Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Embracing Joy...

Do you feel Joyful?

Joy definition...

a feeling of great pleasure and happiness.
"tears of joy"
synonyms: delight, great pleasure, joyfulness, jubilation, triumph, exultation, rejoicing, happiness, gladness, glee, exhilaration, ebullience, exuberance, elation, euphoria, bliss, ecstasy, transports of delight, rapture, radiance

What do you enjoy in your daily round?

I've thought about what brings me pleasure on a daily basis.
After due consideration,
I discovered its really the simple things that bring me Joy.

Starting each morning with a mug of hot coffee...
with some quiet time to check my email, social media, and perhaps read a chapter in my current book.

A shower with fragrant soap or body wash, drying off with a pure linen towel and then applying some emollient lotion.

Washing my face and gently applying a rich serum followed by moisturizer.

Domestic routines are followed...

simple chores like making the bed
tidying up the kitchen
emptying the dishwasher
starting the laundry

these jobs are important home keeping rituals.

An organized home is less stressful for me personally
so staying on top of the mess and clutter is imperative.

Getting out for a walk every day.

Looking at the homes and gardens as I pass by
listening to the songs of the birds...
gazing across the ocean to the snow capped mountains
as I walk along the seafront.

Other things that bring Joy;

roses roses roses!!!!
tasty healthy food
afternoon tea sipped from a beautiful china cup and saucer
thrift shopping
good books
scented candles
a cozy cashmere sweater
comfy jeans
donating to charity
a bouquet of David Austin roses picked fresh from the garden

                 ~ giving simple gifts ~

food...homemade soup, a frittata, or a casserole
delivering a posy of flowers
sharing a good book
a jar of jam and some fresh baked scones
soap with a handknit dishcloth
beeswax candles wrapped in a linen tea towel

"Giving" is rewarding and it is something I really enjoy...

There are so many things that bring Joy into our lives...
what are the things that you find bring you Joy?

I almost forgot to mention how much I love collecting sea glass!

and heart shaped rocks!!

So now its your turn to share what brings you joy...
please leave a comment if you have time.

Thank you for stopping by The Humble Bungalow Blog today.

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~


  1. So true. Many of your life's joy mirror mine. Just wish "our" beach produced some other colours of sea glass, we mainly get green and clear/opaque if lucky. Your roses are divine and like you I have many David Austin ones but I think Jude the Obscure will be the next.

    1. You will love the Jude rose it is so amazing!!!
      I'd love to find more blues and amethyst sea glass as we get a lot of clear and browns here in our area.

  2. I am grateful/joyful about many of the same things that you mention, although we don't live near the mountains nor the ocean and I don't drink coffee nor do I drink tea. Gardens, good books, knitting, quilting, baking, classical music, yoga, dropping a few pounds thus feeling better in my own skin, friends, family, decluttering, scented candles, browsing through English Garden magazine, the sound of mourning doves, a cool breeze on a warm evening, finding just "the ticket" for someone else.

    1. Your list of Joyful things Jeannine is beautiful...I feel a calm reading them.
      Oh and mourning doves is a sound we don't here in our area, English Garden magazines...YES I love perusing them too! Have you watched any of the Monty Don programs on gardens in France and Italy? They are fabulous...you tube and perhaps Netflix have them.

    2. Thanks for the recommendations on the Monty Don programs. I will look for them.

  3. Sharing a good book, eating a fresh salad, a special cheese or a good glass of wine...decluttering for sure, a compliment, Victoria magazine, early morning coffee in either my "Paris is always a good idea mug" or my Thoreau mug. Control of my physical surroundings, order and cleanliness are important to me.

    1. All things that I enjoy too!
      Perhaps it’s our library background that we like order over chaos or maybe because we embrace tidy place we were suited to keeping the library neat?

  4. I agree, the best things are the everyday things, at least that is what brings me the most happiness.

    1. I think we appreciate simple things much more now than we did when we were younger.
      I am not always thinking about the future, just living life in the moment seems to agree with me.

  5. Great post, it made me realize how many daily (or almost daily) joys I take for granted!...French vanilla coffee with cream, walking outside early morning (bare feet in the grass, wet with dew), checking favorite blogs and websites, lavender shampoo in the shower, cooking or baking for family, picking lettuce, snow peas, green onions and radishes from our raised beds, watching hummingbirds and bluebirds in the back yard, communicating with friends and family, receiving daily photos of little grandson, helping elderly parents, painting with acrylics, watching a sunrise or sunset, appreciating the many beautiful photos I see daily online, reading a book at bedtime, waking up and remembering a dream, especially a lucid dream!

    1. It is interesting when we stop and think about living life to the fullest and embracing the simple things.
      Your routines sounds particularly pleasant and calming.

  6. I have been thinking about that TOO LATELY!I have decided I need to change MY ROUTINE and GET OUT MORE!YES, I'm a HOMEBODY BELIEVE IT OR NOT!
    I get a LOT of JOY from my animals.......DOG, CAT, PIG and CHICKENS!
    Setting the table for dinner!
    Making a bouquet from the garden.
    Reading!I love to READ but lately find I get SO TIRED and have to close my eyes!SO FRUSTRATING as I want to keep on READING!
    New blog Post up on ACCESSORIES over in my hood!

    1. I am a homebody too but I do like walking and meeting up with friends.
      The garden takes up a lot of my time and energy at this time of year, but it is so beautiful that it lifts my spirits!
      I am off to read your blog now!

  7. Reading always brings me comfort and I always look at your book recommendations. I've read quite a few so thank you for that! Also, I want to start going on daily walks again. Admiring the mountains in the distance and neighbor's gardens brings me joy and calm. Appreciating the beauty of nature is like a reset button for me. Another thing that brings me joy is art. Lately, I've been missing seeing art, so I think a visit to a museum or two is in my near future!


    1. We are so fortunate to have such a wonderful array of good books to read! My list gets longer each day! Getting outdoors in the garden and nature are a tonic to my soul.


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