Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Travel carry on list making...roasted tomatoes and a new book!

Travel planning is part of the fun when embarking on a getaway.
A friend and I will be flying off to Italy and France in the next few weeks...
I want to be prepared for a variety of events and weather.
 I am relying heavily on layers to do the job.

This is the list of things that I am mulling over.

Colour theme of basic black, grey and white.

All will fit into my Air France carry on.
I did not add all the scarves to my list 
as I am trying to decide if I can be happy with one or two 
which ones they may be are still to be decided.

This navy cashmere cardigan will go with all my clothes.
The silk scarf is a triangular shape and adds a bit of oomph to the basic items.

The coat I am packing is from Eileen Fisher 
 an olive green khaki shade...
there is some olive green in this scarf 
as well as mustard yellow, blue, white, black and many more shades.

I can tie it to focus on the colours that I want to emphasize.

This long charcoal grey jacket is in a sturdy knit fabric 
which can be also be worn as a coat.
It's from Bryn Walker 
I am leaning to taking it as its very versatile and has two large pockets.

I've been busy roasting the tomatoes that my husband grew in his greenhouse.
The sweet and richness of roasted tomatoes is such a treat.
Very versatile over fish or pasta.
Can be served as a side dish...or on top of a sliced baguette.

I added these to a jar of quality Italian pomodoro sauce
simmered for about an hour before I
served it over pasta.
An absolute gastronomic delight!

Autumnal colourful flowers for the cottage...

I've discovered a new author 
Kate Eberlen.
Am immersed in this lovely story...
it's a romantic story of two young people 
who have a chance meeting in Florence while on holiday 
and it moves back to London where their lives cross paths...

I am starting Part Two and am enjoying the story and writing immensely.
It's so refreshing when you discover a new author and I found out her next book "If Only" is due to come out in April of 2020.

What are you reading?
Have you discovered any new authors?

Do any of you seasoned travellers have advice you care to share when it comes to packing light for 3 weeks using only a carry on?

Thank you for stopping by The Humble Bungalow Blog.

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~


  1. This comment really isn't about this current post but about magnesium supplements. I too have been wanting to try them and after reading you post I think I will. Sometimes it is hard to consume all of the foods necessary for proper nutrition.

    We will have to compare notes as to the results.

    1. I am sleeping much better and it worked the very first night I tried it! Good luck.

  2. May I ask what size your carry on bag actually is? I ask because many of you call a carry on what I consider to be checked luggage so I'm not quite sure what space you have available...

    For anything over a week I use a 20" case (which I believe many consider to be carry on). I could never manage this down those narrow aisles - neither could I lift it into the overhead bin. I also tend to travel most often with a friend who always has a larger case that MUST be checked so we are waiting anyway - and honestly - the wait time has never been anything unusual.
    Like you I plan around a colour scheme so that I can mix and match.
    I wear my heaviest clothes onboard - jeans, heaviest sweater/jacket & walking shoes
    I pack lots of undies, socks & tops and limit the other items.
    I pack old and/or worn undies and throw many of them out as used instead of washing them. I have also done this with old t-shirts that I wore underneath other sweaters so little showed but they offered more warmth.
    This frees up space to bring a few things home.
    I find that packing cubes keep things neat & makes it easier to find things.
    I carry a cross body purse (medium size) and a tote bag onboard.
    I always have a change of undies & socks, a clean shirt & pjs in the tote, along with my toiletries.
    If I'm gone for two weeks or less I don't do laundry - if more time away I would have to do laundry once.
    I'm barely 5'2" and I walk with a cane - so my personal travel motto is - "If I can't carry it - I don't need it"! I learned this the hard way!
    I will look forward to reading all about your adventures!

    1. The Air France bag is 21.7 X 13.8 X 9.9 inches
      it is what Air France allows as a carry on.
      I had no trouble putting my carry on in the upper storage area but I did stand on a seat to do it as I am only 5'1 inches tall !
      I will wear my heaviest clothes on board also...I keep my lingerie in good condition by hanging them to dry...I also love lacy under garments! I will be doing some light hand washing while I am away but that's not a problem as they dry so quickly.
      I have a Longchamp bag which I use a a tote for my liquids, make up, book and pills...I plan to take the magnesium with me!
      Pulling a wheeled carry on is quite easy and if stairs are involved I still manage...but if it were a huge case I would be in trouble!!

  3. Exciting time, planning a trip. As one who lives in the south of France, I suggest one coat (it gets cool at night), a cardigan or two and the puffy vest for during the day. Doubt you will need the swimsuit unless you are staying somewhere with a heated pool. I'd swap the sandals for some flat comfortable slip-ons (good to wear in your hotel room and also for dining out). Three scarves in different colourways give you some choice and if one is a pashmina, very useful. Bon chance

    1. I am bringing the swimsuit as there is a pool in Italy where we are staying but not sure if it will be too cold to swim...its very light so I am taking the chance. The pashmina is also good for the plane in case it is cold.

  4. You are going to have such a wonderful time on your trip! My only advice is to check the weather reports (average temps for times you are going, and more current temps as the time for leaving becomes very close). Make sure you have a rain plan in terms of rain jacket and/or umbrella. I think you idea of layers is a very good. Don't take any item of clothing that you don't love to wear--as you probably will not choose to wear it. Have a wonderful trip!! Your tomatoes look so yummy.

    1. I have alreadt started to watch the weather...I am adding a Columbia water proof jacket to my list...thank you. I am only taking clothes that I love to wear...

      The tomatoes are really husband has a green thumb when it comes to his greenhouse!

  5. I'm headed overseas on Sunday. My travel packing list is on a fairly detailed excel spreadsheet (the format is reused for other trips). I list the main clothing items in one grouping, accessories in another. Then, on the same worksheet I put together potential outfits (e.g. clothing, accessories, shoes) in groupings. Each grouping addresses the kinds of daily activities and/or weather that may be encountered. This helps me think through individual clothing choices--do I need that extra shirt or sweater, etc.? In the days before leaving, I use the list to adjust those choices, if necessary, based on newest weather forecasts. A side grouping on the spreadsheet then lists which items will go in the suitcase vs. the carry-on at my feet with a box outlined beside each item. As I pack, I put an X in the box so I know I didn't miss anything (e.g. tablet, cords, power bank, meds, etc.). Should anything get lost or stolen during my travels, the spreadsheet will also serve as a record of content for insurance purposes. What can I say? I am detailed oriented. :)

    Wishing you bon voyage. good weather and easy packing!

    1. Oh Mary your spreadsheet sounds very high tech! You are far more organized than I will ever be...have a fabulous trip!

    2. Great idea, Mary - would you be willing to post your spreadsheet?

  6. I always bring flip flops for the hotel room. I don't know if your sandals can serve that purpose. Otherwise love your combinations.

    1. Agree, I can't stand to walk around hotel rooms (esp. bathrooms) in bare feet.

    2. The sandals are woven leather straps on top and have a comfy walking foot bed with open toes and heels...they are Merrell's and I can wear them with my dress, skirt, pants and even the bathing suit...they'll double as slippers too.

  7. I am reading along with great interest - your post and the comments. I have just returned from a short trip with my husband. We took one checked bag. Despite being at the airport close to 3 hours early, the bag was never put on the flight. Didn't show up until the next afternoon. This is the third time our bag has been lost while travelling and we are not big travelers. Fortunately, they have always been found, but it can be a very inconvenient start to one's trip. Just curious to know if you pack this way to avoid such a scenario or to make it easier all around? Also, some of the people ended up having to check their carry ons as the flight was full.

    1. The thought of losing my luggage just makes me crazy!!
      That's one of the reasons that I use a carry on...and it's easier to manoeuver than a large case. We have a flight to make a couple of hours after we land from Paris to Rome so I thought it wise to just exit the plane and go to clear customs asap...

  8. I've traveled only once with a carry on (last time and it was good) ,I use to overpack and have to learn how to downsize,so no advises from me but I think I'll need at least two sweaters/cardigans and 2 scarfs.
    I wish you a wonderful holidays! Making lists,packing and planning is a great joy as well
    I've just finished new Ann Cleeves The Long Call and am reading Jane Harper's The Lost Man

    1. Good to hear that your carry on worked well for you...scarves take up little room and are so very light and they make the same outfit feel different enough so its not like wearing a uniform!!
      I have not heard of Jane Harper...must add her to my reading list! Thank you.

  9. I ALWAYS travel with carry-on only: I have a long champ bag I use: I take 2 pair of pants, 2 warm sweaters and some tops, underwear, etc . I wear the coat on the plane. If you find you need something, you can always purchase it there.

    1. I love the Longchamp bag that i bought when i went to France in 2015...its so light yet strong. I use it as my accessory piece. Knowing that I am able to purchase anything I need is reassuring!!

  10. Sounds like you have the packing down to a science. Well done. I agree, carry on is the best way to go. Plus, if something comes up and you need another outfit, it will be fun to make a purchase. Fresh tomatoes are so tasty. The grocery store toms do not compare. Susan

    1. I've studied the packing habits of frequent flyers....on Pinterest and blogs.
      They are the ones who really know what they are doing!

  11. I have read all three of Jane Harper's books, an enjoyed all of them. I also like that she is
    Australian author. I look forward to your book recommendations. My husband and I travel to the USA from Australia every year always with booked luggage and so far have never had anything go missing.

    1. Jane Harper's books sounds like they are very popular...always love a new series!
      You're very fortunate that you have never lost luggage.

  12. Thanks so much for sharing your packing list! I am currently working on one for our upcoming trip to Italy (mostly Sicily, with a night in Naples and 3 in Rome) and am also planning carry-on only but I don't think I'm as streamlined as your are!
    I've been weighing all of my items and keeping a detailed spreadsheet. We're flying Alitalia and the dimensions of the carry-on are the same as AirFrance but there's a severe weight limit: 8 kgs or 17.6 lbs!
    Debating on whether to wear my Chelsea boots or Frye white leather sneakers on the plane. The former are great for the outfits, but we'll be doing an awful lot of archeological site walking and sightseeing. Also planning lightweight, slip-on knit Skechers.

    1. I plan to buy a scale to weigh the carry we are flying Air France then Air Alitalia. The shorter flights seem to be more strict about the weight allowances of the bags.
      I have New Balance sneakers for serious walking but do love the Chelsea boots and sandals all comfy for many kilometres!
      Enjoy your trip Adele!

  13. I picked up a small digital scale (lightweight, of course!) at TJ Maxx and plan to take it with us. We're taking a flight on Volotea from Palermo to Naples, and they weight both the carry-on and personal items and per person it cannot exceed 22 lbs. Thanks for the good wishes! Let's compare notes after our trips, I cannot wait to hear about your cooking course!

  14. I understand the weight limits of smaller planes, but if weight is so important, why doesn't the passenger's weight count? I, at 140 pounds and Mr. Big at 240 pounds have the same luggage restrictions, yet he gets to bring 100 pounds more!?!
    ~ skye

  15. 3 weeks in a carry on. Brava! I'm a carry on person, but usually just go for a week since we are still tethered to work and kids activities. I'm looking forward to your reports from Europe. We were in France at the beginning of the summer and in Italy at the end of it. I'm already booking my next trip back and will look to you for ideas! On the book front, I just started Ann Patchett's The Dutch House. I love her writing and the plot is right up my alley!

  16. You take beautiful photos. Karen