Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Blue and white...My Stylish French Box

When I read a few months ago that the theme of the May delivery of My Stylish French Box was going to be blue and white I did a little happy dance!

I posted pictures of our collection of blue and white porcelain before on the blog.
Our collection is small and carefully curated...will share them later in this post.

Look at how beautifully the contents are packed!
A feast for the eyes and the fragrance from the Fragonard candle is divine.

Letol scarf
Gien porcelain mug
La Pompon linen bags
Fragonard candle in a decorative reusable porcelain lidded container.

Notebooks and a lovely blue Swarovski crystal pendant.

I love receiving this elegant treat every few months.

If you are interested in ordering the August box or an annual subscription 
please click the link here 
You can also read the reviews from recipients.

Porcelain Bowls by Harumi Ota
Wee Vessel with bunnies by Robert Amos
both are local Victoria artists.

My newest dress is also in blue and white.

a cool loose linen frock

Have you read this book?
Its a classic!
one that I re-read every so often 
especially when I want some French Chic style inspiration.

What are you reading?

Where do you find inspiration for fashion and home decor?
Pinterest? Instagram? Magazines? Blogs? HGTV? You Tube?

I've just made a pot of Mariage Freres Earl Grey Tea.
 I am heading out to the front porch with my book .

Until next time...

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~


  1. I certainly like the looks of that blue box from France..lucky you..gorgeous array of beautiful things...where did you get the book you showed us how could I find it?..not listed in the library or on Chapters sites....looks interesting!!

    1. I forgot to show the beautiful antique linen monogrammed napkin. The book is one I have had for years and I bought my copy used on amazon. I think they are still available.

  2. The blue and white box is especially attractive. I don't usually buy any magazines but this month I bought Victoria, France (which featured the Loire Valley where I might be visiting in he future) and French Country. I'm planning some pool reading. I've been using Pinterest a lot lately. I find that blogs offer hints about combining clothing that I already own and about packing capsule wardrobes. I travel with far fewer pieces than I used to. There's something unwieldy about a giant suitcase.