Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Recipes for a bountiful harvest...snapshots and books.

Our annual holiday is over and we had a relaxing time...
I read oodles of books and gained a few pounds.
(no surprise with the amount of reading that I have accomplished!)

Friends who live on the island introduced us to the owners of a stunning waterfront home and garden situated at the end of Pilkey Point on Thetis Island which is known for its beautiful sunsets.
We sat on their deck and sipped a cold beer and marvelled at the views.

Telegraph Harbour Marina is well run and maintained 
by the current owners Tara and Ron...
we have been going to this Marina since the 1970's when it was in Peter's hands.
Despite the lack of water they have beautiful flowers and a lovely garden.

The deep blue agapanthus attract bees.

Buzzing right into a flower.

A fun read that I found at the book exchange at the marina.

We are back home in our Humble Bungalow...
it feels familiar and cozy. The hydrangeas are in full bloom and the roses have another flush of flowers...the greenhouse is yielding our first summer harvest of produce.

Cucumbers and tomatoes

Time for a couple of salads.

I searched online for a new cucumber salad recipe
and found this gem here.

I knew that Jamie Oliver had a great tomato salad recipe in his cookbook.
He had a series on the food network that showcased his garden and he came up with recipes that used what he had growing in his garden.
The cookbook is called Jamie at Home.

I have a few weeks of laundry to catch up on and some groceries to buy...
the garden needs some attention and I have already started a "do " list.

My current book...
also found at the marina book exchange.

I love my Mulberry back pack bag.
Its perfect for the boat 
as it is great for activities like walking, beach combing, hiking.
It holds my extra glasses, cellphone, wallet, lipstick and a few assorted extras.

Thank you for stopping by The Humble Bungalow today.
I'll be tackling the domestics starting with the laundry as soon as I hit the publish button.

Just out on the front porch...
Limelight hydrangeas and strawberries in a pot.



  1. I have been given cucumbers and my husband does not eat them so I'll try your recipe. I could sit and read forever (not good for the waistline) but I have been using a fitbit to keep track of my activity. I walked 10km the other day. I'm off to Chemainus today to go to the theatre. I'll be taking my walking shoes as my friend likes to sleep late. The agapanthus is beautiful. I wonder if I could plant some in one of our parking lot gardens. Lovely photos as always!

    1. Oh that Chemainus summer production has been getting rave reviews...our friends and the woman who reads my blog and her husband loved it too!
      Agapanthus should do well in your garden...just bear in mind that they do not like to be moved often. I have a few in our garden as well as in pots and will plant them in the garden after they are pot bound.
      Good for you to wear a fitbit I have heard that it is a great motivator.

    2. We went to the theatre on Saturday night. It was fabulous. Lots of toe tapping and people moving their lips to the songs. Great music.

  2. You live in such a beautiful area, so many lovely place you have to see and visit. And, one of the best gardening areas outside of England. The colors of the flowers in you photos are so intense and striking.

    Welcome home!

    1. Gardening has a huge following here and it must be due to our climate...it does seem that we have a decent growing season. I was so impressed when I visited Pasadena years ago by the different types of plants that were growing outdoors...jade plants, Daturas, Brugmansias and so many others that would not survive our rainy cold winters. Your garden is lovely Adrienne.

  3. Leslie, your photos are just stunning!

    1. Thank you and I use my IPhone for all my snapshots...its better than my old Canon Elph.

  4. Welcome home!! What a perfect summer to be on your boat.


  5. My husband and I have just left hot and dry Wyoming for a holiday on our converted tug, Ranger. Our plan is to pick up a friend in Vancouver, cruise for a few days and drop him back off in Vancouver. I was hoping we might run into you, but I see you are home. Do you have any must see suggestions for the Vancouver waterfront?

    1. There is a nice walk all around False Creek and there are some great places to grab a bite to eat...Granville Island Market is a bustling full service market that is fun to wander around...
      We like to explore Vancouver but we usually do it by car so I am not sure what else to suggest...if you were interested in First Nations art and heritage the Museum of Anthropology at UBC is well worth exploring...Van Dusen Gardens are beautiful, South Granville for shopping and The Art Gallery on Robson and do have lunch there as they have great food!
      Materfamilias who writes a blog under that name lives in Vancouver and she might be your best resource...I hope other readers from Vancouver will offer suggestions here...hope you enjoy your cruising holiday.

  6. Sounds like you had a lovely time away. The garden does seem to explode when one doesn't pick produce for a few days. I'm picking green beans every couple of days now, not wanting them to get too large. Your cucumber salad looks delicious.
    Coming home is always comforting. Hope the domestics are mostly done.

    1. We've got lots of veggies all coming ripe at the same time so I am trying to use them fresh off the vines. The cucumber salad is really tasty! I will make it again.

  7. What a beautiful area you live in. Those water views are always so spectacular, and it appears the holiday was quite magical. Like you, I usually come home with a desire to make a lot of salads! Always a pleasure to see your limelight hydrangeas too.

    1. There is a lot of smoke in the air from the forest fires up in our interior...I feel for the people who have been forced to evacuate their homes.
      The cucumber salad is a winner!

  8. I enjoyed all of your posts about your vacation. So relaxing--just to read your words. I know you are happy to be back home. Have a wonderful rest of the summer.

    1. Thank you Susan, I am slowly getting back into my routine...not as much reading as there are many jobs in the garden and our home but I have had a relaxing vacation and feel refreshed.

  9. Your holiday sounds lovely--relaxing and hopefully refreshing. What beautiful photos of blooms! And I always enjoy peeks at books that you are reading.

    1. Thank you and I hope that you enjoy some of the books if you get a chance to read them...I have a very eclectic taste in books!

  10. Have you read Dorothy Whipple? Marvelous British author. Take a look. She was recommended by Sue over at High Heels in the Wilderness.