Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Random stuff on Wednesday.

~ The Humble Bungalow ~

The garden out front has many plants and flowers.

Among them are yellow rudbeckia flowers 
a variety of yellow, pink, and red roses.

Limelight hydrangeas
lime kniphofia

The deer have been by munching on the Hostas and the Hydrangeas so the new garden help suggested that we try spraying with BOBEX...
it is all natural but is very stinky and it deters the deer from chowing down on the plants that have been treated.

Our tiny entry hall is rather cluttered,
it is where we hang our coats
store our brollies

Inside the picnic basket are winter woolly scarves and gloves.
No room for a wardrobe and no closets...

This wee area of the living room is where I write cards.
The quartersawn oak arts and crafts desk has many compartments inside 
which I use to store our address book, stamps, pens, and cards. 

We have such a small living area on the main floor...
about 975 square feet so we need to be careful not to collect too much stuff!
In 100 year old +  bungalows, storage was not originally a consideration.

People generally did not have a lot of extra things...
they were living on limited incomes, credit was not available and so people tended to be quite frugal.

Our bedroom closet is really small and we have to renovate that room someday. Mr. HB will redesign our closet and have some built in drawers installed.

We use the downstairs closets for our out of season clothes.

Trying to keep a minimal wardrobe is my goal but every so often I act on impulse and buy something that is usually something that I already have represented in my current wardrobe.

Buying a variation of something that I already own and don't really NEED 
is a waste of money.

This summer I paid attention to 
what I wore regularly 
what did not get worn often 
what never got worn.

3 dresses were worn regularly and two others hung in the closet.
I wore 2 pairs of pants and the same few tops weekly.

The rest languished away...

 Why have something if it is not being used especially when storage is an issue?

The exercise also showed me that the clothes I wore 
were those that made me feel good wearing them
and  coincidentally 
they are the better quality more expensive items in my closet.

With that in mind, I plan to buy fewer things come the Fall and opt for better quality "investment" pieces.
It seems to me to make sense not to waste the space, time and money 
on something mediocre that is not going to be a workhorse in the wardrobe.

Walking scenery...

Clover Point on Dallas Road
the start of my regular 5 km. walking route.

Midway along the route Ross Bay
looking across at The Olympic Mountain Range in Washington State.

Ross Bay and the trees that line the edge of the historic Ross Bay Cemetery.
Walks have been lovely with the sunny warm weather...
breezes have been slight which I appreciate.

Plainsong was a good book...
a slightly different genre than I usually read but it came with high praise from the gal at the bookstore.
I have reserved the second in the series, Eventide,  at the local library.

In other news...
The scale has responded to the no alcohol regime.
I quit the wine habit last Tuesday.

Several readers have emailed me regarding me giving up alcohol.
My new tipple...non alcoholic wine.
It tastes good and has way less calories than real wine and is less expensive.

The information on the bottle 
may be of interest to you. 

I sip a couple of glasses at night, 
one before dinner and one with dinner.

Willows Beach walk
mixing up the walk locations for a variety of scenery.

There is a tearoom near the playground.
Mom and I used to stop in after our walk along the Esplanade.
I have taken tea here several times this summer and I think of her when I sip my cuppa.

My Mulberry knapsack has been getting a lot of wear this summer.
I love to be hands free when walking and it is the perfect size for my prescription glasses, wallet, lipstick, tissues and keys.

I love the colour of the leather and the details.
It is a sturdy bag that should wear well for many years.

Positively Smitten with this bag...
I like the shape, the brown embossed croc finish, and the clasp detail
it is not too big 
so there is no worry that I would be carrying a too heavy bag and injure my shoulder again!
  Plus it is a bonus that it is a cross body bag.

Perhaps I will invest in this one...
it has been ages since I bought a "new" handbag.
The last two have been thrift shop finds.

Back to the garden...

One of the Hostas that the deer have munched!

Thankfully the giant Rudbeckias seem to be safe from the deer.

Are you familiar with books by Kristin Hannah?
Firefly Lane (2008) is a page turner...
Kristin has a large number of books to her credit
and why have I not read her novels before this?
 I have no clue!

Thank you for stopping by The Humble Bungalow Blog
taking time out of your day to read the blog and glance at the pictures.

Hope that you are enjoying these last few days of August.

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~


  1. Thank you for your home tour (I have never visited Canada and was very curious and interested what really a heritage arts and crafts bungalow is)-you have a beautiful home!,as well as your walking scenery
    I've just finished Primates of the Park Avenue,so,thank you again for the recommendation,it was interesting and I like it
    I've read K. Hannah's Nightingale (about WWII and German occupation of France) and was very suprised how many books she has written already
    I started L. Penny's Glashouses yesterday
    Croco print is one of my favourites,the bags look beautiful for a long time
    Dottoressaa long

    1. I am waiting for the Louise Penny book at the library...I have so many books to read that I figured I could wait and I do plan to read the Nightingale.
      The arts ad crafts movement started in the UK as a response to the excess of the Victorian era homes and opulent lifestyle...the simplicity of the homes and pottery of the movement suits me to a tee!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you...we continue to try and create a bountiful and pleasant garden.

  3. Wish I could put a "like" on your posts! I have read this several times, You have a lovely way with words

    1. You can always "Like" my IG posts but I know what you is so quick and easy just hitting the like icon!

  4. I enjoyed the tour of your home and garden. Wishing I had an interest in gardening, but I plan to work on that once I retire later this year. Thanks for the inspiration. And, with regard to clothing, I'm finding a capsule wardrobe to be the right approach for me. I, too, wear so few of my clothing items. Sometimes, I even forget what I have!

    1. Gardening takes a lot of time and effort...I used to spend hours and hours in ours but as I get older I find my energy is not as plentiful and I have other things that I like to do too...its all about balancing what we love isn't it?

  5. Heirloom roses posted a recipe that we have used successfully. 1/3 c dish soap, 1/3 c hot sauce/tobasco (I've been making mine by chopping up 3 jalapenos in a cup or so of white vinegar--let it sit a couple of weeks and strain before using it) 3 eggs and one cup of water. Blend well. Add to a gallon sprayer and fill up with water. We usually only have to use it once a week for a couple of weeks then the deer "get it" and stop trying our roses. Then when there is evidence of them again we spray again. It doesn't seem to hurt anything it gets on. So maybe this would help? ~Mary

    1. Sounds like a home made version of Bobbex...good for you to make your own!

  6. Leslie, you are very wise about the clothing. At the end of this summer, I am going to donate my unworn clothing. I wash and wear the same clothes over and over. Others languish. I have 3 pair of pants that are uncomfortable at the waist. I am cutting down on wine and hope to resolve the waistband issue. You were asking about carbonation. My daughter only has 15% of her stomach so the CO2 would fill it and cause her discomfort.
    We went out for M. Là-B's 70th birthday and daughter and I shared a quesadilla appetizer.
    I have been walking my 10,000 steps lately. I'm also reading Into the Water by Paula Hawkins. Did you like The Girl on the Train? I put a hold on the new Louise Penny book and put my name in to volunteer at the Vancouver Writers' Festival. I might get to "walk" Ann Cleeves who wrote the Shetland books. I find that, as a retired teacher, September is a time for new beginnings for me. I love yellow and orange flowers in late summer and very much enjoy the transition. Enjoy the weather and the walks!

    1. Several of my well worn tops actually wore out and developed tiny holes...not sure how or why but that's what happens when you have fewer garments.
      Thank you for answering my question about the fizzy water...I was curious.
      Hope that you have a lovely time volunteering at the Writer's Festival.
      I did enjoy the Girl on The heading off to the used bookstore this afternoon and will see what I can find.

  7. Your garden looks fantastic! Such lush and lavish blooms.

    Thank you for the mini tour of your home. Your collection of Craftsman furniture is impressive and you have kept so well to the theme of the cottage.

    I have seen Kristan Hannah's books at the library but haven't read any - now I will have to give one a try. I just found Dona Leon's books which I am totally enjoying.

    Have a happy day!

    1. Donna Leon is a gifted writer, I have read a few of her mystery novels.
      Kristin Hannah's book Firefly Lane was like walking down memory lane... it starts in the 1970's and evolves through several decades...its about female friendships.
      Happy Day to you too Adrienne!

  8. LOVELY.................I feel I know YOU and YOUR HOME!

  9. Thank you for the house tour..your home is beautiful! I also read Kristin Hannah's The Nightingale... it may be my favourite book ever. Happy long weekend.

    1. It is on my list!
      We have been busy this long weekend...away on the boat and now I am at the cottage...will write a post soon.

  10. Lovely photos as always Leslie. That walk along Dallas Rd. is gorgeous. I was walking along there a few years ago and saw a small pod of Orcas. You problably see them regularly....


    1. I don't see orcas all that often off the shoreline...we saw them at the cottage several times and always keep a look out and have the binoculars at the ready just in case!
      It is super smokey here at the cottage this week so far...I can see SSI but it is shrouded in that haze.

  11. Your home is so charming and cozy. I love it!! That bag is really covetable. Very nice.

    1. Its funny because so many people mention how dark the bungalow is with all the wood panelling and that they could not live in it.
      We've heard they'd paint it all white inside!
      It would be brighter but would completely change the atmosphere...
      perhaps it is an acquired taste.

  12. Your willpower with keeping your home and clothing to the best basics is admirable. I've been considering a "uniform" look - just the flattering basics with accents. I won't totally succeed; it helps when i see others with a similar plan who are successful.

    Your wine glass is the same one I use for dinner. Not very big. I've accepted my weight as long as I keep fit for my age.

    1. Knowing what you love to wear and what feel authentic is key to keeping a minimal wardrobe functional.
      There are so many bloggers who have successfully refined and curated their styles...they inspire me to strive to do better!
      Sounds like you have a happy balance...keeping fit and adopting a healthy attitude towards weight.

  13. Oh my, great shot of a deer, presumably passing through your garden? Catching wildlife can be quite the challenge, I find. Lovely to see the beautiful plants around your house, and I love golden yellow with a bit of pink nearby. Your entry hall is very chic, and the green lamp absolutely gorgeous. And I love your high desk too, so unusual yet wonderfully arts and crafts. Thank you for sharing.

    1. That deer was just up the street from our garden...passing by...probably after munching some of our plants!
      The furniture has been collected over was quite difficult to find when we started but now people are disposing of their old wood pieces and they are practically giving them away at the auction but we don't need any more things now!

  14. The product that we find works well to deter the deer is Plantskydd. No bad smell.

  15. Love your beautiful walks. Thanks for the book recomendations. I seem to be devoring them these days. Have you read "A Man Named Ove?" Try it I loved it. Also Sue Burpe recommended Dorothy Whipple. Loved them.

    1. That book was very entertaining!
      I could not find any Dorothy Whipple in our local library...will keep an eye out for her books at the used books stores.

  16. Leslie, My hubby and I vacationed for a few days in Victoria earlier this month. Victoria has been on my bucket list since I was a teenager. We found a wonderful place to stay along Dallas Road. I based so many of our Victoria area excursions based on your past blog posts. We even had dinner at Oak Marina Restaurant (OMG-it was fabulous). While there, we took our daily walks along the water. On our last day, I suggested we walk through the neighborhood. Imagine my surprise walking along the various streets admiring the various historic homes and then smack dab in front of me was your lovely home!! My husband had to restrain me from knocking on your front door!! (Just kidding). We loved Victoria. And I look forward to your future posts. Hugs. Leslie from California.

    1. Oh that sounds like a lovely visit to our fair city!
      Did you stay in the Dashwood B&B at Cook and Dallas?
      If you had rung the bell and I was home I would have welcomed you and we could have had a chat and a garden time you visit....please email me so we can arrange something.

    2. Absolutely and thank you Leslie. I would have loved that! Since I'm 63 and it's taken me this long to get to Victoria, we'll see if we can visit again! Although, our youngest son has moved to Seattle earlier this year so perhaps we'll have more opportunities. We also noted the construction next to your home. Yuck. Hopefully, it'll be completed soon. We were at Dallas/Cambridge in a HomeAway/VRBO property. It was delightful with beautiful views. A young family owns and really were gracious hosts.