Friday, November 9, 2018

Salt and Pepper...a new sweater!

The Hudson's Bay had a big sale last week.

I went downtown on a mission to buy a new watch strap which I found in a chestnut brown leather...I was hoping to find a red one but there were none that fit my watch.

While in the store I perused the petite section
and spied a soft cozy sweater
in a simple style that works with my wardrobe basic colours
 at a super low price...
what's not to love about that?

Style and Co.
(I think Macy's carry that line in the US)
tweedy knit
the colour of salt and pepper

in a basic style 
that I have already worn with my black swingy short skirt
black ponte knit dress pants

it is warm and cozy

with bell sleeves
which I thought I might find bothersome but they are quite lovely
I can roll them up if need be...
like when I was making pizza dough 
and dealing cards at bridge.

I wore it under my down jacket beach combing...

We found another heart shaped rock!

I am knitting the Bateaux Mouches scarf that I purchased from Churchmouse Yarns on Bainbridge Island.

The fingering weight of yarn is very fine and is super soft...
 by Drops and is a blend of alpaca and silk.

I have started on the second skein and hope that I will be able to finish it before next Spring!

I bring my knitting to the cottage.
I knit while waiting for the ferry and on the ride over...
then if I feel so inclined I will knit for about an hour each day at the cottage.

It is a basic garter stitch but looks very different on the larger needles.

Are you working on any projects?

It's pouring rain this morning and I will have to put on my wellies when I get out for my walk.
My down jacket and this cozy sweater will keep me warm.

Thank you for popping by The Humble Bungalow Blog.
Hope you have a fabulous weekend!

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~


  1. Salt and pepper are my go-to's for basic home and school wardrobe. I bought 2 sweaters at Bay Day a couple of weeks ago. I know that my cost per wear is very low. I really like the sleeves on your sweater. I'm having a hard time finding a comfortable grey or black skirt. Do you have a favourite brand? I'll be in Port Townsend next week so maybe I'll find something there. Your scarf is pretty. I've got a stitchery project that I should take along to the Olympic Peninsula.

    1. I have a black knit skirt that is swing-y and made of pinte knit jersey...I wear it with black tights it is Max Studio, a basic that is still going strong after several seasons.
      Hope you had fun in Port Townsend...I love it there, so pretty and the heritage buildings are wonderful.

  2. Hostess, is that your knitting bag hanging on the railing? I love it! If you made it do you know what the pattern was? I would love to hunt it down.

    I love reading your blog.


    1. Hi Elizabeth.. the pattern is called a fulled Lopi was from Hello Yarn .com
      I made it extra large and felted it in the washing machine then added vintage MOP buttons. It is many years old but still going strong!

  3. Your new sweater is a great addition to your very wearable wardrobe. Love your style. I missed seeing what you are reading. I am enjoying 'The Lightkeeper's Daughters' by Jean Pendziwol.

    1. I have just finished reading Still Me by JoJo Moyes...the thrid book in her trilogy.
      I saw The Lightkeeper's Daughter at the book sellers today! It sounds good...

  4. Your new sweater looks lovely and the yarn for the scarf sounds as soft as a cloud.
    You have given me so many wonderful book suggestions that I would like to return the favour.
    I just finished 'Meet me at the Museum" by Anne Younger and I could not put it down. A great story and I read a number of passages out loud because of her delightful way with words.
    ~ skye

  5. The yarn is lovely, such a wonderful soft looking texture...the finished piece will be lovely. I am not knitting but continue to work on a needlepoint project. Any type of needlework is so soothing.

    1. Keeping our hands busy seems to be a common way of relaxing for many women that I know...and it is soothing on a wet rainy afternoon when the garden is too mucky to be outside.

  6. Love your sweater! It is chilly today in White Rock.

    1. It is sunny here this afternoon! Actually not too cold either which is pleasant.
      Hope you are well and enjoying the lovely fall colour.

  7. Replies
    1. Its a nice addition to my small collection of sweaters...and its cozier than a denim shirt or a tee.

  8. I do enjoy the Hudson's Bay stores when in Canada, and your sweater is very nice and stylish, just what I'd love for myself. Your scarf is going to be beautiful, and I can tell the cold weather is closing in on you over there :)

    1. We are enjoying a lovely sunny fall afternoon here today!
      I spent the better part of yesterday afternoon with my knitting group and we chat and knit over copious cups of tea!

  9. I guess I’m not ready to return home...rain has stopped here. November is my least favorite month in BC. The weather in the South of France has returned to normal.
    I bought a grey poncho, almost the same colour as your wool...looking forward to wearing it at home.

    1. Oh I hope to see that poncho..The south of France must be so beautiful at this time of year...have you been to Auvillar? Our friends bought a place in town and are is in the center of the village by the clock tower and the only hotel which is very small!

      you would not mind the weather today Ali...sunshine, mild temperatures and no wind!

  10. I admit to being tempted by that sweater myself - but I knew I'd be hopeless with those sleeves so decided against it in the end. I hope you enjoy it.
    I'm just finishing reading "A Gentleman in Moscow" - before I start writing my Christmas cards - and I have really enjoyed it and recommend adding it to anyone's reading list.

    1. I read Amor Towles previous book and enjoyed it so I may try to get this new one at the library...I am wondering about Xmas cards this year...our list has gotten quite small and many of our friends do not send them anymore.

  11. NO PROJECTS per se...........just trying to keep A FLOAT!
    How many HEART rocks do you have now?