Saturday, April 14, 2018

Fluffing the nest...and a Spring de-cluttering project

Looking like a barbarian/warrior slightly disheveled...

Can you tell that I am growing out my hair?
It is a slow process but now that my frozen shoulder is in the thaw stage 
I can get back to using the blow dryer.

Casual Beach combing OOTD
(last month)

Gowland Point on Pender Island 
Saint James raincoat
Calvin Klein puffy down vest 
(under coat, not visible but needed to fend off the cold)
long sleeved Esprit Tee
Tribal jeans
colourful scarf ~ no name brand from the local pharmacy
Merrell walking shoes
Coach handbag

Hunting for Beach glass is a favourite pass time of mine.

Speaking of glass...
I emptied out the cupboard in the Humble Bungalow dining room and wiped down all the shelves and packed up many of the pieces of crystal 
(which were purchased at $1.49 day at Woodward's back in the early 1970's)
popped them in the dishwasher for a quick clean up 
before wrapping them up and whisking them off to the WIN thrift shop.

What possessed me you may wonder?

My husband knew that I wanted to pare down and have a simple set of stylish
 classic glassware that will never "date"
Here is the Tapio Wirrkkala Ultima Thule style of glasses I am now collecting.
My sweet husband brought home 4 of these goblets as a surprise which really kick started the whole de-cluttering exercise...
Thank you Honey!

Here's how the shelves are looking so far...
the vintage ones to the right of the new goblets are from thrift shops.

I have kept a few other wine glasses 
(on the shelves below, not in the photo)
until we purchase more Ultima Thule.

They are quite pricey...
I hope to find more at consignment or thrift shops 
or watch out for sales...

Spring cleaning...
The laundry room got a quick lick and a polish this week too.

The vintage enamel ware seems to go well in the black and white themed area downstairs.

Upstairs beside the farmhouse sink 
is my "work area."

I found an Antique transfer ware platter at a local shop to hold all my supplies.
Peach Blow circa 1886

Marseilles Soap Cube

Spring Parrot tulips 
full blown 
almost at the end of their prime
but still beautiful.

I have a bunch of cookbooks by Julia Child 
waiting for me at the local library
I am going to try and make her fish buerre blanc.

Until next time...
Enjoy your weekend.

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~


  1. Such a cute photo of you on the beach>

    I have never heard of this glassware before, but it is certainly both beautiful and unique.

    Happy weekend!

    1. Mid century modern was really popular in the 1970's when my husband and I were planning our wedding and we loved the icy Finnish the time it was beyond our budget so we opted for tradtitional crystal...and after over 43 years of use I am changing things up a bit!

  2. Your blog brings me such joy. And your home and photos are lovely.

  3. Your new glassware is lovely. Reminds me of melting ice. So good of you to pass on your other glassware. I need to do more of that as opposed to hoarding "just in case"!

    1. It is very icy...I think thats part of the appeal.
      Recycling and passing on what we no longer want or need feels we have such a tiny home that we cannot possibly store extra stuff!

  4. You had a busy day. I love your glassware. Coincidentally, I was just searching the glassware today as I wanted to add more to my meagre collection. We received some glassses for a wedding gift in 1974. Great for whiskey sours! My next book that I am reading is A Garden of Small Beginnings.

    1. I don't think I have ever tasted a whiskey sour...but those glasses are just perfect for cocktails.
      I am making a note of that title...hope you are enjoying it.

  5. I feel guilty now. Other than oiling the treenware, I've not done much in the way of spring cleaning. However, your house is looking lovely.


    1. Oh my goodness treenware needs oiling? I never knew that...sounds like a big job to me. Rest up now....

  6. I love your new glassware collection.
    Your beach glass collection is very pretty too and the jar is filling up quick.
    Greetings Maria x

    1. I am excited about the new glasses too Maria! Soon I will need a bigger jar for the beach glass and plan to hunt for a vintage sealer type jar at the thrift shops...its a crazy hobby but one that keeps me on the lookout when beach combing.

  7. It is always a treat to see your lovely house. The new glassware is absolutely gorgeous, and it will be fun to seek out new additions to the collection. Also love your sweet Eiffel Tower, adding charm to your sink space. Very elegant.

  8. Those new goblets are gorgeous! I've been thinking of clearing out some of our stuff and why not use our good crystal? I don't know what I'm "saving" it for, if not us? You've inspired me. Adorable photo of you on the beach.

    1. Yes I agree...why have good things if we never enjoy and use them?

  9. Would love to hear how your fish turns out...beurre blanc is just so yummy! I was going to make scallops in beurre blanc the other night, but opted for a simpler seared recipe instead. Truth is, I don't trust myself around delicious sauces, especially if there's a crusty bread around.

    Oh, and the other night I made sole meuniere, inspired by one of Julia's recipes.

    1. Adele, I know what you mean about rich sauces and bread...
      I made a halibut meuniere....the freshest fish was halibut and it is white and took on the buttery and lemon flavours very well. Will put togther a post about the dinner shortly.

  10. Your new glassware is fabulous! We received Waterford crystal for wedding gifts and a few years ago I disposed of it all! Sure, it was beautiful but I never used it. Now I have a cupboard full of Simon Pearce glassware...seconds quality. The price was right AND it goes into the dishwasher.

  11. I have only two of these glasses myself and have always loved them. Got them as a wedding gift 35 years ago! When I saw one in your dishwasher I thought you were going to send it to the thrift store. My daughter lives in Victoria area, and I would have sent her on a mission to find them! Good for you to collect them, they are very stylish and timeless. I love a heavier glass rather than a delicate one.
    I would add a photo if I could figure out how 😳

  12. Lovely goblets!
    And your beach glass collection is growing...
    I've finished The Midford Murders this weekend in Vienna and like it very much-similar to Jacqueline Winspear's Maisie Dobbs series,thank you
    Have a nice Tuesday!

  13. LOVE your new glassware! And your laundry room would make doing laundry fun!