Monday, April 23, 2018

Savouring the good things in life...

We are surrounded by beauty...
one need not look too far afield to glimpse these special gifts that cross our path.

Embracing the positive, simple things in life, keep me grounded and content.

If I get on the "I want this, I want that" tangent
I am not at ease...stress and anxiety are sure to follow.

Simple living...

getting back to nature
taking time for peaceful pursuits
mindful healthy eating

valuable self care tools
that really nurture and feed my soul.

"Highlights" worth sharing from the past weekend...

Roesland Park
Pender Island, BC
a lovely walk with an abundance of natural beauty.

Calypso Bulbosa

Lady Slipper Orchids


A bench on which to sit and pause...
 count my blessings 
while surveying the views across The Salish Sea....

Skunk Cabbage

The Nature Sanctuary at Medicine Beach
we were there for the Earth Day beach clean up.

Fresh radishes from Raven Rock Farm stand 
at the Farmers Market
love these "red ravishing radishes"

Speaking of is the Encore Red.
We went to the award winning Sea Star Vineyard for a wine tasting...
we purchased some red and white wines.

We invited our neighbours over for a drink and a nibble...

Sitting on the deck later watching the sun slip behind the mountains
taking note of the light 
the subtle changes 
of the intensity and tones.

The sunrise and sunsets are the gentle rhythms
that guide us through our days here at Quarter Deck Cottage.

Hope that your week is off to a gentle start...
Enjoy the gifts as they present themselves to you on your daily round.

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~


  1. Such good advice! I am listening!

  2. Your words always inspire me....I try to be more like you - content and peaceful.
    Lovely photo's and words as always !

    1. Patricia...I have come to this state of mind later in my life...I spent many years sorting it all out!!

  3. Oh, that everyone could live in such a beautiful place.

    1. We are very fortunate to live where we do...but there are many places that one can carve out a haven of beauty.

  4. Peaceful. I just finished a Louise Penny book where a character is seen doing his numbers morning and night. In the end, you learn that the accountant was counting his blessings. I see you do that too.

    1. Isn't Louise Penny a guifted writer? I hope she is working on another mystery as I am all caught up.

  5. It looks lovely. I'd be glued to that white bench.

    1. Oh and you could bring a thermos of tea or coffee and a picnic and be there for hours watching the Salish Sea....pure bliss!

  6. We have forgotten how to use all of our five senses. The beauty and happiness is there if we know what to see, smell, hear, taste and touch. Your post with the photos illustrates it all: the sweet songs of birds in the woods to hear, amazing sunset to see, fine wine and delicious food to taste, pretty flowers to smell and fresh red radish to touch...
    Greetings Maria x

    1. I suppose we have forgotten to use the senses that we were born with...thank you for pointing that out and I will be more mindful when I am out walking.

  7. Beautiful photos!
    Living in a moment,counting blessings,being kind to oneself and people around us...the art of happiness

    1. Wouldn't it be lovely if we could bottle this happiness and give it away to those in need?

  8. Commenting as anonymous as it’s all I can seem to do on my phone at the moment!
    I agree entirely Leslie, so important to take time, look around and appreciate all the good things that surround us in all aspects of our lives. This is such a beautifully written post ... enjoy your time at your cottage.

    1. And good for you for posting...anonymous is just fine by me and I am sorry that you are having trouble leaving comments otherwise...not sure why that is happening.

  9. What a great addition to your life this cottage has been. It's as if you go on a spiritual retreat for one week a month!

    1. It does feel very restorative and spiritual at the must be the ocean and the natural beauty that surround does have that affect on us when we are here.

  10. What a magical place we live in. I haven't seen any Lady's Slippers yet, but the Fawn Lilies are dotting the woods near us. You are so right about taking the time and intention to look for the beauty in life.

    1. We are most fortunate indeed...the camas are out in the garry oak meadows. I love the camas all massed together blue with a tinge of mauve shades mingle together to make a statement...

  11. I think I would really love Pender Island too. The walking trail is lovely, with beautiful plants to admire. And the water views from your deck are always spectacular. You will never tire of it. What a great investment you have in the cottage!

    1. I am sure that you would like it here too Patricia,
      Pender is a beautiful and picturesque place to holiday...lots of trails, walks and beaches to discover...very quiet which is very soothing.

  12. Thank you for your peaceful postings. You are so right, when I focus on what I don't have/what to have, discontent overruns my heart, blinding me to the blessings I do have and stealing my peace. I've so much to be grateful for, thank you for the reminder. Have a peaceful weekend!

  13. Your garden is very beautiful much further along then ours in Ohio. You have such great colors ,and always post interesting photos. Thank you for sharing.