Sunday, August 27, 2017

Sunday up alcohol on the blog today.

Remember these pink foxgloves?
The geraniums are still going strong but many of the garden flowers have faded away...summer is slowly but surely on its way out 
surprisingly the sunshine and warmth have not yet waned.

When we have finished working in the garden we are able to sit on the deck in our comfy chairs and survey all our hard work.

The garden has many plants that love the heat and perform well over the entire summer season...
others fade as soon as their blooms have wilted.
The lady's mantle is looking very straggly and needs to be drastically cut back.

Inside The Humble Bungalow the orchids have taken a beating...
something has crept in...
an unwelcome insect or pest
that has affected several of the older plants...
I had to throw them into the compost.

Fear not, 
I will be on the look out for a sale and find a few replacements.
They do add loads of cheer to the windowsill above the Humble Bungalow farmhouse kitchen sink.

The rose scent hunt for "the one" is still ongoing...
I have eliminated quite a few on the quest to find one or two that I love.
I will report back when I have completed my testing.

Love a pop of colour in the garden...
these chairs are perched on the railing of a porch on Denman Island
placed next to a jumble of blue flowers.

Delphiniums and bees.

gardening is a green thumbs' way of painting!

After trying and failing to lose 10 pounds several times
I am back counting my points and have quit drinking all alcohol 
in an effort to get back to my goal weight.

The liver plays a significant role in burning fat so cutting out anything that impedes this progress is worth it.
I've been sipping non-alcoholic wines 
which are 1 or 2 WW points per 8 oz. glass.
After sampling several varieties ~ red, white and bubbly...
I have found a couple that taste great, and I have opted for the 1 point wines.

The plan is to return to weight watchers in September...
in the meantime 
I am back counting my points, making sensible food choices
and walking briskly every day.

Putting my "best foot forward" 
as I did it before
 I CAN do it again.

I have lusted after the red Ferragamo Varina's for many years 
IF I can find a pair this Fall 
providing I get back to my WW goal weight 
that is going to be my reward.

Nothing like a red shoe to make one feel cheerful.

There's a lot to do in the garden so I must hasten away and get busy.

Have you seen The Gardener's Cottage newly designed blog?
Janet has been one of the first bloggers that I discovered and I think she's just delightful and her new blog is wonderful.
Pop over and take a look.

Until next time...
Be well and Be Kind.


  1. Somehow, I lost my comment. Giving up wine is a huge step. My friend has been without wine since June and my daughter (-100 lbs.) has given up all beverages sweetened, carbonated or caffeinated. I know that wine is what holds me back from losing the extra weight. Apple ( who does not fall far from the tree) just found a Torey Burch dress on consignment. It suited her petite frame. The Ferragamos are beautiful. You should reward

    1. I suppose it is a big step but I am serious about getting my weight under control as I do not want to go back on high blood pressure meds which I will if I fail to lose these pounds. I love Perrier which is carbonated and wonder if you might ask your daughter if there is a factor in weight loss or weight gain associated with carbonation. I've got a lot of work to do before I can get those red shoes!!!
      How was your kayaking holiday ?

  2. Bravo! I think the shoes are a very appropriate carrot at the end of the stick. I am working on the same 10 pounds and they don't want to be shed. Let's keep at it!

    1. How nice to see your comment! How is your summer going?
      It seems much more difficult losing these 10 pounds than it was several years ago!
      My 10 are hanging on for dear life and I am eating so much is frustrating.

  3. Hi Leslie,

    Have you tried a sample of this perfume:
    The Queen wears only this perfume!

    1. I have not tried Floris...I am not sure if it is available in Canada...will have to look online...thank you for the suggestion.

  4. I too could lose 10 pounds, and the sooner the better, what with Summer looming over here. Counting points always works well for me too, if I just get on with it! Those shoes are gorgeous, and I look forward to seeing you wearing them very soon :)

    1. Summer is a great time for a fresh start...and fresh locally grown salad ingredients are easy to find at that time of year.
      Do you write your points down or use the WW calculator like the one I took a picture of here in this post?

  5. Beautiful colours!
    I've checked alcohol free red wines (for a start,only studies :-))
    It is excellent for high pressure and cardiovascular diseases prevention
    I'm curious what would be your next perfume choice

  6. I am narrowing down the trial of the fragrances...there are more suggestions from readers which I will try to assured I will announce my favourite when I have finished testing all the choices!

  7. I look forward to your future comments on the search for a rose fragrance. I'm inspired by your determination to lose weight. Love all the plant pictures - that geranium in the pot in the first picture is particularly lovely.

    1. I read recently that vitamin B12 plays an important role in metabolizing carbs and regulating the metabolism...apparently as we age the supplies of B12 in our bodies can decrease so I am considering taking a B12 tablet to see if this might help.
      I will write a post about the scent search when I think I have found the one! It is taking much longer than I thought it would as there are so many options!

  8. I think that the reality is that after 60 not very many calories are required to sustain us.

    1. I am sure that's true and my hypothyroid condition does not help either!

  9. Is bicycling an option for you? Burns more calories than walking for the same time.

    1. I would need to buy a bike first!
      It is something to consider...

  10. rose perfumes - I had the chance to visit Bulgaria where they still cultivate roses for oils. Even the simple paper handkerchiefs I bought in shops smelled of roses.
    Another perfume brand with roses is Annick Goutal. Her perfumes are so precious and she has three rose ones in the collection.

    1. I saw her fragrances in The Bon Marche in Paris...lovely bottle too...they were in the lingerie section as well as the perfume area!

  11. Sorry to comment so late, but we've been out of town. Remember, there are four seasons to a year with varying temperatures. You may a love a rose fragrance in summer, but not so much in the winter. Oh joy! That means you can choose four different ones!