Friday, April 6, 2018

Shopping with a nod to Mom...

The damp cold rainy weather has kept me indoors more than usual...

I have gone for shorter walks and took a page out of Mother's book!
Going shopping when inclement weather prevails...
Mom was a super shopper...she could have taught lessons on how to shop!
Mother absolutely loved fashion and clothing , she found such joy wearing and accessorizing her beautiful clothes. She was well turned out until the last couple of weeks before she passed away...and then she only wore her PJ's and bathrobe.

Mom had 4 full closets when she died... many classics and some quite trendy pieces...unfortunately we were not the same size...
I have kept her grey cashmere waterfall sweater and a black wool wrap...
they are so cozy and remind me of her when I wear them.

I've brewed up numerous pots of tea
layered on the extra warm cashmere and wool sweaters and shawls.
(thanks to mom I have two of her coziest)

My hands feel the chill so its nice to warm them with a cup of something hot.
Something soothing and tasty with zero calories!
I am mindful of my WW points and the slimming is slower than last time.

My Chelsea boots are away at the cobbler getting some new heels
so I have been wearing my favourite red shoes...
the pop of red makes me feel happy.

A few red things in the Humble Bungalow kitchen...

"Walking in the shops" has been productive...
(of course mom knew this!)
I found a new coat.

I'd gone into Aritzia to look at their Wilfred Free tops 
as they make a nice basic which fits and has a great shape...
with a silhouette that skims and in a knit fabric that can be casual or dressy
a U hem detail which looks good un-tucked.
I already have one in black.
They were out of my size so I ordered one in a neutral soft light grey shade that I will layer with my white jeans and pants.

While I was in the shop I noticed the Babaton line of lightweight coats...
in a light soft fabric, with almost a Tencel feel.
They were far too long on me and I did not want to pay extra to take one to the seamstress to have it drastically shortened.

I found a similar coat at The Bay by Vero Moda
a deconstructed trench coat in a very light and soft fabric.
It was marked down and I got it for a great price.

Have you noticed how many straw and wicker bags are showing up in the magazines this Spring?
I've got a straw tote bag but it is too large for everyday use...
it's more of a market tote 
one that I use when going to the farmers market or to the beach.

Never fear...
Etsy has oodles of vintage straw and wicker bags...
I spent about an hour looking online and then this one popped up 
I could not resist!

The bag is by Ann Taylor
look at that pop of red!

It will work with my denim skirt and jeans
my red ballet flats
 it has just that little extra oomph which I think will perk up my basics quite nicely.

I am eager to see this and hope that the delivery is speedy.

I found this distressed looking Tee at The Bay this week too...
it looks like nothing (well maybe like a dish rag) on the hanger
 it is much better on!

I will wear this with my white jeans
 layered with my denim shirt
underneath a long white and grey linen top
Maybe even pair it with my black ponte knit pants.

Its going to get a LOT of wear.

Last evening we met up with darling daughter and her husband 
to see their new place.
I found a vintage mint orange Catherine Holm kettle and an icy modernist piece of art glass as their housewarming gifts which were well received!

We took them out to dinner after at our favourite local eatery...Zambri's.

I ordered this succulent fish feature and I had a "Julia Child moment!"
Do you remember the movie Julie and Julia?

It is the scene where Julia is in Paris 
dining in a small cafe 
and tastes 
for the first time 
fish cooked in beurre blanc...

Oh my this dish was a little slice of heaven on earth.
I must try to make it at home.

I have kept this vintage avocado green Catherine Holm bowl in our kitchen cupboard for quite some time and I casually mentioned it to darling daughter and it seems that she would use it so it is off to a good home soon...

Before I close 
I want to share some of our very tall snowdrops...

Drenched with precipitation...
things are definitely greening up in the Humble Bungalow Garden!

Hope you are having a fabulous week...
and hey its already Friday!

I've got to get in some groceries and stock up on some cleaning supplies.
Maybe I will do some research on the beurre blanc recipe too.

Whats on your agenda for the weekend?
Have you been shopping for some Spring things?

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~


  1. I’ve not been shopping yet for spring things, although I’ve got my eye on a blouse at Talbots that will be nice once the Vancouver weather (and the office temps!) warm up.

    On the weekend agenda is a few regular errands / chores, and finishing the back of the cardigan I’m knitting. Tonight I’ll wind a few more skeins of the yarn; I ran out last night watching the hockey game, but had no desire to interrupt the Sedin’s final home game with setting up my swift and ball winder...

    1. It seems like April has been quite chilly so far and I hope that it warms up soon!
      I watched the hockey game when the Sedin's retired too while I was knitting a cotton dishcloth...

  2. I loved Julie and Julia so much. I borrowed Julia’s book on CD “My Life in France”. It was a delight to listen to in the car 🚗. Everything is better with butter or “beurre”. Bien sure.
    I covet your red ballet flats❤️

    1. Oh I love the idea of having Julia's book read to me while I drive...and butter does make things taste better! The ballet flast are from this season so you may find some if you look...

  3. I love that trench coat! I have a khaki trench, but unfortunately it's a little on the snug side right now :-(

    1. Your classic trench can be left open and unbelted if it is a bit snug...a very "french" way to wear it too...

  4. Meghan Markle wore a Babaton trench coat from Aritzia today, in a fabric similar to yours. She was in Bath with Prince Harry for the Invictus Games trials.

    1. Isn't Meghan adorable? I love her fresh style and am looking forward to watching the wedding...

  5. My mouth is watering at that fish!!

    1. Oh my it was definitely a winning dish...I do want to try and make it here at home.

  6. Loved that movie.... I think I will replay it this afternoon :)

    1. I need to watch it again too...Meryl Streep is brilliant as Julia.

  7. Loved that movie,too
    You've found some great things and red accents are welcomed
    I've not been shopping spring things,only have ordered sandals
    Just waiting (Saturday morning) for gardener firm to do the annual trimming of thujas trees-and they are not completely timetable reliable......

    1. Good trades people are hard to find these days as they are in such high demand here in much construction and redevelopment is going on here.
      Hope your gardener came on time and did a great job.

  8. That wicker bag with the red details, it's beautiful! I hope it arrives quickly too, maybe you'll show us? So many treasures on etsy but it requires some looking. Your patience really paid off! That fish dish looks delicious.
    Well done at the shopping as usual! You know exactly what works for you which is why you're always successful, it's a skill to buy the right things. Well I guess you know what I've been up to shopping-wise from my blog, now if it will only warm up so we can put away our winter things! xxx

    1. I will share the bag with you when it arrives...The fish dish was unbelievably tasty.
      I am actually a wee bit relieved that you are shopping, as I could not see myself giving it up for an entire year! So thank you for easing my guilt Dani!

  9. Your new bag is fabulous! Love the coat and tee shirt too. Mastering the Art of French Cooking by Julia Child used to be (long ago) my go-to cookbook. I loved cooking my way through it. I could use a day for a good stroll through some stores - I buy too much online!

    1. I plan to go to the library to check out Julia's classic cookbook...and its fun learning new method of cooking. I prefer shopping in the smaller boutiques here in town but frequently I want something that is difficult to source here in Victoria....we are not a large city so the shops often do not have the variety of stock.

  10. I have to get "caught up" this weekend as I got home Monday and I was at work on Tuesday. That fish looks delicious. Since I committed to walking the Sun Run with my daughter, I have to walk rain or shine today. I like your new coat.

    1. How was your walk?
      How far and how long does it take while you are training for the event?
      It must be very motivating having a goal like this one...good work!

  11. I so admire your style! Unfortunately, I am NOT a shopper. It seems the times I DO muster the energy for it, I come away empty handed and stunned by the (apparent) lack of styles for ladies of a certain age.

    1. It is frustrating when you cannot find things that you like...I am not too sure where you live Rebecca but there are online shops that cater to "women of a certain age!"
      You may want to check out their websites...Artful Home and Soft Surroundings are names that several bloggers frequently recommend...I like Lands End as well...for basics.

  12. Your shopping expedition was a nice success. Love the bag. And I will look at the Aritzia Wilfred Free tops - so thanks for that.
    Thank you for posting.
    Suz from Vancouver

    1. Aritzia has a good variety for all ages...the top I chose is a great layering piece.
      Good luck shopping Suz.

  13. I have noticed the neutral straw totes about the place, and been considering I need one - and soon! In June, plastic throwaway shopping bags will be banned in our State, and we all have to be much more mindful of taking a suitable tote, always! The coat is very stylish, and chic, as are your red flats. I think you are a very good shopper, clearly it is inherited :)

    1. They are trying to ban the single use plastic bags here too...I find that roomy totes are the answer and a straw market basket works well and is stylish.
      Perhaps I did inherit a "shopping gene!"

  14. Hi, I know this is a bit out of context but if you go through Swartz Bay and take a side trip into Sidney - walk down to the little stony beach at the end of the Main Street and look for beach glass. We often moor our little Nordic Tug there while waiting for friends to join us. During that time I find an amazing quantity of glass so can pick and choose colours. I have never found amethyst I admit.
    Enjoyed reading your blog.
    Regards Janine in Tsawwassen

    1. Funny that you should mention this as I was at that very beach yesterday with the three grandchildren collecting beach glass! I have a Bonne Maman jam jar full!
      Sidney has a great marina and there are lots on interesting shops to peruse when in town...I love going to Baden Baden and looking at their Saint James French clothing line. Happy to hear that you enjoy the blog...its a part time hobby that I have been dabbling in since 2009.
      Happy cruising in your tug...the weather is sure to warm up soon and you will be able to cross the straits for a visit.

  15. YES!
    BASKETS..........NOw you have me headed to ETSY!!!!!!!!!!!!!XX

    1. Good luck on your search! Please let us know what you find...

  16. Gorgeous basket! I am still pondering.
    Zambri - yes! It is a favourite, especially for lunch, which is my favourite meal.
    The coat is perfect - it was waiting for you!

  17. Love the red shoes...what brand?

  18. Did you receive your Ann Taylor straw handbag ? Did it match your red shoes😃