Monday, September 23, 2019

Everyday clothes...

My basic wardrobe has gone through quite a transformation these past few years.
I've purchased a few basics from The Eileen Fisher store on South Granville in Vancouver.

This is my everyday Fall and Winter wardrobe.

Two pairs of black Eileen Fisher 
 one in rayon and the other a knit.

Eileen Fisher 
Ralph Lauren
Vintage America

Sleeveless tops
Eileen Fisher white
Eileen Fisher black
Sympli wine

Tahari Linen white 
H and M linen white
Wilfred Free grey knit
Karl Lagerfeld printed Paris graphic 

Long sleeved tops
Cable and Guage Black with white polka dots 
Tilley black wrap style 
Sympli black knit
Saint James striped black and white V neck
David Cline grey black white print
Bailey 22 blue Tencel shirt
Holland America souvenir navy and white striped top 
with sequined cruise ship detail on front

Puffy vests
black Eileen Fisher
blue Calvin Klein

Black Goat camel cashmere swing coat cardigan
Black Goat black cashmere V neck tunic 
Multi coloured grey with accents rib knit long vest 
Navy cashmere cardigan
Grey hooded cardigan / jacket style

Black textured knit A line skirt

Active wear
Black capri length Yoga pants
Black and grey long Yoga pants
Columbia active wear black jacket
Columbia active wear black rain jacket

Jackets and Coats
Eileen Fisher olive green khaki jacket
Bryn Walker charcoal grey knit 
Saint James beige rain coat
Eddie Bauer down charcoal puffy coat 
Lands' End black down puffy jacket
Vintage denim jacket

I have a few pieces of dressier clothes for special occasions 
which are stored in our guest room closet.
Most items I have had for a long time and many are vintage from thrift shops. 

Saint James striped top and Eileen Fisher vest.

I love how easy it is to get dressed with a small wardrobe.
The key is to have a few basic pieces that mix and match
accessories to add that little extra oomph.

It's been a gradual shift and I have learned a LOT from other bloggers.

Buying fewer pieces, investing in quality long lasting garments just makes sense.

I recently read that the "Fast Fashion" industry 
is the top contributor to climate change.

Eileen Fisher offers clothing recycling 
where EF garments are redesigned and made into new pieces of clothing.
The company also sources organic materials.
Her ethical approach to the fashion industry is one of the reasons that I am willing to pay a little more for a garment.
Feeling better wearing something that is not harming our planet.

Everlane is a company the Janet at The Gardener's Cottage is passionate about.
She received a lovely cashmere sweater from them made using recycled cashmere...recycling fashion is just such great news.

Comfortable too, showing up in the same or similar outfits.
No more feeling pressured to continually
spend money.

Instead the extra money I can use for...
Experiences, travel, date nights with my husband,
home improvements
lessons and clothes for the grandchildren.

Rainy day today...
perfect for getting some things done inside The Humble Bungalow.
Laundry has been accomplished...
A Fall pot roast dinner has been prepped.
I've repainted the hobby room floor as it was getting chipped by years of wear.

After I publish this post
 I plan to pop the kettle on and enjoy a few chapters in my current book
Miss You by Kim Eberlen

Thank you for stopping by The Humble Bungalow Blog.

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~


  1. I really like your everyday wardrobe and can relate to it. My everyday wardrobe is still a work in progress, but, like you, I've learned a lot from reading what others have to say about gathering a workable wardrobe. I've found that my wardrobe had become SO everyday that I have needed to find some things that are a bit more special. If you have time check out the website for Roberta Roller Rabbit--you might find a few things that interest you. Thank you for your lovely blog with its always inspiring photos.

    1. That's a cute website Susan, they have some fun clothes and home decor items.
      I hope to find something nice on my trip to purchase as a souvenir...maybe a scarf?
      I am so glad that i bought the striped Holland America long sleeved tee on our trip to Alaska...the sequinned cruise ship on the front is a bit of a departure for me but I get many positive comments when i wear it! We need to remember to have fun with fashion.

  2. A small but workable wardrobe is what I'm aiming for these days, too, especially as I contemplate retiring in the next year or two. It has been a very rainy day, and cool, too. Sweaters and scarves are so cozy.

    1. When we retire we can redesign our wardrobe to suit our needs and it evolves as we ease into our slower life!

  3. I admire your resolve to build a small and well though out wardrobe, this still seems to be beyond my skills. LOL I am curious about how you find such great piece to fit without altering in petite sizes, that is such a problem for me at 5'2" and I know that you have mentioned in the past that you are not very tall either. You seem to manage this challenge beautifully.

    1. I am 5 foot 1 and Eileen Fisher has petite sizes!!!
      They work so well for me...I know it’s a challenge finding clothes for those us who are height challenged. Have you tried her clothes? I hope you find solutions you.

  4. You really have your colour palette down and it works so well! Many years ago you inspired me to make good use of scarves. So easy to wear and especially to bring along on trips. Lovely to see the bungalow looking so charming as ever!! xxx

    1. Dani,
      I am very excited to see and hear more about your Stone House!
      You must be having such fun for home decor items is one of my most favourite things...especially sourcing vintage items.
      Scarves are so versatile, I rely on them to add that little extra oomph with my very basic outfits.

  5. I love your wardrobe. Very good choices. I had a year pre and post surgery where I could only wear stretch pants or leggings so I'm enjoying shopping in my closet again. I've picked up a couple of fall pieces but agree that fast fashion is terrible. The average piece of clothing is worn something like 6 times (and only 3 in some countries.) I can't imagine! I still have a few items of clothing from university.

    1. Hi Jen,
      Nice to hear from you...I can imagine how much more fun you are having with your post surgery wardrobe! I had a couple of years with frozen shoulders and could not do my hair or many other things so I had a pixie cut and now mended I am growing my hair out and I like it so much better longer...I find it more versatile.
      I have no clothes from my past...well except my wedding dress but its a size 6 and fits our daughter but not me anymore!!

  6. I really like your black and white wardrobe. I've succumbed to colour this year after a few years of grey. I'm working full-time for 6 weeks right now. It is fun to get dressed up for school
    although by Wednesday, I would love a day off. Jeans and my striped shirt would be great.
    You wardrobe will be very effective for your Europe trip!

    1. Your mauves and pink colours look fabulous on you Madame...
      6 weeks of work will pass in the blink of an eye! Jeans and a striped shirt sounds very crisp and comfy...I am toying with the idea of a crisp white tunic length shirt...would pair well with pearls too!!