are saying that we can go shopping if the stores are ready and restaurants are permitted to reopen if the tables are 6 feet apart but in reality a lot of them will just do take out or open up their patios. We have done take out a couple of times but really with only my husband and I it’s not a hardship to cook dinner. And I have LOTS of time to prepare meals!!!
      Stay well.

  6. I have a small used bookshop in Amherst, Ohio. My favorite "go to" online shops for inexpensive used books are Abe Books, Thrift Books, Discover Books, and Better World Books. Some offer free shipping.

    1. We have lots of book shops here and most are offering curbside pick up which is handy as it saves on shipping costs.
      I used Abe books a lot when I worked in the school libraries.
      Amherst sounds like an enchanting city.
      Take care Cindy

  7. THANK YOU for your words and BLOG........I hope to get out in the GARDEN TODAY and deadhead the roses!We have had grey and rainy days in MAY!
    A book you would enjoy is LADY IN WAITING!HER life and stories are fascinating.She is 87 and had an incredible Life!

    1. Oh another good book for my TBR list!
      Your roses are way ahead of mine! I love seeing your garden on your blog. Victoria has a small tornado touch down in a residential area yesterday!!! It picked up a trampoline and tossed it around! No one was hurt but it made the nightly news.
      Have fun and be safe.

  8. Your Royal Sunset rose is exquisite and I always enjoy your recomndations for rose scented products!

    1. Thank you Ginger we both do love the rose fragrance...I prefer it over all other scents.

  9. late autumn here so my roses are not as nice as yours and the wind is icy cold today.
    Our hairdressers never closed... if they wanted to they could but many are open all the time. I believe some more department store shops are going to be open next week but the online shopping has been going through the roof here.

    1. Oh I am surprised that hairdressers stayed open! I plan to have my hair trimmed soon after my salon reopens. It haven’t been to my stylist since December I will be very cautious when I shop.
      Stay cozy and safe.

  10. With your love of roses may I recommend Youtube's RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2020 - they are showing a new episode everyday and of course show clips from previous year's gardens and they are just so amazing. Episode 2 at about the 17 minute mark has Mary Berry interviewing David Austen Jr. and showing many of their new roses - plus there is a tribute to his father.
    Ontario - and especially Toronto is opening up but very slowly. Stores with street entrances can open but with restrictions and I have bought a new bra from my favourite specialty shop - I ordered online and arranged a pick up time as they are not ready to open - I just knocked on the door at the appointed time and a brown paper bag was handed out. I was able to buy this without a fitting as they keep a record of customer size and style preference and I was lucky that they had one in stock (last order I had to wait a month for them to arrive from the UK). I'm not sure that I'm ready to go back into a shop as yet - there isn't a lot that I need. I've gained that "Quarantine 15 pounds" so don't really want to buy new clothes as I need to lose that over the summer.
    I tend to walk early in the morning to avoid crowds and I use the subway at off hours when I go to the office (once a week) and always wear a mask and gloves. I would love to meet friends for a coffee and a chat but I'm not ready to go into a restaurant as yet. Once it is allowed a friend plans on having a couple of us over to her backyard - we may just bring our own food and she'll make coffee and we can sit apart and still visit.
    While I'd love a haircut I'm not desperate as I stopped colouring my hair over a year ago and it has been growing since then and had finally reached the point where it was all one length. I have trimmed my bangs (badly) but thanks to some giant rollers - from Amazon - my hair is actually not looking too bad! I don't think they'll be open for at least another month so some of my friends will be a bit desperate by then.
    Schools will not open until Sept. here in Ontario and daycares are not open as yet either - I think they will have to be next as more people will not be able to go to work until they have childcare. They are opening up a few more park amenities this weekend but still not playgrounds or swimming pools and sports fields are only for "pick up games" no organized sports allowed. We have been warned - if cases start to spike we will be shut down again.
    Most people I know are just fine with that - plus, no offence - but I'm happy that the border with the US will stay closed for at least another month and I really hope they will think long and hard before opening it up to visitors from the US as things are very scary down there.

    1. Your province and ours here in B.C. are being very careful about reopening. There are Work Safe guidelines for most businesses and recreational facilities. Schools are scheduled to reopen on a part time basis June 1st for those who choose to attend. September is when the classes will really resume. I am concerned about the second wave that the experts say will occur.
      Your outdoor get together sounds perfectly safe. We have had a couple of Happy Hours in gardens sitting far apart. It’s so nice to see our friends and family in person.
      I will look on You Tube for those Chelsea Garden videos. I love watching garden shows! I have been viewing Minty Don’s Secret British Garden series.
      Enjoy your new lingerie!
      Stay safe Margie.

  11. Your apricot rose is beautiful. If I had to choose only one flower to have in my garden it would be roses. I have a couple of masks, quite basic ones. I keep meaning to make some but never get round to it.

    1. I picked some to bring inside yesterday and their scent is quite strong...I placed them in the main floor bathroom which I like to do as the cats usually leave them alone!
      My friend made us masks...I no longer have a sewing machine so it was most thoughtful to get a couple as a gift. Good luck with your sewing project!

  12. Life for us is still very much in lockdown and we have been isolating for ten weeks. The garden, reading and writing keeps me occupied but it is Zoom and FaceTime that is the best help in connecting me to friends and family. The book group is now on Zoom, with poetry meetings as well as our usual book discussions, although nothing can replicate the convivial and noisy suppers that we usually have! I have returned to using kindle but in normal times I much prefer to handle a real book.
    Your roses look wonderfully healthy. Mine are currently being battered by strong winds!
    Stay safe and well.

    1. Zoom has changed the way people work, meet up and socialize. Technology is helping us in so many ways during Covid.
      A couple of our roses have rust and a few leaves with black's frustrating but par for the course when one grows roses...they are high maintenance plants!
      Enjoy your week,


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