Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Tuesday snippets.. from my wicker chair on the front porch.

Come and sit for a bit on The Humble Bungalow front porch and relax...

I washed the front porch yesterday and took some things away.
There is a tendency to put too many things on the porch creating chaos
making relaxation next to impossible!

The magnolia is in bloom

out of these fuzzy pods 
pure white flowers emerge

They are so elegant...
Coco Chanel loved her camellias
well I love Magnolias!

We have several magnolias growing in the back garden 
 they are a different varieties.

One of the items that I moved was this old tool box
and when I spied these cheery daffodils at the garden centre later in the day I knew exactly where I would place them!

A pop of yellow...

I'd forgotten how much my skin loves this pot of Divine cream by L'Occitane.
So much moisture is delivered by using a small amount.

I've ordered the full size jar and have a bonus Divine Youth oil coming with it...
 a 2 day Easter special 
 as they say "timing is everything"
 so with a click of the button it was done.

 I know that "Youth Oil" is not going to turn back time 
but if it helps my skin glow and look hydrated I am content.

Dinner last night was a one pan classic...
prime rib roast with veggies roasted right beside it.
No gravy but big flavours.

I am reading this book right now which is really very entertaining...
these Mitford Sisters are truly iconic women.
Looking back in history when England was at war
 it describes how these six sisters played various roles in society
each unique with their contributions
one more famous than the others.

The fascinating Deborah, 
The Duchess of Devonshire,
whose book I read a few years ago.

Thank you for stopping by...
I must sign off for now and get cracking on my walk.

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~


  1. I must look for that book about the Mitford sisters. Have you read The House of Mitford by Jonathan Guinness? If not, it is worth reading.

    My magnolia is nowhere near flowering, Spring is further on with you though we did have a little sun today.

    1. I have not read that book by Jonathan Guiness...I will add it to my list, Thank you!

  2. Love your yellow and white flower display and your Mongolia. Yes that Mitford biography is a great read. Fascinating women. I'm curious what is the white on your vegetables? Mary

    1. Oh you are very observant Mary...there is horseradish by the meat but the other white bits are dollops of butter...they melted right after I snapped the picture!!!

  3. Love your yellow and white flower display and your Mongolia. Yes that Mitford biography is a great read. Fascinating women. I'm curious what is the white on your vegetables? Mary

  4. Such a beautiful post! Love the daffodils in the tool box. Someday want to try the Loccitane Divine Oil also. Could you please show us how you make your beef, carrots, potatoes, etc. It makes my mouth water every time I see it and I'm sure you have a special way of cooking it. Thanks for your beautiful posts.

    1. Oh to make the veggies I simply toss them in a small amount of oil and roast them in the oven on a seasoned very old, blue enamel roasting pan at 350 degrees for about an hour.

  5. Your magnolias are lovely! I have anemones blooming right now in the parking lot garden. They are such bright happy flowers. I'm walking with my daughter in the Sub Run (part of her new fitness goal) so I've got to get cracking too.

    1. There are so many lovely flowers starting to pit on a show now that our weather has warmed up a bit...have fun training for the walk...how many kilometers is that walk?

  6. Hello! !
    I am always impressed with a nice message.
    In this season, Japan is stained with cherry color.
    It is a very favorite season for Japanese people.
    Sakura in Washington DC is also a present from Japan.
    I am enjoying 70 kilometers on a road bike in cherry blossoms.

    1. We have many flowering cherry tress blooming here in Victoria...we live very close to Moss Street which is lined with these flowering beauties.
      Enjoy your ride!

  7. Thanks for the pictures of your lovely flowers - very uplifting. Your dinner looks delicious! Thank you, too, for the book recommendation - I will look for it. I previously read a book about the Mitfords or maybe it was only about Deborah. Very interesting. I know what you mean about not being able to turn back time - sometimes I feel like something happens to me overnight as, it seems, every day I notice something that has gone downhill from the day before!

    1. I used to feel like that when I woke up with deep creases on my face from sleeping but since I have been using the satin pillow slips they are not there saying good morning when I peek in the mirror....the laugh lines are definitely multiplying but thats fine by me as it means that I have laughed a LOT!

  8. It is looking so lovely and spring-like at the bungalow! Cleaning the porch is a spring task I really enjoy, it seems like it is a long way off unfortunately. Still very cold here and windy and I'm sure we have more snow to get through before it's all said and done.
    Love reading about the Mitford sisters, what characters.
    I hope you enjoyed your walk xxx

    1. After I washed and tidied up the front porch the weather has reverted back to colder temperatures and rain...just when we thought that we would be able to enjoy sitting outside...sigh.
      Thankful its not snow though...as pretty as it is I do feel the cold in my bones.

  9. Your flowers are so beautiful. Our roses have begun blooming, and small buds on tomato plants and fruit trees, which always makes me excited. I love the daffodils in the old tool box - so charming.

    1. Roses...what a lovely thought...
      your garden must be lovely Kathy.
      I am enjoying your new painitings too on IG...just so beautiful.

  10. PRIME RIB!
    Makes my mouth water to hear it!I shall make one FRIDAY NIGHT!
    THANK YOU................I must start walking TOO...........so easy to get so busy and not have the time!

  11. Your flowers will be a cheery sight even in the rainy weather we're currently experiencing. There's nothing like yellow daffodils and white magnolias in the spring. Your dinner looks amazing. I have a pot of that Divine Cream, too, but haven't yet used it!

  12. Your front porch and garden look lovely-ready to sit down and enjoy.
    I've washed my balconies yesterday and changed the pansies that didn't survive winter. Now I'm waiting for my magnolia to bloom
    Love Divine cream